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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Phlegethonyarre

Olaf the Monster

Phlegethonyarre Last updated on June 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys this is my first guide here hope u like it but befor we start need to correct some of the data in the hero info up there not sure how they calculated tho ..

HP at 18: 3485 NOT 3035
Damage at 18: 190 NOT 117
Attack speed at 18: 1.9
Armor Pen at 18: 61 NOT 24.93

now lets start :)

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About the runes as u see i just used 2 types of them ..

The armor pen ones
The attack speed ones

the armor pen ones to serve an item combo later.

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Skill Sequence

Now about the skills ...
as u all see i totally ignored the UNDERTOW skill (Q), well some ppl might saw " wow he is a noob" hahaha well after all this is how i view things so let me explain :)

1: the Q skill takes long time to aim it coz u dont control only the direction but u control the length of the throw to so while u r chasing ur target that will takes around 1.5 sec to use it and sure that the target will be gone by that time.
2: while u chasing some one and hit him with it u will gonna hit him like one time only befor the slow effect is gone.
3: the skill takes bonus dmg from the dmg items u get something that u will not gonna use it at all lol.
4: there is many many skills and items that can make ur target cancel the slow effect or get higher speed than u so even if u max the skill u will never gonna reach him coz some ppl get a double Phantom Dancers or we have cleans .. Ghost .. Flash ... all that make ur target unreachable.
5: in a lane (which is this guide about) every one expecting that Olaf will throw the axe on them which will never happened giving them some really surprises at the very start playing and maxing a skill that can do true dmg OUCH that will hurt lol.

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About the items now ....

why theand not the??
1: the warmog will give 1370 HP while the frozen mallet give 700.
2: the warmog cost is 3000 while frozen mallet cost 3.2k.
3: Olaf skills based on the max HP that will give u the max dmg from ur HP while using the W skill and more HP steal to and for the passive the % AS u get from losing 1370 HP is far greater than what u get from losing the 700 ....
4: Atma`s Impaler for sure will work better with the Warmog than the Mallet.
5: now the slow effect on the mallet .. well i explained that in the skill section and i test it many many many times and found my self chasing my target like half of the map to land 1 hit every 2 or 3 sec on him which is very useless.
6: using the W skill with that amount of HP will boost ur dmg from 190 to 260 while using the mallet u wont pass the 230.

Now the.
well u have 3485 HP and with the HP elixir u will reach around 3.8k HP which means the Impaler will give u a free +60 or even +70 dmg.

u need the attack speed and the HP steal for sure but i dont get it for that in fact i get it for the -20 armor AOE u get from it coz that will complete ur combo like this:
25 armor pen from runes
6 armor pen from mastery
30 armor pen from ur ulti passive
and now -20 armor from this AOE
all that make a total of 81 armor ignore simply if the target is not a tank or did not got any armor items they r NAKED befor u or there armor will be with negative for ur attacks which makes ur attacks r like true dmg for them and hell lets see who can take that lol.

last one the.
Movment + AS + CRT who need more than that ? lol

now there will be one last free slot which is free for u to see what it fit there if the game last for long as u see the items i have r not that expensive at all most r in rang of 2.5k only the warmog cost 3k so its easy and fast to build this one usually i have it all done even befor lvl 18.

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Team Work

Now this part is kinda important...
as Olaf u have something that non in ur team have it which is ur god like ulti for 5 sec u r immune to any CC so in a team fight ur main target is to take down who ever use CC skills, even amumu`s ulti cant stop u ur ulti can even cancel ramus`s taunt lol the point is WHEN U WILL USE IT coz u only have 5 sec no more... heroes like Lux, Morgana and heroes like that is ur food they cant stop u and cant harm u at all while u can eat them end game u can make a double kill in those 5 sec if u used them good :)