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League of Legends Build Guide Author cBizzle

Olaf - Axe in yo face

cBizzle Last updated on December 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 21

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 0

First build here. I've always enjoyed playing Olaf but was never exceptional with him until I discovered how good undertow actually is.

Maxing it first, I ALWAYS get stragglers, taking a good 400 dmg off each time, running towards it (with a blue buff is possible) running over the axe and repeat, with this amount of lifesteal, attack speed and damage, olaf is an amazing dps character. I had always seen builds max reckless first, which I thought was viable but undertow is just great, then with W and my lifesteal, you'd never be below half hp, but you gotta watch out for those exhausts!

Olaf is a great DPS champion. With a slow (which does alot of damage), a alotalotalota-load of damage from his other 2 skills, and the passive/active on his ult, makes him a great melee carry throughout the game. Jungling every now and then to get blue and red is a viable option as they do help significantly.

Lifesteal, I went this way because I seen a game with tryndamere, getting crits 24/7 and healing his full health in about 2 hits and it was just stupid. So I put this on olaf, and well, it works, insane attack speed, life steal and damage is just amazing on Olaf.

Summoner Skills,
Ghost and Exhaust. Pretty basic for a melee DPS. Exhaust to slow and blind with the master and ghost to chase or run, especially good with Undertow.

Skills (quick)
Just a quick description on why this build works with Olaf's skills.

Olafs passive,
With the items, runes and lifesteal, this helps ALOT. You start off with great atk speed in a battle, and as you get hit, you gain more, but with W and your lifesteal, thats not a problem you just keep above half hp constantly, it annoys SO MANY PEOPLEEEE.

So good. Like so good. Getting a reduced cd picking it up? Even better. Though skill shot based its so good. You are chasing an enemy, throw it, pick it up, throw it, pick it up. Usually when I do this, they run in a straight line, which makes it even easier for me.

Vicious Strikes,
More lifesteal and attack damage. Nice.

Reckless Swing,
It's getting silly, thats 3 amazing skills for Olaf. True damage means it ignores armour, so you'll be nomming up those squishes in no time.

Just simply amazing, passive is more armour pen (30 at level 3) and reduced damage? Amazing when everyones just focusing you, on 1v1's etc. With your lifesteal and reduced damage you'll be hacking away at everything in sight.

Long Sword and 1 HP pot to start, gives you a good boost in damage and some health regen. With the Long Sword and 1 point in Undertow, and exhaust/ghost combo makes it fairly easy to get first blood!

On first return you want the Brutalizer and boots 1, if you've been getting alot of moneys, Berserkers and Brutalizer, amazing.

On second return you want to start your starks, getting the Emblem and then finishing Ghost blade, giving you lifesteal, hp regen and ghost blades amazing active!

After this it's time to finish your starks and start on the blood thirster.

With the finished build, you will be unstoppable.

I only have 4 items so the depending on the situation get what is needed. What I usually do is either get another bloodthirster just stacking the damage and life steal as much as i can or a phantom dancer for the extra movement, crit, and attack speed. Or even Mandreds Bloodrazer to eat through some tanks and the bonus armour is decent too!

GA would probably be a good choice too, with the amount of lifesteal you get from each hit, it would be amazing to just pump a couple champions and then perhaps get focused, die, come back to life and boom, they're all dead. :D

I nearly every game, get first blood with a good laning partner with a stun slow or exhaust. Just spamming Q then with my exhaust and ghost catching up to kill them. Last hitting, getting to about level 3 then more harrassing with the axe and reckless. At 6 I usually accumulate enough to finish of the brutalizer and berserkers, and perhaps a vamperic scepter.

You wanna get blue and gank, spam Q and W when needed to get kills and HP. By this point you should have finished ghostblade so chasing should be no problem with the active and Olafs ulti.

You should have ghost stark's and hopefully blood thirster, or even a BF. Even with only 4 items olaf is a force to be reckoned with. Olaf can initiate if your smart. Throwing an axe in can sometimes lead everyone to focus you, you just need to be warey of your situation.

With this build Olaf does not have much defence nor magic resistance (apart from the runes) But not forgetting the crazy lifesteal and spell vamp he gets from his items and W.

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed my first build! :)