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Nocturne Build Guide by BaalNocturno

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BaalNocturno

Nocturne: There is no light to save you from his darkness

BaalNocturno Last updated on May 13, 2012
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So this is my first build and I'm trying to make this as good as I can.
And to make it easier(and faster) i try to keep it short and not ultra fancy like many others

Although many prefer Nocturne as a Jungler I always play Nocturne on lanes and so
I thought of some tactics to make this easier.

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Pros / Cons


- Duskbringer can be easily used for good farming or to increase the damage against a tower (due to the increased speed and attack)
- Ganking with Paranoia is very easy you can help out mid ( or in case you are mid which you shouldnt be, the ohter lanes) and get kills as soon as you are lvl 6
- His passiv Umbra Blades is very useful in the beginning, in case you are solo laning, to heal yourself, just stay near the tower and wait for the minions
- Remember: Duskbringer is not only for damage and chasing enemy Champions, you can easily use it to get away if its getting to hot


- There are sometime really grave mana problems at the beginning, so dont spam out your spells!
- Lack of health in mid game (unless you purchase health items like Warmog)
- Gets focused very often, so only rush in whe you are sure you can win the fight

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Skill Sequence

As said above you this is very handy to heal yourself until you get liefstealing Items. Just look that you are surrunded by atleast 3 minions

Duskbringer is very importent as seen in the Skill Sequence. As its consindered as a physical attack it does more damage the more attack you have. Be sure to hit the enemy and (unless they flash away) you'll get them for sure dealing massive damage since everyone runs if they are alone ( and not totally feeded)

Here you get dual awesomeness: Passiv you get more Attack Speed up to 40% at lvl 5 Active you have a Spellshield which is handy all the time. Karthus is annoying with his Ulti? Just get the timing right and you wont be hurt

Awesome skill! First rush in with Duskbringer and then trigger Unspeakable Horror. Due to the Dusktrail you can follow the enemy easyily until the fearing effect hits in. Now you have enough time to deal with the enemy. It is also a good idea, if you are chased, to fear the enemy to get away safe

Awesome ulti :D At lvl 3 the range is riddicolously big. It's great for ganking or helping others out in a fight. There are 2 options:
1. Use Paranoia to initiate and spam Unspeakable Horror and Duskringer on the enemy or
2. After a fight if the enemy tries to run just rush to him and get the kill.
Either way is good but be carefull when initiating: dont be stupid chasing the enemy behind the tower with Paranoia or into a full of 5 party!

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Summoner Spells

In my eyes there are only 3 Summoner Spells of use for a laning Nocturne:
Ignite is always good. You have the enemy damaged nearly to death but he is running near the tower? Just bur him to death :D

Exhaust gives you a perfect advantage if you cast Unspeakable Horror afterwards. The enemy has nearly no chance to get away alive if you first Exhaust him and then fear him

Flash is the best way to either chase up an enemy or run if it gets too serious.

So since you are Laning these should be the 3 choices. The others are not really of use for you. Sure the mana heal can be pretty handy but you are no supporter.

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Just start with Dorans Blade nothing to say here
If you play safe you will soon have enough money buy them. This should make it easier to follow the enemy with your Duskbringer

If you have the boots save your money and buy the B.F Sword. This attack boost should give you a big advantage with Duskbringer. After farming and more kills purchase the Bloodthirster
Ah Frozen Mallet. This is damn usefull since you get a bit of Attack and a large ammount of health. The passiv slows the enemy with each basic attack ( 40% slow of movement) so if his flash is on cooldown he cant possibly get away ( Sure you can forget that if you get knocked in the air or get stuned). So get Phage first and then build into Frozen Mallet

So your attack is now in a good state but you lack speed so buy at first Zeal and then build into Phantom Dancer
This provides you with a good amount of armor and the passive is really usefull too. With this and the Phantom Dancer you have a good chance for a critical Strike now combined with the attack speed of your passive and PD you cann push out a nice amount of damage and with the armor you have mor durability

The last item for my build is Madreds Bloodrazor. Since this should be really the late game now at least two of the enemys will have massive health and/or armor. Madred provides you like Atmas Impaler with a fine amount of Armor and it gives you again a nice boost of Attack Speed. The passive is the main point of this item: It deals 4% of the maxium enemy health magic damage on every hit. So if they dont have a huge amount of magic resistence they take massive damage.

This is my core build i build nearly everytime

So now to the optional Items:
Warmog is a really awesome health item, so if you think you need it go for it. Maybe you dont build a Bloodthirster and build a Warmog instead. Along with Atmas Impaler you shoul do a fine amount of damage. In addition to the health bonus from Frozen Mallet you should be tanky enough so there is no need for more health items but you can if you want

If you are up against a lot of mages you really should consider this besides the huge magic resistance it provides you with a great health recovery rate

many Nocturne players build Banshees Veil. Sure it gives you health, mana, Magic resist and not to mention a spell shield! But I#m not really a big fan of it since your Shroud Of Darkness is a spellshield allready. Feelfree to use it but you could a better item instead

It sure is a nice idea for Noc. Armor, magic resist and you get reborn if you die. So build it early in the game to be more healthier. If you're up against an enemy who runs behind his tower just flash to him and kill him, if the tower gets you, no big deal as long as Guardian Angel isnt on cool down ( and there are no other enemys)

This is an awesome item to replace Madreds Bloodrazor. If they dont have more than 1 health monster in the enemy team you should build an Infinity Edge. Along with Atmas Impaler and PD you crit nearly evertime and the attack boost is enormous

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To the game: Start till the end

Early Game]

If you are solo laning: If you have a total ****** team and they send you solo lane well... (it happened to me a few times!) Stay a bit behind but also push a bit with attacks and Duskbringer. If the enemy makes a mistake: Use it! Cast Ignite and fear one of them now he should be as good as dead. But you cant hope for that so be careful land a few last hits and stay back.

Duo Laning: So try to get a Supporter who can stun( like Taric). This makes everything totally easy if you dont screw up. When the game starts purchase Dorans Blade and rush with your mate into the first bush and wait. If someone shows up: Cast Duskbringer while your mate stuns him. Penetrate him till he runs away then cast Ignite if this doesnt kill him hit him with another Duskbringer this should be it for him. I hope i dont have to mention you should focus the squishier one^^

Stay as long as you can until you can afford the Berserker Boots. If you can consider going back. Head back and stay until you have 1.6 k gold for B.F. If you manage to bring down the tower try to farm the creeps in the Jungle or to help others and consider doing Dragon.

Mid Game

If have played well you should have at least Zeal by now. Go and try to take away the enemy Blue-Buff to weaken them. Always look for Team Mates who need help and rush in with Paranoia if its worth it/ you can survive it. Consider again doing Dragon or if you dont want to risk getting surprised farm the lanes with a mate or stay a bit in the jungle until you have the money to buy at least Phage or the whole Frozen Mallet

Many kills are good but think that way: Leave your mates some kills because one fed char is great but one fed team is unbeatable!

Late Game

In the end you may tend to be " Bah I'm so mighty no one can get me down( i konw it happened a few times^^) So dont get carried away. Build Atmas Impaler (if you havent allready). So for the rest: Go with your team and do Baron if you can afford to. If not Try to kill 2 or 3 enemys this should weaken them so hard that they will retreat right after that you should do Baron. This should be it so far if the match goes quick you won't need Madreds Bloodrazor

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So as i wrote above this is my first build, so have mercy with me doing this^^

Just make often use of Unspeakable Horror and Paranoia for a good result with Nocturne. Always calculate if its worth what you are doing don#t rush in blind and help your mates as often as you can!