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Warwick Build Guide by DuffTime

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DuffTime

OffTank/CDR Disruptive WW

DuffTime Last updated on August 10, 2011
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Duff's Offtank CDRwick (Q-wick)

Hey guy's this one's gonna be real short and sweet.

I haven't had much time for guide making lately, but people wanted the concepts of mine to work with, so what I'll be doing for a while is releasing a few builds and this little tag here in them so that you can still have something to work with and use.

I will try to post BRIEF explanations in regards to the champions they concern as well, so, I hope you can design a play style for the builds listed!

If not, perhaps they can give you a little push in the right direction for the champions I will detail! =)

Guide Top

Duff, what is this bizarre creation?


This, my friends, is OffTank/CDR-Wick. He is used primarily to dominate lanes, disrupt your opponents during team fights, ruin their plans, and soak damage which then be Q'd off later.

He's hilarious to play, obnoxious to play against, and therefore all around a good time for the summoner using him.

I've had enemy teams get so mad at me for the play style this champion requires, that the entire team made a crazed bee line for me while my team blew them all up. All the while, they were unable to kill me with all 5 members (You're a soak, not really a full tank, I was playing intelligently and was rather farmed/snowballed) and immediately surrendered after that.

Here, I will do my best to explain the function of OffTank/CDR-Wick.

I hope you enjoy, and perhaps even try this rather hilarious, and yet surprisingly effective application of Warwick's tool kit.

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Duff, y u do dis?

Well my friends, believe it or not, I had this guide under progress as St Vicious released his pro guide, and almost just scrapped this one entirely.

I've decided I'm still going to release it anyway, and just hope you guys trust me when I say I was already doing this before I ever saw him do it. (You can see my Offtank #2 guide and the date released anyway. I haven't edited that guide in ages.)

So, basically, Duff and St came up with the same conclusion as to how to best play WW: Damage soak and Q more = teamfight in your favor.

WW's Q functioning off of a % of HP is what makes this whole concept work. You being a legit tanky wolf just makes the chunk of HP on every Q that you recover even better.

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Play style of Q-wick

You need to be taking damage and Qing it off. If you're taking damage, your team mates aren't taking as much. You'll need to be ballsy and aggressive.

IF YOU DON'T TRUST YOUR MATES, you might not want to play Warwick this way. I don't like him as much late game, and I don't think he's quite as great of a pub stomper as I've heard some people say.

This style of play requires faith in your team to take advantage of you soaking the damage for them.

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Usage of Q.

When fighting, if you can try to Q the target with the most health and least magic resistance (Without chasing of course, you want to Q as often as possible as it's your only source of damage and healing) then that will grant you the largest amount of HP recovered and make you more effective in teamfights.

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Usage of ult.

WW's ult is an INCREDIBLY short cooldown.

You'll wanna buy a lot of wards and ward your OPPONENT'S jungle area in the big choke points to CAREFULLY TRACK where your enemies are.

This will allow you to decide whether or not you should engage or not early to mid game.

The way you use WW's ult changes as the game progresses.

One thing never changes. DONT ULT THE FREAKIN TANK YOU NOOB! =)

Early/Mid game: Ult anything you think you and your team can land a kill on. The suppress into a follow up Q is a potentially massive amount of damage during this phase of the game, and almost no squishy targets can survive it with a team mate's damage added on. If you catch someone alone, AND YOU'RE SURE THEY'RE ALONE because of your wards in their jungle, just ult them like a crazy man and hope your team can capitalize on it. Seriously. Don't save WW's cooldowns. Use them like a crazy man, with this much CDR it will be back up before you know it. It's okay if it wasn't the perfect ult during this stage of the game.

Mid-Late mid game: Again, if you have good wards in their jungle (You might notice a trend here) and you can catch someone alone and your team can capitalize, throw that ult on that sucka and land a free kill. However, around this time, their team may be rolling in packs of three or greater. Top may still be up there, just depends. You'll have the chance to use your ult as an initiator at times, when their squishy is out of place. But you can also use your ult as a sort of stun bot if their team has no way to interrupt you. If they have no stun ready for you, ult'ing an AD carry just to disable that carry, can be an extremely effective way to net your team a substantial advantage.

Late-End game: If the game has lasted 40 minutes or longer, you have to be really careful at this point, and understand your role. Your Q is not going to keep you alive anymore. Your tankiness won't either. You have to realize that sometimes the right move with WW is going to get you killed at this point in the game, and have faith in your team to mop up after. I prefer to ult AD or AP carries mid fight, instead of initiating. But, if a champion steps out of position for even 1 funkin' second, or someone goes to farm another lane, you bet your *** I'm goin' in like a... Wolf outta hell... lulz. Use your best judgement, be fearless and trust your tankiness and your team, and go balls deep. Yeah, you might die, but if you win, who cares?

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These are really your preference, and should be taken as you please to counter opponents or fulfill your role on the team how you desire.

I've listed a few different combo's for you to try.

Personally I like the magic pen for your Q to be a bit more effective. (After your ult, your Q is pretty much everything you've got.)

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Offtanky CDRwick = Qwick.

Qwick = good times. He is strongest (in relation to himself) early mid game, and still very viable mid late game as a grea initiator who can actually ult TWICE before your enemies even respawn. This causes your opponent's defense of base and towers to be difficult if one of them die.

This is a great application of his toolkit. If you can trust your mates, and effectively damage soak for them, and CC your opponent's big damage dealers effectively, then you'll be swinging the tides of war in your team's favor, and take some of the pressure off your squishy damage dealers!

It's okay if this isn't your style of play, but it's an effective style of play if you can get used to it.

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Hope you enjoyed!

Feel free to leave questions and/or comments in the section below!