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Olaf Build Guide by doctordoc

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author doctordoc

Olaf, the early game wrecker

doctordoc Last updated on July 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build is more or less made for first bloods or early kills. Used right you can even get first blood before the creeps get out!

This is one of my first guides, so please give me suggestions in the comments!
PLEASE TRY THIS GUIDE OUT BEFORE YOU RATE IT! it looks weird, but it works most of the time!

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-Olaf is a great early game and late game champ
-Olaf has a 2 great harassing spells
-He is very able to engage and escape with the use his ultimate and ghost
-He is a great jungler, not covered in this guide though
-He has great synergy with other champs in the lane
-He can call down a bolt of lightning.....
-BROOO, he has one of the coolest skins in the game

-His midgame is below par when you dont have armor pen
-Olaf gets countered easily by stacking armor
-He isnt as useful against a double range lane

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Its very important to start with some health regen ( because your going to be using reckless swing whenever possible,) and a regrowth pendent does the job. For even more regen i get warmogs as soon as possible. For boots, i prefer extra speed in boots of swiftness, but you could get beserker's greaves or boots of mobility. Frozen mallet adds to your tanky-ness and gives you a slow and more dmg, so its a must. This is when the build starts to vary, if their team is very tanky i would rush atma's, then picking up bloodthirster and executioners calling. If there team is very squishy, just follow the build order at the top. Situational items can include phantom dancer ( if you want to be more reliant on attack speed/crits) or the hextech gunblade (for more life steal) for different damage styles, and banshees veil, guardian angel, and thornmail for being more tanky. =)

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Summoner Skills

I choose ghost and exhaust because getting first blood is a whole lot easier with them.
Exhaust because the slow from your axe doesn't last forever, and ghost because Olaf isn't very fast early game.

Some other spells could include flash,ignite,smite,teleport,and heal.

The Nono's
-Clarity, Olaf uses mana, but he doesnt run dry after two spells casts.
-Clairvoyance,No. let the supports get it
-Fortify,No. let the supports get it
-Rally, ehh, only useful for timing ganks and pushes
-Revive,......really?Just a No.
-Cleanse, useful before you get Ragnarok, but after it just sits there doing nothing.

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Skill Sequence

I rank up reckless swing as fast as possible, because the damage cannot be blocked by armor or
magic resist. At level one, it does 100 DMG! thats 1/5 of most peoples health. You can force
alot of people to go back very early with only a few hits from that.
Next, i rank up undertow, stopping to get vicious strikes at level 4. Undertow is a long-ranged slow. Whats better than that? It allows you to get up close and swing recklessly in their face!( it even does a good amount of dmg to boot!)
Obviously, you should get your ultimate whenever possible. Ragnarok is great for comboing, because you are immune to disables. That means that when your running up to kill veigar after you slow him and he puts his stun down, you run right through it and burst his face into the ground. Then he will complain about how you glitched his stun. =)

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Lane Partners

Olaf has no type of stun or knock up, so people like alistar and blitzcrank are very effective for getting alot of damage off in a short amount of time. Olaf also benefits from people like swain, lux, and ryze. Their stuns are very useful, and they can burst too! I wouldnt chose characters like mordekaiser, nunu, or heimerdinger as they cant help as much when you are trying to get first blood. Other squishies like shaco just dont work, and shaco should be in the jungle anyways. =)

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Lane Enemies

As Olaf, going against a double range lane is normally a bad idea, going against a double melee is better, but 1 range 1 melee is the best, giving you easy harass on the melee, and not having to worry about running in and getting focused by two melees.

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Early Game Engagements

It's simple really, just hit them with your e about 3 times, or get them down to about 200 hp. Then when you get undertow, wait for reckless wing to come up, tell you partner that your going to go for the kill and he should distract the other enemy. Use your q, if you miss, just wait for it to come up again. If you hit, use ghost, run to them, exhaust, use your e. If their dead then good job. if their not, you should have picked your axe up. which means thats its off cooldown, which means that you can use it to get the kill. =)

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Late Game Engagements

Late game requires good teamwork and maybe some trickery. Its better to try and get some sort of initiation through a bait or a flank, but not necessary. Your job as Olaf is to run in, kill whoever your team is trying to kill, and then continue with the slaughtering.That is, if your dps Olaf. If for some reason your the tank, Hold of on your E until a good amount of their team is dead, as it damages you. Your ultimate should be used right away in both ways of playing olaf, as it prevents their cc. Its great for escaping or initiating.

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Olaf is very good at early game, so take use of that! Cast your lightning bolt down upon those that you frown against.
Thanks for reading my guide! Have fun getting first blood as Olaf,the Beserker.