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League of Legends Build Guide Author SatansFate

Nuke-Tank Lux - Since when??

SatansFate Last updated on November 13, 2010
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"I actually tried this build and it actually works very well she can hold the middle lane very easily and she can take a lot of punishment, even if she does get low on hp she can use exhuast and her Lucent Singularity and then run for cover. The high AP is extremely good as she can pretty much own any champion in seconds and ganks are also a waste of time on her because she can crush them easily with her high AP and HP." - Shellabix

I discovered this build almost by accident - I was against Ryze in a 3v3, who was kicking my ***. I was on 0 kills, 4 deaths, 2 assists. He was stacking health items, so I did the same. Slowly, I started winning. I didn't change my playstyle at all, but I ended up with 17-5-15, winning the game. I don't know if other people will have as good results with this, but by the end of that game I was able to easily 1v1 Ryze (he was level 18 too) and win, and beat Pantheon and the other team's Lux in 1v2 fights. Since then, i've tried in a couple of other games (another 3v3 and a couple 5v5s), and this build has performed as well in all of them. My record stands at 21-1-19.
TL;DR: Doesn't need a good start, kicks ***.


  • Absolutely RAPES
  • 4.5K Health means you can solo turrets (and this is Lux...:P)
  • Good solo fighter or ganker
  • Good chaser
  • Snare -> Bomb -> Laser is a great nuke combo, dealing over ~2k damage with AP.
  • Hard to learn
  • Expensive build, so unlikely to get all items.
  • Can annoy team-mates by accidentally killstealing


When I first tried this build I used 21-0-9 masteries, but I now use defensive masteries as they compliment the items more.


Again, changed the runes. Started with Mage Pen, AP and Mana. I swapped the Mana for health, as I think her Tear of the Goddess does that fine.


By now, I hope you've noticed this build is very health-based. Your core item build emphasises Mana, AP, speed and health.

In a 5v5, try to get center. (Unless your enemy has Ashe as center.) In 3v3s, start off by ganking at the bottom to try and get First Blood.
You should be killing as many minions as possible, to get money. Once your get your AOE ability, use that to farm minions and harass your enemy. However, you should be doing most of the damage on your enemy using your Light Binding. If they are high health, just cast it on them and run off. When they get to low health, cast it and do a single physical attack on them. If they're low enough, go for a kill. Exhaust is useful here.

Early game items:

Sapphire Crystal-Your first item provides mana. If you want to harass for any decent amount of time, you really need this. It is possible to get boots first, then this, but if you have a good opponent, they will take advantage of this.
Boots of Speed-Then, you want boots - these really help when chasing, which I find myself doing a lot of with Lux.
Tear of the Goddess-This is the item that makes or breaks Lux. If you don't get this, you will find yourself having to return to base to heal mana every 30 seconds or so.
Giant's Belt is your first health item. Now is when you should start pulling ahead, and being more aggressive.
Finish off your Boots of Swiftness, and say hello to midgame.


At this point, regardless of which map, you should be getting Warmog's Armor and be moving around a lot, ganking enemies as much as possible to max it's health giving passive ASAP. Your binding ability, Light Binding is INCREDIBLY useful in 2v1 fights. Warwick, Master Yi or Rammus are good team-mates to gank with.
After Warmog's you should finish off your Archangel's Staff for some AP, and start working on Zhonya's Ring.
Once you have Zhonya's, you should be kicking *** and be able to take on almost any char in 1v1, using your Light Binding -> Lucent Singularity -> Normal Attack -> Finales Funkeln -> Normal Attack.
In my humble opinion, this is the BEST spell combo IN THE GAME. Light Binding does high damage and snares them, allowing you to cast Lucent Singularity slightly in front of them and use one physical attack on them, making use of Lux's passive, Illumination. If/when they try to run, allow your Lucent Singularity to slow them, then detonate it, and get another physical attack in. Finally, use your Finales FunkeIn. If they aren't dead yet, they should be extremely low, in which case just run after them and hit them with 2-3 physical attacks.


By now, you can survive almost ANYTHING. You should still be ganking, but if you see an enemy on their own, go and rape them. You should have no problems doing this if you don't turn overly aggressive. At this point, you will find you might get underestimated a lot, especially by characters that are "good" in 1v1, such as Ryze. Against them, you can be aggressive. But against characters such as Dr. Mundo, which have a health % damage ability you should stay careful. Olaf can be really annoying at this point too. This is where Exhaust comes into it's own. I can't count the number of times this has saved my life on Lux, seriously.
Items at this point are very flexible. If you're doing well, it might be worth going for a Mejai's Soulstealer, but you might not have enough time to make use of it. Rylai's Crystal Scepter is what I use, but you could use another Warmog's Armor and Zhonya's Ring, or almost any combo of health or ap items.
If you haven't won at this point, you either have VERY bad team-mates or exceptional opponants. Have fun, and I hope you enjoy this build!