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Cho'Gath Build Guide by rawreddieq

AP Offtank Not even, Cho bby!

By rawreddieq | Updated on September 19, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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"Never underestimate your opponent" ~ HotshotGG

Not even Cho, bby!

Cho'Gath has very high potential in both competitive and solo queue stomping, Cho'Gath has very high base damage on everything he has from early game to late game. He scales decently and with the items you already have, he will scale into late game extremely well, being able to 4 shot everything.

~ InvalidGamer
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Pros / Cons

High sustainability
Standard mobility
High burst
Easy farmer
Great pusher
Best for taking dragon/baron
Good for pressuring the opposing jungler
Gives vision
Strong early game
Great scaling

HUGE HITBOX [biggest and only flaw]
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My runes very unique, although AP cho mid is very unique himself, he requires a lot of focus on the skill shots especially, these runes are mainly built to survive the laning phase with very high presence everywhere else.

The reason behind using AP flat quints is to create an early state of ability power, as Cho'Gath is very strong early game you want to abuse the factor that most other mids are weak early game this also can help against or during the invades.
Now you are probably like, "WTF why in the world would I ever need magic pen for Cho'Gath, doesn't he already do true damage with his ultimate?" well guess what it's not all true damage your combo does more damage than your feast.
Greater Seal of Regeneration Now this is where it get's really strange, I use HP regen/lvl18 because it helps the sustainability of Cho'Gath I never really used any other yellow runes as I could use AP/lvl to increase burst damage although I feel that survivability is better with Cho'Gath for many reasons.
MR/lvl is very common for AP offtanks compared to use flat MR which is used for early game, you should be aiming for late game
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The masteries are standard for all AP mid's although the reason I don't use the +AD mastery is because Cho'Gath already has high base Attack Damage in order to last easily with his some what fast attack animation.
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Start: You are to get boots and 3 hp pots in order for mobility against ganks [although it's like impossible to gank a Cho'Gath with rupture] it's very important to keep high movement speed.

First back: Kage's Lucky Pick in order to increase ability power by tons, and give you that early gold advantage against the other player. You will not be needing to go back until you kill the opposing mid player because you have extremely high sustainability with your passive E to farm waves easily as well.

After killing the opposing mid player: Mobility boots is because you'll more than likely be pushing lane as much as possible then roaming to other lanes snowballing everything else [note: Cho'gath never needs ganks unless extremely far behind from being camped]. 2 Doran rings you'll more than likely be rich because you've been waiting to kill the opposing enemy these 2 doran rings are mainly to focus on your HP and more manaregen as you have 0 manaregen other than your masteries., if you have enough buy an Oracles Elixir.
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Summoner Spells

You could run many summoner spells, there are no pictures for this part because it's pretty explainable.

Ignite + Flash is very good in every situation of being a mid player, although there are some alternatives that are very good with Cho'Gath mid.

Positive Impacted Summoner Spells
Flash: Increases Mobility [A MUST]
Ignite: Able to do that finishing Ignite move to those who have heals
Promote: Able to push lane while you are roaming
Teleport: Able to gank more easily
Smite: Able to take dragon and barons faster
Surge: Attack speed is very useful on Cho'Gath and some what is the ability power
Clairvoyance: Get vision while you are clearing the ward.

Negative Impacted Summoner Spells
Ghost: Increasing the movement speed of your mobility boots is actually a downfall.
Heal: You already have high sustain, why do you need more?
Cleanse: As Cho'Gath just build into Mercury treads if CC is a problem
Revive: You already have everything a Revive has, why take it?
Clarity: Practice without this trust me, it'll benefit you in the future.
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Ranked/Competitive Play

How to play as Cho'Gath mid in Ranked/Competitive play.

1. Last hitting early game is extremely important as most of your presence is impacted in the late game, if you lose early game you will be useless late game with this build so just change to tank + aura.
2. Roaming mid game if you are ahead, most mid players do not know how to roam with their team [especially in solo queue] when they are ahead. When you are ahead, you either ward their wraiths, their blue, or one of the side bushes and harass. Or you have the other option of pushing out the lane and assisting the other lanes [VERY VERY RECOMMENDED]
3. Late game is mainly sniping out the AD carry, you're role is to die for the team you kill one or two for your life.
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If you are pushing press Q + W. Easy as that, although if you have little AP auto attack the back creeps with your E passive.
League of Legends Build Guide Author rawreddieq
rawreddieq Cho'Gath Guide
Not even, Cho bby!