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Build Guide by Enix Unbroken

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Enix Unbroken

Nocturne: Truly Terrifying

Enix Unbroken Last updated on March 18, 2011
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Alright so this is my First Guide on here and I am not quite used to the systems, so I will do my best to explain the Build as best I can, I have updated it to show the sequence in which I grab the parts of the items I use, but you should use your own judgement as to which pieces are more important based on the game you are currently in. It is a variation of Phreaks build from the Champion Spotlight video designed more heavily towards Lane'ing instead of Jungling.

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Nocturne Why? And He's Not OP?

Alright so this deep echoing sinister voiced wraith is our newest hero who brings an unusual compliment of abilities that at first glance make him seem like an invincible killing machine. While Nocturne's damage is VERY high, he is also extremely squishy, learning to play Nocturne properly will take some practice and a bit of guess work.

That Being Said, this Guide is designed to teach newer players about the nuances of this new hero and how to, more specifically, how to be a fierce combatant in the lane, and a horrifyingly fast killer of just about every hero in the game. It's not without skill, you can't just run blindly and expect to rip down enemy heroes without any effort. There are a couple who will give you really bad problems especially late game.

High Damage: Check
Badass appearance and voice: Check
Extra Squishy: Double Check

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Pros / Cons

Here's the good, the bad, the Darkness

Can deal out very High burst damage and Excellent Sustained Damage
Can strike foes from extremely far away at a moment's notice
One of the best Ganking partners any hero can have
Extremely versatile Ultimate
Can Jungle and Lane with Equal Efficiency
Fills an interesting Niche that no previous Champion really fills so well

He is very easy to kill
Extremely mana hungry all game
Skills take a lot of practice to get right, especially his spell shield.

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What to do

Alright, So, start off with cloth armor and a pair of both health and mana pots. DON'T try to gank in the bushes with your partner unless you've got a way to see if your opponents are already there. Due to Noct's passive his first attack will hit nice and hard, so try to coordinate with your partner to jump the same guy at the same time(Jarvan is especially good for this). Most players are not ready for the ammount of burst that he puts out with just his auto attack. drop Exhaust on them to drop their armor, and snare, and you should be able to, shy of them having the heal skill, grab first blood 90% of the time.

Afterwards, play yourself defensively, using Dusk Blade to harass the squishier of the enemies in your lane, or the most likely to be unable to escape. Be careful to not go too crazy on your harass at first level, around Dusk blade level 3(about level 5) it should be hitting decently hard.

When you have the money, go back and pick up Wriggles Lantern and then back to the fray. If you are doing exceptionally well in lane, return when you have enough for both wriggles lantern and the beserker's greaves. Aim next for the BF sword, to help compensate for the expensive cost of the item so early(you should be just hitting 6 or 7) you can now jungle the wraiths, small golems, and wolves easily now. Run in, kill em quick, back to lane, then once you are 6, you can start ganking the other lanes. If your opponents are smart this will shift the fight into more group oriented team fights since no one wants to be caught alone by his ult.

Once you have the BF Sword, the next thing you want is the Infinity Edge, with the cost of the sword out of the way, you should have no problem with your staggeringly large early attack power killing the softer targets on the enemy teams. Once you have that finished, then the variable part of the game and this guide begins but I would suggest grabbing a Banshee's Veil to help stop those nasty initial CC's.

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What Not to do

There are just some things you should not do as Nocturne attempting to lane.

1. Don't Spam Dusk Blade - Nocturne does not have the mana to do this and remain enough to take down the enemy

2. Ignore your partner - While you are a killing machine, remember that unless you work as a team you won't get far. Your Ult has a neat little side effect to it in that people who have been subject to it once, tend to panic a little and try to keep themself alive rather than pursue a target. You can use this to make an opponent stop chasing their target as they run for their towers rather than risk getting pounced on. More often than not, people are not aware of your position, so they won't realize that you may not even be close to them.

3. Go for attack speed - This I can't stress enough, It is detrimental to aim for an attack speed build. Nocturne already has a great attack speed due to his shroud of Darkness' passive effect. It's about being a sudden threat with little time to react. Now some of you might say, "But Enix! His passive cools faster the faster you attack." This is true, however, Attack speed will give you lower per hit damages, and the attack power items, combined with his substantial attack speed will make you tear down all but the heaviest of tanks.

4. Jump more than one person - your not much to take hits and even one other person on you can tear you down in moments. Unless all combatants are already engaged/lower on health, only try to jump solo targets solo. Everything else, coordinate with your team. You can handle most heroes one on one if you get the drop, Your ult + Dusk Blade put on a lot of pressure and makea player panic, or just run rather than try to take you head on.

