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Olaf Build Guide by Ownaf

Top Olaf General Tips and Tricks - Advanced

By Ownaf | Updated on April 8, 2020

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+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Any conventional summoners work on Olaf
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

Olaf General Tips and Tricks - Advanced

By Ownaf
Hello fellow Graggy lovers,

this is a guide to play Olaf. I will not go over every single matchup or item/rune build, you should be figuring that out yourself to be honest. For item and rune setup, always look at the enemy composition and adjust accordingly. If the matchup is fairly easy, you can go bold in runes and go tanky with items.
Playstyle for Olaf - Advanced Back to Top
This is the reason why you should read this guide. Take your time to understand and execute these tips in your upcoming Olaf games.

Laning Phase

[*] If your team is invading, follow. Your contribution with your Q's during invades are insane.
[*] If you are not invading, always walk to your pixel brush and wait. Your 1v1 is unrivaled and you should use your Corrupting Potion when you fight an opponent. Most of the time, the other enemy laner (either top/mid) will join the fight, although a bit late. If you are really good at using flash, you might get a second kill. Do not run away if the battle is close, since you will so fast at auto'ing when low and you can abuse triumph to make you look weaker than you actually are.
[*] When staying in the pixel brush and there is no enemy checking it out, you can ward the enemy buff on your side. This is helpful, since you will be winning almost any matchup on top during lv 1-3 so you want to push the first two waves in order to freeze the 3rd wave on your side. With that ward you can see when the enemy jungler is nearby. Always ask your jungler to ward the river in return!
[*] You don't need to try for a first blood unless the enemy is chasing you after a big trade. Since the main goal is recalling with at least 800g for a Kindlegem. Do not be afraid to push the first two waves by auto'ing. If the enemy pokes you while doing so, they will get the aggro of your minions while you decimate the enemy minions. After you have the higher amount of minions on the lane you can start using spells on the enemy champion. Try to use E first and Q after the enemy used their spells (especially dashes / shields)
[*] Your all-ins until lv 9 are so strong, so after the enemy champion used a key spell in order to farm/poke or whatever reason -> just start auto'ing+E the enemy and pop your potions. Chase with Q and you will win the trade.
[*] It is totally fine to miss 1 caster minion if that means that the wave will push to your side. A jungler gank will always be more worth than a caster minion.
[*] As Olaf, you are not allowed to die unless you get a takedown from the action. You falling behind early game is very bad if your teleport is on cooldown.
[*] Use TP to maximize the exp gained from the lane minions. Levels are important in solo lanes!

Mid and Late Game

I assume the laning phase has been going well or at worst: even.
Now you can try for bold kills/shoving lane in order to get some turret plates.
Once the enemy jungler and mid laner are going to contest dragon you can either join the dragon fight or just take out the rift herald. With corruption potion you will have enough mana to finish it yourself. Just keep the back eye open at 2k hp so you can last hit the herald at 1k hp. This is stronger than the enemy smite. You may use flash for that back eye.
In teamfights you can just walk up to the enemy and let them burn their spells on your while you only use your Q and W to poke and heal back. After they used their main non-ultimate skill you can pop your ultimate. Yes! That means you do not open the teamfight with your ultimate. You want to soak up the bursts with your R passive. Even if you use R to initiate a teamfight, you will get bursted before you can reach the enemy backline (unless you are fed obviously).
If you rush for the enemy backline and they burn their flash, its fine to go back to your team and help out killing their tanks / protect your squishy teammates.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Ownaf
Ownaf Olaf Guide

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Olaf General Tips and Tricks - Advanced

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