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League of Legends Build Guide Author HindsO

Olaf the Critical Beast

HindsO Last updated on October 29, 2010
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13 September 2010: Important change!! I've found that levelling Reckless Swing then Vicious Strikes twice then Undertow is a VERY good start to a game!
17 September 2010: Important change!! I've completely re-done the item build (And I'm deleting the explanations because this is probably going to get regularly updated as I don't believe anyone will even get to buying a Frozen Mallet, let alone a Bloodthirster if they buy every item in-order - I am rather annoyed that you do not get a nice crit chance till mid/late game but you do get a lot of damage to make up for it. I have also edited the masteries since you now have a pretty high dodge chance it's really worth getting some extra speed when you dodge (Should dodge around 1/3 of every standard attack you take)

17th October 2010: I have added a 2nd Olaf build, this is very early in testing, though... So early that I haven't actually tested it yet ;) I've cleaned up the Item orders and correct a careless mistake in the ability orders (6 points of Reckless Swing >.>)

29th October 2010: I have changed the runes so that they are using their primary runes, credits go to: Searz

-Great DPS
-Reliable crits in the end
-High HP
-High Armour Pen
-High AS @ low hp %
-Faster Movement speed (With Phantom Dancers & Berserker's Greaves)
-Kick-*** damage with crits! (I got 900 dmg with crits)
-Lot's and lot's of minion kills (Mainly cuz of crits, I got upto 213 minion kills)

-Targettable in Early game (If you are targetted by 2+ enemies you will probably die)
-No devastating form of harassment, and no harassment if you don't get Undertow early
-Easily harassed
-Not much crit chance till you get the first Phantom Dancer, and when you do get it it's 60% crit chance, which is pretty good since you already have the Infinity Edge.

Hello, and welcome to my first build!
I recently (About a week ago) bought Olaf and I have been thoroughly enjoying playing as him, but the thing is: I was sure I could do better. I was using another Olaf build which I'm sure you all know so I don't need to elaborate.

Now I was always fascinated by Tryndamere's ability to, when practically dead, take out 2/3 enemy champions that are all trying to gank him while his ultimate on simply because of his incredible crits: So then Critical Olaf was born!

A brief outline of the first test:
Well I was trying to encourage my team to be defensive, gank, then incredibly offensive: But, until we were about to lose, they didn't listen; So I was having to single-handedly counter-attack to get the enemy out of our base and listen to my team ranting at me to get back. When they finally did listen to me, I told them all to buy more hp because they were all on the verge of 2000hp which is very little for level 15-18s, and we managed to catch the enemy as they tried to gank me and turn the gank-around... I had crits of 500-900 damage around now and it was simply chewing up the enemies 2000-3000 hp, especially with Reckless Swing getting me a guaranteed finish, but they weren't running anywhere, not while I had my Frozen Mallet, so we were chasing them down the mid-lane till they disappeared, I then told my team to "keep on going, kill the minions and push those towers!" then we managed to knock down 2-3 towers and get inside their base where they were no match for us, and I managed to get some awesome kills by slowing them with Undertow and the whole team jumping on them. End score: 16/9/17. So I'll leave it at that.

How this build works:
Unfortunately in the first test I did start off feeding with my lane-mate (You can see that in the deaths, 2/3 of them were from feeding) simply because they had a Miss Fortune and there isn't a solid well-known counter to Miss Fortune (Unless I'm just not very aware of these things) yet because she was only introduced recently and I was I WAS a Critical Olaf since the crits were getting me all the minion kills which lead to me not just dying uselessly. But back on-topic: Make sure you last hit the minions! Now if you have above 50% crit then you can last-hit them a bit earlier and if you're lucky get a crit to knock out the rest, but early-game you don't have reliable crits at all so just hit them when there's 1/8 of their hp left (That's 1 eighth), approximately, and be wary of harassment, although I do recommend you swap a point on Reckless Swing for Undertow @ level 4 just to let you harass and/or get more minion kills.

Early Game:
So you start off with a Brawler's Glove and get a few crits every now and then which usually get you the important minion kills but are not yet reliable at all. You then try to STAY ALIVE till level 6 and adjust the build to your situation (For Example, you might want to buy a Frozen Mallet earlier for HP) but be careful not to change the build from a Critical Olaf to a Tank Olaf >.< So if you're level 6 you should have gotten at least upto a Berserker's Greaves and if you're lucky, and managed to get a gank or two, a zeal.

