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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sven-the-Eagle

Nuke Xin Zhao

Sven-the-Eagle Last updated on April 19, 2011
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I got the idea of this guide from Nuke Olaf ... which is in my opinion the best olaf build / guide . In this guide u must be carefull in early game . If u want u can by Frozen Mallet instead of a second Infinity Edge . In this guide u also kinda heal yourself up pretty much and you can kill 3 Champions at a time alone . This guide seems better then it looks , I pretty much own with this one , I get like every match or game legendary so yeah its kinda ownage .

I want to deeply apologies for my bad English, you can always correct me in spelling mistakes.
This time we are staring Xin Zhao played alot by Guardsman Bob.
No jungle guide simply a solo lane guide, some different then most Xin Zhao guides.
Ask your team if they find it OK. for you to go on a solo lane (I prefer mid lane). Ask them to avoid bad setup.
Guardsman Bob is one talented league of legend player, that entertains us by streaming online.
He has his own and many idea's on how to build a good Xin Zhao. He personally hates guides, he doesn't understand that people can follow guides as they are the bible.
I somehow understand what he is trying to say but I think guides can be a very helpfull thing when you don't know alot about league of legends yet and maybe you wanna skip all that experimenting and testing and just wanna see how other people think about item builds, strategies and feedback cause they don't got the time themselves to explore everything this game has to offer.
I decided to bring some idea's of Guardsman Bob into mobafire cause I want to help people find there skill and maybe help them explore the champion in different ways that they wouldn't have come up with themselves. I don't blame you or them, it's hard to get so deeply detailed into one champion and choose your items.
Guardsman Bob doesn't like build himself cause you basicly follow someone's way into a champion that works for the person it self, and he hopes that the people that read his guide do that to.
The way Guardsman Bob builds Xin Zhao totally depends on everything going on during a game. How well you are doing or maybe how bad it goes, you want to do your best at all time and by doing that you got to know in which situations you buy which item.
The build order is always different, or at least most of the times. In most times you get the same items, or about the same in the end of each game. The items which are the core are listed here in this particelur guide. If you understand me here you will find this guide at the very end intereseting and helpfull, I hope I can learn you something with this and help you getting better at this game.
Guardsman Bob would say: Don't read anything writtin here and explore (find out yourself) how to build a champion, you can argue about which skills you should upgrade first and which not. Take time to study your champion skills, read the discription(s) well so you understand what skill gives which effects.

Do the same with items, read what items offer, read the passive givin' and don't forget actives. Some people really need to get use to use active on items like Youmuu's Ghostblade for example. Teach it yourself by not forgetting about it. If you want to get the best out of your game you need to know everything, stay focused and concentrated. Try to think ahead in situations, try to set yourself into the enemies mind. Keep everything thats going on in mid, if you got a Twisted Fate in the enemy team and you're about to dual one in a one vs. one situation. Make sure that Twisted Fate doesn't has his ultimate to screw things up for you, the same goes for Shen. You don't want to end up in a situation that goes bad for you. You can avoid people escaping from death by keeping these little details in mind. You got to control the situation by knowning everything. If something can go wrong, it will. Just think things over and over. Stuns, snares, taunts all enemy champions that have those abilities must be in mind. If you see a Warwick from the enemy you have to keep in mind that he can disable you with one click from his ultimate. Not only you but your teammates are important to watch, if your team ****s it will become your problem too and eventually you're the one losing. You can't control situations that are in other people's hand, when your team is fighting on sore ground, close to enemy towers. If one of your team thinks he can initiate the rest will probably follow like sheeps. This can either go bad or good, in most case senarios it goes bad cause the position of initiating is just bad. It takes alot of knowledge to see those things but you can learn it from dealing with those situations. Try to enjoy your game and even when you lose make the best of it.

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Summoner Spells

- I've chosen for Ghost simply cause it's effective for Xin Zhao. When you want to chase an opponent or wanna make a quick tower dive Ghost helps alot. Along with Youmuu's Ghostblade's active you can have a great speed bonus for a short amount of time. You can either run away from an enemy or chase them to slaugther them. Since you can charge from a distance with Audacious Charge you can use Ghost very well as an initiate matter.

- My second summoner spell is Ignite cause I really wanna benefit of the early game kills. I use it among my combo, when an enemy survives I make sure I put ignite on it cause I really can't stand a enemy getting away with 30hp or less. So to avoid the frustration of getting that use Ignite. Also it helps alot in teamfights when you wanna target a Swain, Nidalee and Dr. Mundo early levels or any other healing champ. Ignite gives the target 50% less health regeneration which is alot, which make killing easier.

- This optional summoner spell speaks for it self, it slows the target and it makes the target do less damage. Excellent when you are possibly facing a hard AD DPS team or a Pantheon at mid. Even in teamfights it comes in great handy when the enemy carry is fed by your team and maybe yourself. Avoid losing by trowing an Exhaust on the target which disables it in other words. If your team doesn't pick this skill and you are facing a good Tryndamere you wish you had Exhaust. So check out your opponents when you are playing ranked and dress your self against it. It's a great skill to use for gank or if you wanna go into combat and you want to disable your opponent for a few seconds.

- A skill I don't really recommend since you got Mercury's Treads. Anyways it's on the list cause when you facing like four CC champions like Sion, Ashe and Morgana. You just don't want to get killed cause you couldn't get away sometimes. There is not so much to tell this skill gives you more survivability changes when facing alot of CC. Crowd control. Stuns, snares, taunts and even Exhaust will be removed. Which allows you to run away or initiate if needed.