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League of Legends Build Guide Author kongnielsen

Olaf - The Mighty Viking

kongnielsen Last updated on December 30, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to the guide that shows you how powerfull the Mighty Viking Realy is
This guide is going to make your head twist all the way around so much power so much Dmg and so many Kills ! ..

Hello my name is Marco Nielsen Aka Kongnielsen. and im here to show you a new kind of Build with Olaf The Viking. Olaf is an unbelieveable Champion i think he is 1 of the strongest Champions in this game if you can play him the right way. Anyway i have tryed alot of build's and all of them just seems like its tank build's. its sad becouse Olaf is so powerfull, so why not Bring the power inside him to his arms and his weapons?. well thats why im here to show you the perfeckt dps - support olaf. No tank iteams just full dps.

I focused on Lifesteal, dmg, armor pene and a small amount of Attack speed.
Im Starting with Vampiric Sempter. A great starter iteam for lifesteal and some surviverabillity's.

And then im moving on the Wrigge's lantern. A great iteam to get the mana buff or just farming gold. It gives 20% Lifesteal, and hitting (Minions or pets) a strong amount of dmg 600 in the start. so think about it, 600 dmg and 20% lifesteal? + if you trigger W at the same time you will get a high amount of Hp. its an iteam i have the whole game dont sell it, its very important

Next iteam i buy is the berserker's Greves. it gives a small amount of attack speed but its good enough. If you think its useless you can buy the Ninja Tabi instead to increase you dodge change with your runes.

Moving on to Yumus Ghostblade. Actually 1 of the most important iteams, its very great for hunting / escape. It gives 30+ attack dmg, 15+ Crit. Passive: 20+ armor pene. and 15+ CD reduction. Active: it gives 20% Movement speed and 50% attack speed.

Next iteam is Phage - Frozen mallet. its great for Hp Boost and a small amount + dmg. But the most important thing is that it slows target Just like Ashe and her frozen arrows. = Nearley impossible for your enemy to escape.

Moving on to The Bloodthirster. A great iteams to get some +Dmg and Lifesteal. 60+ dmg and 15+ lifesteal. and every kill you get, you get 1 physical dmg and 0,25% Lifesteal. up to 40+ dmg and 10+ lifesteal.

And the last iteam is Ofc Infinity edge. a very nice iteam to get alot of Attack Dmg and some crit. 75+ Dmg and 20+ Crit. passive: Its giving 250% exstra crit dmg instead of 200%.

About the Mighty Viking:
Olaf Loves to kill its in his blood.
He is an killer-Machine
With this build you can take a tank down in no time and even solo a 2vs1.
He has so much suvivor instinct and if you combine then with the iteams you are unstopable
He has so much power with this build that he can Take an enemy down in 10 seconds or less.
And even better if you get feeded. and allways make sure to have your mana buff. its insane..
And did i mention that He is a very good tower Diver.

my best is 44-2
Second is 36-5
Third is 33-6
four is 30-5

My Combo to get an easykill is Q - W - E - autoattack. Remember always to pick up the axe again so you can trow it as fast as possible if your target is fleeing.

If you get caught in a 2vs1 action and theres nothing to do but fighting Try this combo, Trigger your ultimate "R" Q - W - E. Remember every time olaf is missing 1% hp he Gets 1% attackspeed so if you get low, like 30% You will hit with 70% + 25% attack speed = Lifesteal, That means alot of more survival.

The reason im Finishing the E spell first is to get fast an easy kills. second 1 to finish is the W spell. That gives you Spell swamp and lifesteal + attack dmg.
Last 1 is ofc Q the flying axe that slows people.
And the reason im finishing Q at last its because its not realy a must to have it in lvl 5. its fine in lvl 1 untill you cant pick anything else than Q.

Masterie's: As you can see i focused on attack dmg, crit, CD Reduction and Attac speed ofc.

i also have 9 points in the Tank masteries to get dodge and some armor.

Runes -
Marks: Armor pene to get tanks down alot faster.
Seals: Dodge Survival and offence, and also combine it with the Masteri Nimbleness.
Glyph's: CD Reduction well so you can use your spells faster and combine it with mana buff
Quintessences: armor pene, also to get tanks down alot faster.

The typical Exhaust and Ghost.
Exhaust is great to hunt down a fleeing target or to escape. its also great if your in a 2vs1 action, by focus on a primary target and exhaust the next target so you get an 3 seconds Advantage.

Ghost. well its great to get a fast way to your team to support. its great for hunting and escapeing.

My playing style:
Early game try to stay defensive Stay in bushes and so on. as soon as you get the Wriggle's Lantern go get the mana buff and try to start killing. watch out for towers in early game and Ganks. if you get caught 4 ppl ganking you. you dont have a big chance to survive in early game.

Mid game. start by going offensive but not to much still control it. you can begin tower diving and start by being not that cautious.

Late game. Just go nuts seriously in the high lvl's your very powerfull so use that as an
Advantage, Also remember to support your team alot. If you do it right you can maximize your chances of winning. Remember allways to focus on the tank as your primary target.

What not to do:
Like allways dont think you are immortal all can die so dont act like an superhero in the start.
Dont Try to gang 4 ppl alone Stick together with your team.
Dont try to tower dive in low lvl's just becouse 1 from the enemy team is low.

I cant realy offer anymore my brain is empty :). i hope you will enjoy this build And plz comment.
'- Kongnielsen