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Jax Build Guide by Soul786

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Soul786

Ohh hey there but u dont have health bar o.O?

Soul786 Last updated on February 1, 2012
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A jungle jax and on tanky


A lane build!

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey and welcome to my Jax jungling guide. He is an swesome jungler and ganker but i will build a build for lane here to but i dont gonna talk about laninig now, not it time to get this jungle started:D

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Marks: Why atk dmg marks??? Yes because u will get some early life steal with ur wriggles with the runes and the 23 dmg from wriggles

Glyphs: Here we take the ability glyphs because he is a hybrid and all hybrid needs both AD and AP

Seals: Now we take som health seals because health ALWAYS good to have

Quints: U should take the attack spped quints cause of atk speed is a key to play Jax.

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Now u surely think why 19/11/0 thats i gonna tell u here.

I take Mental force for 4 AP and BruteForce for 3 AD cause hes still a hybrid :D. Then i has picked Butcher for the 4bonus dmg to minions. Alacrity for atk speed and Sorceryfor cooldown reduction. I take the Arcan knowledge for the 10 Magic penetration, Jax deals most magic dmg. Vampirism for the 3% life steal which mean the u have 18% LifeSteal with a early Wriggles. And the summoner wrath for move speed!

U should always max tough skin when u jungle because take 2 reduced dmg from minions and monsters. I take summoner revolves for 10 bonus gold when using my smite. Hardiness for the armor and Durability for some health. Then we came to the Bladed Armor which i take to return 6 dmg agains minions and monsters.

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First start out with a Cloth Armor and 5 health pot. Go clean the jungle some bit and then buy Madreds Razor and boots of speed, Madreds for 25% Chanche to deal 300 dmg to minons and monster(it later will build to wriggles) boot of speed so u can move from jungle routes faster and clear the jungle faster. Now buy ur Wriggles for the 30% chanche to deal 425 dmg to minions and monsterrs, Almost all jumglers buy a wriggles and wriggles is working awesome with Jax passive which garnt hom bonus attack speed and make more chanche to deal that 425 dmg. Now buy Berserker Greaves for the move speed and ATKspeed. Many peoples often buy Marcury Treads, but i choiche the Berserker Greaves or Boots of mobility before Mercury. The Guosinnios Rageblade is a niiiice item for a DPS hybrid like Jax because the atk spped from abilities and basic attacks+ it gives 45 AP and 35 AD. Now buy the hextech gunblade for lifesteal,AP, and AD its sucha good item for Jax.Phantom Dancer u should buy for the Attack Speed,move speed and Crit Chanche. Now a another Hextech for the AP,AD and life steal the both Hextechs and Guosinios should work AWESOME with ur phantom Dancers attack speed and ur passive. His ulti also works good iwth attack speed items. Now if u get a loong game sell ur wriggles and buy a trinity force, it sooo god hybrid items so it worth the 4k. U also can buy Guardians angel for more surviveability, if u feel for it. U also can choo free.

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Skill Sequence!

First take the E(Counter strike) for dodge and stun in jungle. Now one point at his W(Empower) for extra dmg it works very well with lifesteal. Now try get 2 fast points at Leap strike(Q) and start gankiong now. Take a point at E(counter stirk) and then a point of ur ulri OFC. Now u are lv 6 ur poin should be Q(2) W(1) E(2) Ulti(1). Now we take 3 fast points at W(Empower) for the dmg on basic atk Now take a point at Q(Leap Strike) and after taht a another point at his ulti. Now take 2 point at ur E(Counter Strike) for stun and dodge. Now max ur Q(leap strike) and after that max u ulti. Now ur point shuld be Q(5) W(4) e(4) Ulti(3) and now a we max the W(empower first and E (Counter Stirke) last.

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Summoner Spells!

Good spells to us eat Jungle Jax:

Smite: U cnat jungle without ur smite is an swesome spell for all junglers to use

Ghost: Ghost is very good for catching up enimies and run to them from jungle.

Exhaust: It not my fav but it isnt bad u can start harrasing and then slow them and kill them.

Flash: Its a nice Escape and come in to battle spell u can surprise enemies with it and flee with it

Ignite: Good spell to use if u are slow early game and ur enemies fast but u still can kill them with ignite whenthey run away from u.

Spells u can use but not the best:

Clarity: U dont shall need it because u get mana from blue buff

Heal: U dont shall need it but if u like it take it but i never use it for jungle Jax.


Cleanse: It nice if they haw many CC"S but i domt use it much.

Bad spells to use: The spells i dont have sayed are to bad for using a pro Champs like Jax on

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Ranked Play!

Ive not tryed this tranked yet but i will come with news when i had make it.

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Pros / Cons


+ Nice ganker with his Leap Strike and Empower together.
+His dodge ability is awesome in large team fights and vs example trynda with deal most dmg basics and u will dodge them all:D
+The best hybrid in the game if u ask me
+ Nice ulti'
+That he can jump to wards and allies with the Leap Strike!


Not so good without items.
-They have removed his nice passive that he geter HP from ap and AD

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Creeping / Jungling!

U should start with blue buff then take it the Wrathis,Golems and then go back buy soem items and then ruze to red. After u has killed red u should start ganking.

Counter jungle: Jax is very good to kill other Junglers buff because he is fast and if u have warded around u u cna jump to escape if they see u

Warding: U should alwasy have dragon warded early/mid game and Baron mid/late game.

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Team Work!

U need to ALWAYS ask ur team if they have seen someone out ward in taht lane so they know when u coming,it can destroy a HOOLE game for you if they dont say where they have putted wards. So always ask ur teammates with about 3 min between every asking.

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Early game!

Early is lv 1-6 for me
In early game u should focus on ur jungling and try make som succesful ganks to build up other nice items in later when u are srongest. Jax is a very nice champ early game with his ganks so try gank often and hold to ur jungle. In early just focus dont get killed more try get about 1-4 kills early game and YOUshould have at least 2 kill when we go to mid game.

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Mid game!

Mid is lv 7-14
Now u has grown stronger and should have about at least Wriggles,Boots,Guosinios and Hextech if u go GOOD. In mid u will have nice ganks and a fast jungling speed so here try gank more but still go to ur LOVELY jungle for pick up some buffs.Here u can play more aggresive and the early because often it is the item which made a Jax.

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Late game!

Late is lv 15-18
In late u are strongest champ on game,if u are good summoner. Here u can play veeeery agreesive if u want because noone can kill u in late game with right items i meeted a Xin late game and he had nice items but i won that battle because noone can solo Jax 1v1 late game. Now u should have the Hextechs and ur Phantom Dancer, all games u dont can buy the Trinity because they so short cause they surrended because a OP jax,U :D. But if u can sell the Wriggles buy a Trinity or a Guardin angel. Trinity for like u get all stuff and it good for a HYBRID like jax but if u wanna get more surviveability buy Guardians angel.

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The tank items(if u like tank Jax)

Mercury Treads: Mercury Treads is good because mag resist and the tenacity+ move speed.

Warmog: Now build a fast warmog for the nice health.

Atmas Impaler: For 2%of ur MAXIMUM health converted into AD, and the Armor and Crit chanche.

Bashees veil: One of the best item in game it give u mag resist HP, mana and blocks a enemy ability(45 sec CD)It nearly a most for a tank.

Guardians Angel: For revive and armor and mag resist.

Warmog: A another war mog for more AD and HP.

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This is how i build Jungling Jax plz vote and comment :D it my first guide so dont be angry cause i have no pictures idk how to put in them plz say that