Mid Game:
So now that you have an extra gold-source, movement speed and crits it's time to take part in a couple of ganks, No I'm not saying you should start ganking for money but you can certainly take part in a gank if you're careful! Do not stop killing minions, it is great gold & exp but also a distraction: If your enemy sees you slaving over their minions then they'll think you're not paying much attention to them and relax a bit, Or go for a gank if you're unlucky, but you just need to have a careful balance between Minion Kills and Gank-attempts (I say attempts because you don't have a Frozen Mallet or a Phantom Dancer yet so no kills are guaranteed (And I'm not saying they are guaranteed once you do have a FM/PD xD)). Once you reach level 12 you should be able to gank and have upto a Phantom Dancer, now use your Undertow carefully because it's what is going to let you engage on your opponents, as well as your team if they have some nice cc, since it's long ranged: A combo I sometimes do if it's a fairly reliable kill is I flash, Exhaust, Undertow, Reckless Swing, Vicious Strikes and if you're near a turret or they have some help, Ragnarok. You should really adjust this order and if you have your summoner spells on CD then try and lure your enemy since an Olaf on low hp % is a deadly Olaf, especially with crits: And this is another reason why I made a Critical Olaf, If they get you to low hp, they're only increasing how often you hit a crit and your crits are bloody deadly (As well as at level 16 when Ragnarok is level 3 you have a passive 30 armour pen just from your ultimate :D).

End Game:
So now that it's likely either-one team is winning or losing, you are an amazing Carry that's going to pick the game up and turn it around (If you're losing) thanks to your crit chance and attack speed as they lower your hp. If you're level ~15 you should be close to finishing the Infinity Edge (As long as you ganked regularly but always sustained a high rate of minion kills!) or perhaps even finished it, but once you do finish it: You're practically unstoppable if you play carefully (I am not promising that if you follow this build you are going to be unstoppable, that's what some guy who's desperate to get a high-rated build does, I'm just sharing my findings (Which I think are rather stunning)) and you should have knocked down the 2 outer-turrets on all of their lanes which greatly increases the pressure on the enemy team. Once you reach level 18 (Which should be slightly before everyone else on your team if you constantly maintained your minion killing rate) and should be working on, or have if you ganked well, the Randuin's Omen(If you choose to!).
You can choose to replace Randuin's Omen, if you like, since it's completely situational but I do recommend more armour or possibly attack speed.

I chose 21/0/9 because I think that a Critical Olaf needs a tiny bit of attack speed, more attack damage, more base damage, higher crit damage and even more armour pen... That's it.

Even though Armour Pen got nerfed, Like everything is these days, It's still better than Crit DMG (I dunno the math behind it, anymore, but it affects every hit not just crits and this isn't a 100% Crit chance build.). Health Seals because it allows you to spam Reckless Swing more and Mana Glyphs for the same reason.

Summoner Spells:
I chose Exhaust and Flash because they're great DPS Summoner Spells and can be included in many combo's that will ultimately lead to your enemies downfall through the element of suprise & speed.

Ok I max the Vicious Strikes first because it adds some extra AD (upto 70+ AD which is very helpful, and 250% of 70 is a nice 175 extra damage to your crit!) but I level Reckless Swing because it is a powerful ability that helps guarantee you the last hit on an enemy (Do not engage with Reckless Swing! It only scares them off and unless they have ****loads of armour and HP you won't have time to use it again! It is to get you the last-hit!). Once Vicious Strikes is maxed I then go on to max Reckless Swing and Undertow last, but Reckless Swing is then maxed at level 12 OR 13/14 if you got Undertow @ level 4. This means that at level 12, the end of mid-game and start of end-game, you are able to knock out exactly 340 hp from the enemy in 1 swing that cannot be reduced and is an awesome last-hitting ability, but with this build your crits will do far more damage, but can be reduced. Last of all you max Undertow so that you can engage and they certainly aren't going anywhere. Note: You can also get Undertow before Vicious Strikes but NOT before Reckless Swing!!

But I do recommend getting Ninja Tabi's (Extra dodge!) or Mercury Tread's (Less stuns, etc so you can get in there, take all the hits and then rape them without being left behind :P) instead of Berserker's Greaves since you get 90% AS without them (But 70% After first Phantom Dancer @ mid game if you get them, and a total of 115% AS).

Additional Results:

Another test game: 15 / 5 / 15
And another: 14/5/11
These were 2 consecutive games with my brother & a friend from school. In addition, I do screen shot most my wins and these 2 are no exception; If you want evidence for some random reason then I have it. And as a side-note: I'm not particularly good at staying alive so I expect a lot of you will all get 20+/0/10... I used to get games with no deaths but I seem to have lost the knack, unfortunately. I'd also like to say that I managed to get an Avarice Blade roughly 20 secs before the minions spawned in BOTH these games, we hid in the 3v3 FB bush and when one of them ran there they were dead in an instant, and I got the kill on both occassions :D. I managed to go 14/1/11 in a 3v3 (I love 3v3s, getting FB is so much fun).

2 Games with Olaf that I played recently:

That's it! Have fun and read the below statement!