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Shaco Build Guide by Sleepydrone

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sleepydrone

Now you see me! Now you don't!

Sleepydrone Last updated on November 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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if you are looking for a great Dps champ with great running and ganking tactics, stop right here, Shaco is the right guy for you! Though most of his skins are just recolored, the new one (which i have) that just came out is great!(this is not a jungle guide)

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Pros / Cons

Great Ganking
Many tactics and ideas for Shaco, it never gets boring!
Great Running
Strong damage
Mana hungry
No Crowd Control
Many other melee Dps will get ahead early on.

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As for shaco, you need the most help early on. He has really squishy traits, drains mana quickly, and cannot do any major damage besides his boxes, but as i said, he drains mana. One way to fix this problem early on is to get a quick Blue . Most likely your jungle teammate might want it, so unless there is no jungle on your team, it won't work. These runes will give you a bit more damage and mana early on for more farming, this will also help you later on, but this is mostly for early on.

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Summoner Spells


Ghost- Chase, you have a free flash

Ignite- Good for if you are about to kill

Exhaust- Good for slowing, i choose ghost over it

Flash- OK, but you have a free flash from deceive

You should know why for everything else...

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Skills/ What they do, How they work!

Deceive-A skill that will teleport shaco to the location, shaco is stealth for a period of time, gaining crit strike
Jack in the box- A skill that places a 90 second jester onto the ground, after a brief moment the jester cloaks. When a target enemy goes near the box, it fears the target and does damage over time, the box can be hit when attacking the enemy and it only lasts for 5 seconds, it dies after the 5 seconds.

Two-Shiv Poison-Passive-Every basic attack shaco slows the enemy for X amount of time Active- throws a damaging knife dealing X damage and slowing.

Hallucinate- Creates a second shaco, dealing the same damage you do, it lasts up to 20 seconds. The clone takes 150% more damage then the original shaco, when the clone dies, it deals damage to all targets around it.

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Basic for Dps, support is another option, but that's for Ap, i would advise going Ap when going up against mainly people who can dash near, such as lee sin and xin Zhao, because the extra mana + cool down will give you more boxes and more damage to kill people who rush towards you.
Here are some other champs that you should change your build in.

Hard Champ to deal with,a tank,and can harass with his sapling, try to dodge his initial throw. Place boxes around to prevent him from escaping.

Easy,wait for her to dash towards you, two-shiv, box, deceive, dead.

Eh, a So-So character, dodge his flag,stay out of range of it, he wont be able to do anything, come in and kill! If you do get caught, try to deceive out

Stay away from mumu, dodge his skills, thats all, get creep fed,go in when you can ulti. If he is beating you, deceive out!

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ItemsEarly Game!
Keep in mind that this is not a jungle build, but can be played as one. i get a cloth armorand health potions for laning survival and easy creep killing with little worries. Now, try to get about 800 G before going back, but when you do go back, grab a boots of speed
and a sword. Now, save up about 1800 G and grab a Drids, higher up boots, and a pickaxe
Items Mid Game! So now we have reached the mid-game, center for Ganking and getting kills! With this item build, you should be able to get many kills and go back to purchase your last wisp.. Now, try to rush your phantoms, you will deal massive damage now!
Late Game During late game, try to get a blood's and a edge quickly, most likely you wont even be half way done with your edge by the end of the game, but if you somehow manage to get an edge and the match still hasn't ended, grab a mallet.
Core Items!

Heavy casters

Heavy tank/ Dps!

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Using your skills, when and how!

Shacois a melee Dps or a heavy Ap champ. When playing against mages or squishy characterslike shaco, deceive into them, since you will be in cloak, go behind the enemy and use your passive Backstab. Then use Two-shiv poisonto prevent them from running, it will also do the extra damage to hopefully kill him.

Against Tank Deceive, place a Jack in the box behind them, Two-shivto slow, let box fear, then keep attacking them, repeat.You can use your Ulti if you have to after placing your box.

In team fights!Place a box around your team, so when the enemy comes one of them will be feared, let your team pick them apart. Now it will be 4 vs 5, or 4v4 depending if one of your teammates is somewhere else. Now slowly two shiv from the back, so their team doesn't focus you, if they do deceive or ulti out. Make sure to put boxes whenever you can. Control your ulti around them to pretend its you. Let the ulti's passive kill them or really hurt them.

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Farming/Lane partners

When Farming Two-shiv the enemy's minions when they're at low health. Here are some good laning partners to have.
Great partner, let your blitz grab them into your boxes, or let him bounce the enemy up, allowing you to get many free shots.
Let ryze do massive damage with his skills, make sure he snares at the end though, so you can get free shots.
Let nocturne fear them, allowing you two to get free shots, focus fire the weaker one of the two when playing.
Let malzahar and his passive do much damage, help him out. He's not the best laning partner but it's doable.

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People not to lane with

Horrible, only thing he can do is dash and attack. Can't help.
Your both melee, not a good idea.
Why is he even laning with you, he should be solo top or mid.
He has ranged skills, but his auto is not, he will always be in front of you most likely dying

It is doable to use these characters in a lane, but most of these will be solo lane. Most likely though, i chose these 4 because they are similar to others. For example, i chose renekton not only because he doesn't have any range, but also because it shows an example that these types of characters are bad, for example, tryndamere would also not be a good laning partner, but you can guess that because renekton is up there.

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All around Shacois a great champ with many uses. If you did read the whole guide, this will majorly effect your play. Thanks for reading my guide to Shaco the demon jester.