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Talon Build Guide by poukkid

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author poukkid

NOT a Carry AD and (omg) NO Trinity

poukkid Last updated on September 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build so don't hesitate to comment and criticize.

I made this build because i disagree with most of builds I have seen here.

First, Talon is NOT a carry AD, and should clearly not stay squishy until the end of the game, hoping for some two shots on other squishys.
Of course this is op versus noobs but in a real game it's clearly useless and 1 or 2 AOE are enough for your champion to die every team fight when you throw urself into the battle.
And I disagree with Trinity builds, first because zeal is useless for Talon (your are not supposed to stay in the middle of team fights and auto-attack as fast as possible...), AP from the brillance is useless too, and this Item is way too expensive. If you buy a phage, building a Frozen Mallet will be much more usefull for you (your passive) and your team.

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I will just detail the item choices here. I know a lot of people will disagree, so don't hesitate to tell me why you think some item is clearly not a wise choice, but read my arguments first.

Brutalizer is an item to rush as soon as possible, it will be your main damage early game, and the cooldown reduction is the most important on Talon.
But then, you're still too squishy and you will need a Giant's bell as soon as possible to resist a bit in early team fights, dealing correct damages with your Brutalizer.
Boots of lucidity will decrease again your cooldowns but you can go for mercury's according to the opposite team.
Then, you can finish your Warmog or add some damage and still some life with the Phage.
The Frozen Mallet is clearly required if you take a look at your passive and because no one will escape from you and your team with W to slow, and E to jump, hit and slow more. If it is not enough, you can use exhaust but this spell will be more useful early game. You can use ghost if you prefer, which will be more useful late game.
As you can now resist in team fights, you can now add some more damage with a BF and go for Atma's, especially if the enemy carry AD is fed.
Then you can finish your build with some more damage with the Infinity edge first to increase your crit and then Bloodthirster.

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Mark of desolation is clearly needed as you will be over squishy champ def until at least level 8-10.
Armor as seal is always usefull, even if you are an assassin, you're supposed to be in the middle of the fight so this seal will help you early and mid game.
This build is based on CD reduction, so glyph should be celerity or focus.
For quintescences, if you solotop, it might be really usefull to have some more hp early game with fortitude, or you can increase your armor penetration with desolation quintescences, or still CD reduction.

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Skill Sequence

At start, you should set rake first, then A, because you're too squishy at level 2 to jump on enemies if you don't solotop and 1sec silence is not enough to allow you to escape the next enemies attacks/spells, and at this point, you're still in the bushes, harassing as often as possible. Then at level 3 you should put 1 point in your jump/silence E, and it will be the only point until level 14.
The skill maxed first shall be rake, because this is your main attack, and its slow is especially useful. Then you should max Q because it's bleeding and it's damage will be useful during your burst, if you add ignite to that bleeding, you should kill several enemies behind their tower.

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Masteries shall be 21/0/9 of course, and you should choose CD reduction over attack speed.

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Summoner Spells

I recommend flash of course because flash + e makes you catch anyone and escape from a lot of situation if needed.
ignite will help you a lot get kills early game because your burst added to one or two spells from your teammate will bring any squishy or not so squishy champ to low life and ignite will often kill him under his tower.
You can also take teleport if you're solotop or ghost if you still think you won't be fast enough, but I think this won't be necessary.

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Team Work

Early game, if you solotop, like every solotop, you know what to do, creeping, protecting tower, no greed, the jungler will often come to gank you.
if you are not alone on your lane, I recommend to stay in bushes and rake on the enemy squishy or support as often as you can, taking some creep in the same time, but just few.
Early game, you won't be able to creep like hell, wait for middle game to do that and keep on preventing your enemies to last hit and even xp if you can.
Then, if you have harassed enough, the enemies on your lane should not be especially good stuffed and you might have 1 or 2 kills/assist to help you buy the brutalizer, boots, and maybe giant's belt
When your ulti is ready you can start ganking middle and your burst will be : waiting in the bushes, ulti in the bushes if possible, so that running towards your enemy + e makes you get out of the circle of your blades, so that the enemy take every single blade damage, then rake to slow him, 1 hit as he is still next to you, and Q, ignite. If during this attack, your mid mate put 1 or two spell on your enemy, you're almost sure he will be dead.
Just one of the best champ for roaming.

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If you feed with this build, or if you can't get any kills, i can't do anything for you...