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Jax Build Guide by Jadlag

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jadlag

Nothing Special, Basic Jax Attack!

Jadlag Last updated on October 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I bought Jax a few weeks back, with almost no idea who he was or anything. I thought he looked cool, and i read his lore. Eventually I thought I was getting good at him, Dominion was released, and I found out how many people thought he was OP. I like Jax quite a bit more for Dominion play, but in regular games he is still a lot of fun. This is just my build/how I play. If you like it, use it, or make variations. I am not posting this because I think it's the best and I want to show it off, I just want to get it out there because I love it.

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For Masteries, I personally like to run 9/21/0. The 21/9/0 build can be useful sometimes, but I like the extra health, AP, and dodge. Of course dodge. If you are playing Jax and you don't have nimbleness, you are doing it wrong. For sure. Ardor is also very nice to have, extra AP never hurts. With these masteries I have quite a bit of survivability, plus Jax never dies anyways.

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For Runes I like to grab Dodge Seals and Quints, giving me a great dodge boost, Potency glyphs for more AP, and Marks of Insight for Magic Pen. These are all key things to playing a successful Jax. You could also grab Attack Damage, Attack Speed, or Magic Resist if your having a hard time taking down burst casters. These are just the runes I like to run, and enjoy.

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Summoner Spells

My all time Summoner spells are Exhaust and Flash. For Summoner spells you can really run anything. Jax gets focused alot, so cleanse isn't a bad choice. Tabi's don't give a ton of speed, so Ghost can also be very useful. If you plan to jungle, Smite is the way to go. But if you jungle you should know that anyways. I don't play JungleJax often. Really any spells work with Jax, it's all a matter of preference. I use Exhaust usually if my Leap is on cooldown and I'm losing my target. Flash has saved me more times than I can count.

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My item list has never actually been completed by me. No games have lasted long enough for me to spend that much. It is quite and expensive build. Ninja Tabi's first, keeping your weak early game strong with lots of dodge and stuns. I personally play trinity force. I like the versatility and overall stat gains in every field. Greatest hybrid weapon out there. There is nothing wrong with trinity force besides it is expensive. Start your TForce with Sheen, then jump to Zeal and finish with Phage.

After that I like to grab Rageblade OR Gunblade. It varies on which direction the game is going in. Gunblade is nice for lifesteal and spellvamp, with great AD-AP boosts too, and Rageblade has good AD-AP with an awesome stack passive for attack speed. These can go in any order.

Crystal Scepter is usually when the game ends for me, I get about half way to it and it's over. If I had ever had the opportunity to keep going, this would definetely be my next choice. Late Game is Jax's strength anyways, so to stack huge AP on that and throw in a ton of health, you just assured victory. Nuff Said.

If you honestly last this long and get through the scepter, just work your way towards Infinity Edge. Can't go wrong with AD. Truly though if your match lasted this long someone should just surrender.

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Attack Sequence

Not in the mood to bother with math, but it is obvious that Jax has great burst damage. The obvious combo to use it Empower->Leap. This doubles leaps damage, +An additional auto attack. Initiating minions can be great to keep your Counter Strike proc'd for when you actually go at a champion. Never initiate a fight though, you will get hardcore focused. Jax's ult is important and if I am going at it with an opposing champion, I will usually just go in and pop it. If it's a caster they are screwed, and the bonus 3 hit damage helps out do anyone else.

Jax really has a simple set of combinations, just watch your cooldowns.

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So really, Jax is very powerful. AP, AD, Lifesteal, Att. Speed, Spell Vamp, Magic Pen...THEY ALL WORK WITH HIM REALLY WELL. Lacking in range, his versatility is nearly as high as Udyr's. This is just my build though. Jax can be played so well so many different ways that it doesn't really matter. My friend trolls me daily that he is OP, and I just shake my head at him. It doesn't take much to get him going I will agree to that, but he isn't OP (unless you are playing a 1v1 for fun vs. Udyr and you grab Tabi's and 5 gunblades hehe). And that is about it! Thanks for reading!