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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zendur

Nunu - King of the League!

Zendur Last updated on February 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello fellow Summoner!

Thank you for taking the time to read this Nunu Build. I've been playing Nunu for more then 200 games now and tried different builds here on Mobafire. This build is kind of a hybrid between all those and I highly recommend it, especially for 3vs3 games!



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Nunu is expected to be some kind of tanky, but still he is expected to deal immense damage. The best way to do this starts at runes. Some people use AP runes, but I believe that it's better to get your AP ingame with items!

  • Magic Penetration Marks:
    Nunu deals almost magic damage only, so penetrating the enemies resistance will help you deal more damage.

  • Flat Health Seals:
    As said: Nunu is expected to be some kind of tanky. Getting flat health will espacially create more durability early game.

  • Cooldown Reduct. Glyphs:
    The cooldown on Nunu's ultimate (wich is the best thing about Nunu) is immense. If you get 9 Glyphs of Focus, you'll get allmost 6% cooldown reduction! If you kill an enemy with your ultimate, it'll be back before you'll meet this enemy again! This is awesome if you're getting Ace after Ace! Also Nunu's 'Ice Blast' will now slow the enemy more than half of the time in a chase!

  • Flat Health Quintessence:
    Same as the Seals, but it'll give you A LOT of health! With the Seals you'll start with +126HP!

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I chose to go 9/21/0, because this is what Nunu makes such a good hybrid: using offense and defense at the same time!

  • The Offense tree will give you Archaic Knowledge, wich I find tremendously required. It will give you another 15% Magic Penetration!

  • The Defense tree will give you more dodge chance (followed by more movement speed!), 4% increase of AP and AS and even another flat increase of HP!

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Yes, the items! The focus here is to get AP and a little more HP.

First start of with Boots of Speed and 3 health potions. This is to give you more chance to get away when you get ganked and more chance to succeed in ganking! Win-Win situation! Some builds start of with Doran's Ring or Ruby Crystal. I did that also in the beginning, but AP isn't realy needed early game (your Ice Blast will do a lot of damage at start, AP or no AP) and the Mana Regen that comes with Doran's is good, but just use your Visionairy (Nunu's passive) it'll do at start. Then Ruby Crystal gives good health, I agree, but you won't have gold left for potions, so when that health is gone, it's gone till recall (or wait a long time with health regen....)

If you're playing good (maybe get 1 or 2 kills/assists), then you're durability will keep you in lane (with consuming and potions) till you have enough money for a Catalyst! I like this item, because it's not only the base for your (MOST IMPORTANT NUNU ITEM) Banshee's Veil, it'll increasy your durability even more. It can trick your enemies into thinking you're OOM or low on HP, while you're secretly allmost LVLing up! Time for a fake Recall, let them come, get into a fight (consume a minion, level up, get HP and Mana) and kill them!

Then it's a kind of 'Grey Region' in the items. Just make sure you get Banshee's Veil, Sorcerer's Shoes and Mejai's Soulstealer. The order is dependent on the game itself. When you're kicking *** and feel good, please by all means get the Soulstealer first and start building you some stacks! AP is the best on Nunu, because you're ultimate does 625/875/1125 + 2,5x (!!!) your AP. If you're not doing so good, get Banshee's Veil first.

Banshee's Veil is a must have on Nunu, because it gives you Health, Mana, Magic Resist ���¡nd a Unique Passive, blocking one negative spell with a 30 second cooldown. If your Banshee's is 'up', you can go ahead and attack an enemy with your ultimate. This is because every stun, taunt or anything will get you out of your ultimate, dealing almost 0 damage!

Now the item to finish the enemy of: Rabadon's Deathcap. It gives you +155 AP and an additional 30% of your total AP. When you have +5 stacks, your ultimate will now do more than 2000 damage killing every squishy champion in the field in one hit! The 'not-squishy' ones are finished of with some Ice Blasts and the realy hard tanks will die with some help of your teammates! Mind that the Deathcap is build with 2 other items: Blasting Wand and Needlesly Large Rod. Both are expensive items and I know the feeling that you don't want to wait on more Gold and just buy something: DON'T! Be patient, wait for the gold, because the feeling you get when you get one-hits is amazing :)

If the enemy still doesn't surrender and you're still earning tons of gold: buy a Hourglass!

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Skill Sequence

  • Q - Consume:
    Consume is a very good skill increasing your durability. Just use it when you don't feel comfortable about your health (more early game..) and it's a good skill to survive ganks.

  • W - Blood Boil:
    It is good to get Blood Boil when you become level 4, but it is (like on more champions) not of the highest importance to get it to lvl 5 a.s.a.p. because the increase in buff isn't realy significant and Nunu doesn't need more AS.
    Just buff the DPS champions in your team (yes, always get Blood Boil on something/one else, even if it is a minion) for some extra AS and movement speed. It CAN save you from ganks, so make sure you're buffed almost all the time! (early game you have low mana, so sacrifice a visionairy!)

  • E - Ice Blast:
    Ice blast is Nunu's most used ability. Use Ice Blast every time your Visionairy is up (and you're not buffed with Blood Boil) to keep enemies out of the XP-range (scare them off!). A great skill to chase a (low HP) enemy or finish them of without getting in the turret range! Yes, you get in range of the turret, but you're out of it before the turret hits you!

  • R - Absolute Zero:
    The most awesome ultimate I've ever seen on LoL. The con is ofcourse that your ultimate can be stopped easily, so be smart:
    - use it when all stuns and taunts are used.
    - use it on champions who don't have flash or it's still on cooldown: people flashing out of your ultimate will piss you off!
    - use it in the brush. I do it often when people are chasing me or not paying attention. They get too close to the brush and don't see you do your ultimate (just see 'SLOWED') and all of a sudden more than half of their HP is gone!
    - stop your ultimate early when the target seems to get out of it's range! It'll still do some damage.

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Summoner Spells

I recommend:

  • Exhaust:
    The best thing about Exhaust is: you can use it WHILE channeling your ultimate! So if people are running away, just exhaust them to prevent them from getting out!

  • Flash:
    You can use this as a utility, defense and offense spell.
    Utility: if a turret is going down or you want to get somewhere fast, flash through a wall to get there.
    Defense: when you're chased down it's good to get out and survive, I prefer flashing through walls to shake off enemies.
    Offense: flash into an enemy / a group of enemies and cast your ultimate. Make sure Banshee's is up before doing this! Powerrrrrrrrrr! Also it's great for chasing enemies, especially when they use flash theirselves!

  • Clearvoyance:
    I always prefer (especially on a 3vs3 game) to have someone in the team with Clearvoyance. If no one wants to get it, exchange your Exhaust for this one. Map awareness is the most important thing in LoL, it's good to prevent ganks and it's good to plan ganks! Always make sure you're safe, before getting into the jungle! If you don't want to get Clearvoyance, get at least one ward during the game.

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So, Nunu is a hybrid champion. Some people see him as a tank, but mind that you're not! You're more a support carry, dealing a lot of damage but getting out before he dies. When your enemies are aggressive, be passive. When your enemies are passive, be aggressive. You'll see it works! Die as less as possible and keep your Mejai stacks high. AP is the key to a great Nunu!

Good luck summoner and have fun!

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