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The Core

The Core items of this build in order you should get them

These items are all you will need early to mid game to kill your opponents, who should almost never be a tank without some form of help. After that you can choose to grab for more defense, but usually, I go for for it giving all Nocturne wants in an item. Afterwards I finally get

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The Options

Alright so by the time you have Infinity Edge and Youmuu's, you can sell off Wriggles Lantern to be replaced with another item, there are several options that all work well depending on your situation.

- If you aren't dying and there are a lot of squishier targets, this is the way to go, its large bonus to attack damage and lifesteal are a great addition.

- If you are finding that you are destroying players left right and center, but die right after the kill, this item will make your kill's faster without having to worry about losing power on death. Yes Trinity Force doesnt take down tanks as easy as Madreads Bloodrazors or even life steal like Bloodthirster. But its all rounded stats combined with the right runes, items and masteries, makes up a build that works grate mid and late game. You can grab pieces of this right after Infinity Edge if you are feeling Cheeky before grabbing Youmuu's

- Got tanks stacking health and armor? Grab this bad boy and tear them down.

- Now here is something interesting, the sword of the occult will give you a very nice attack bonus, but its

- This you should grab if you are facing a lot of damage. The self rez will keep you in the fight longer and the extra armor and magic resist will make you not so squishy a target.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost - This plus your Dusk Blade speed bonus great for catching runners, and getting out of Ganks, a must have.

Exhaust - A must, this with Cripple makes it that much easier to tear your target down.

The other spells are nice but with the speed Nocturne can move at, plus his Ult allowing him to bypass so much, Exhaust and Cripple are hands down the best spells if you are going to be laning with this shadowy assassin.

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Money concerns

Looking at the Item's you might say that the Items are very expensive, Infinity Edge is a very costly item, however, getting the BF sword part first, allows you the damage necessary along with Wriggle's Lantern and Berserker Greaves to kill most players, you should have the BF sword by level 6 or 7 with this build. After Infinity Edge, I tend to aim for Youmuu's Ghost blade, with those two complete, you shouldn't have ANY trouble with anyone on the enemy team.

Once you have both Wriggle's and the Greaves you can solo the dragon at about level 7. That will bump your gold, then you can quickly tear down the two small golems in your jungle, the wraith's and the wolves. Jumping back into your lane to help your partner, or moving to gank the other players. Killing players and dragon's while occasionally grabbing the jungle monsters, will speed up your money.

Once you are into the later stages of the game, you can Sell off Wriggles to ease yourself into Black Cleaver, or even Trinity Force. While Trinity Force is very Expensive, it has a lot of nice items leading up to it that help you out a Lot.

Just about every game I get at least up to the Youmuu's. thats around 20-25 minutes in. and we grab a victory about then, or we give them a long crushing defense that will either A. you lose which is inevitable, you can't win every game. Or B. you turn the fight around and crush them.

Most games you won't get EVERY item, but the Core is the greaves, Wriggle's Lantern, Infinity Edge, Youmuu's and Banshee's Veil. The other spots are filled in based on what you're fighting. There is no catch all for this character.

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Good Partner's To lane with

Alright, as Nocturne you are going to want a partner that can do two things. First, is one that can CC your opponent so they can't run back into turret range. The second, is one that has a good early burst damage.

For the second thing, that's really more player skill than anything.

But for the first, there are a couple really good options.

- This one stands out in my mind because of his passive, his banner to increase damage, and then his ultimate which you can combine wth yours to really mess up opponents.

- Another amazing partner here. While he doesn't have the huge upfront burst a well played/built Jarvan has, he has a fear, which when combined with your own, well, almost guarantees a kill.

- Early game high damage, root, and good survability, one of the best guys to be in lane with.

- His stun is great, and his early AD is enough to really put the hurt on an enemy champion.

- He has a good harassment to help prep for the gank, can stay in lane a LONG time, and his charge stun works well to keep the opponent just long enough for those last few shots. not as nice as the others above, but still a good option.

- Yi with Nocturne is a hit or miss. Depending on your opponents you will either be an insane pressure combo that will decimate the enemy, or get housed completely. What determines this is how much CC the enemy has. You are both pretty squishy early so you have to be careful and pick and harass carefully. Done right, the enemy won't Stand a chance.

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Items to steer clear of

These items might seem really good for Nocturne but there are much better options.

- this is the big one. A lot of people may say its great for him, but in reality, its not. Nocturne is all about his burst, and since the dancer doesn't grant ANY bonus attack damage, it means his huge opening with his Ult and his dusk blade are going to suffer. The beats this hands down. IF you want attack speed, is a much better weapon since you only need that boosted attack for a few seconds, and it gives damage and armor pen as well.

I will update this section as I find other items.