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Olaf Build Guide by ksjobes

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ksjobes

Olaf The VI-KING... AD carry?????

ksjobes Last updated on July 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi.. My name is ksjobes and i recently tried Olaf as an AD carry. And well i know what you're thinking "Olaf carry?????" well the past 2 games i played as Olaf were exceptionally good. I have put alot of research into this build and hope all goes well for you as an AD carry Olaf. It helps to read the full guide and if I gget alot of thumbs up ill make more guides, right now i have 2 other guides but they aren't "Full Guide Status". I usually have more than 10 kills a game with this guide. But in all I hope you enjoy!

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In case you don't understand a couple of abbreviations that are used in game, here's a list of commonly used abbreviations:

Abbreviation - Definition
Armor - Armor
MR - Magic Resist]
ArmPen - Armor Penetration
MagPen - Magic Penetration
AD - Attack Damage
AS - Attack Speed
AP - Ability Power
Hp5 - Health per 5 seconds
Mp5 - Mana per 5 seconds
CDR - Cooldown Reduction
CC - Crowd Control Effects (Disables)
CS - Creep Score
MS - Movement Speed
tl;dr - Too Long ; Didn't Read
IMO - In My Opinion
TBH - To Be Honest
ASAP - As Soon As Possible
Pull or Leash - Get a teammate to hit the target and go back to lane immediately

Let's get on with the guide, shall we? "Ok".

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Why Play Olaf??

Why play Olaf you ask? Well the reason i like Olaf is because endgame he can do some crazy damage, also you have the capability of getting a pentakill. I got a triple with autoattacks. Olaf also has crazy early game damage. He is one of my favored AD melee and with Undertow you can basically snipe someone while running. It is very fun to play olaf espeacially using Reckless Swing for finisher moves on champions.

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Tips & Tricks

1.) My secret to Olaf AD carry is all lifesteal The Bloodthirster is great when you use Vicious Strikes in a combo.
2.) Also my combo with Olaf is start with harrasing by using Undertow after they are half heath i jump in with a Reckless Swing then i activate Vicious Strikes and let auto attack do the rest.
3.) Always harrass with Undertow.

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Team Work

In a team fight i always focus the AD carry or fed AP carry. When i do this it allows my team to stay alive much longer. Therefore winning the team fight. The past 2 games i were in there was a Draven and he ****ed my team up so i focused him and i ended up with a triple. Because my team focused the tanks while i killed the carrys in like 3 crits. My team idk why they focused the tanks but it all worked out. Always focus the carries and tell your teammates to only focus the carries and not tanks until the end it helps your team win so much more easily, also focus the most fed carry in team fights.

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I always start out with Berserker's Greaves as my first complete item because of the attack speed with movement speed. After that i work towards an Infinity's Edge for the extra crit damage, and the AD is an added bonus. Afterwards i get some lifesteal for survivability. Next is Last Whisper only for the armor pen but, u can get whatever you want for that slot. Then i get Frozen Mallet for the slow and the health, it also gives you damage and helps you're teammates. Lastly i get Warmog's Armor for the added survivability rate. Also if their carry is AD and is fed like crazy and can kill you very fast i suggest getting Thornmail.

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Summoner Spells

I like to use Ghost because i can
run faster and it makes it easier
to gank and i can catch up to the
enemy because without it some are
to fast and you can't catch up with
the enemy you are ganking.

I like to use Exhaust because it also
helps you're ganking ability
and you are able to slow them
down to catch up with the
enemy it is a great combo
with Ghost. Overall
exhaust is a great summoner

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Farming is very easy for Olaf considering his Undertow Ability is so reliable for killing, or almost killing an entire wave of creeps. When your crits start to get up there in damage you can usually 1 shot creeps with Olaf. Farming is one of the most important things in LoL it allows you to get more gold, and that allows you to buy more items. Farming is getting creep kills. Another saying for creep kills is cs. Cs mean and stands for Creep Score which is basically how many creeps you have kiled. But you definitley need creep kills more than regular kills, although you definitley need champion kills. But Olaf is great at killing both so do not worry.

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Warding & Placement

Warding is a very important technique in LoL. If your teammate isn't getting wards than you should. Espeacially if there is a jungler and he doesn't like you. Where to place them is in the bushes near the river depending whether you are top or bot. When i ward i ususally ask where my teammate wants the ward and that usually ends up helping me. So i suggest you ask you're teammates where they want you to ward. But usually since im an AD carry i dont normally get wards unless i get and early wriggles but i like following this guide so i don't get wards most of the time but this section goes for any champ espeacially support champs. I like having a support so they get wards and i help them out with where to place them.

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Saving Teammates

It is so easy to save a teammate with Olaf with the use of Undertow. When i see a teammate being chased i Exhaust the target then i Undertow it and the teammate usually turn and burns to help me. You always need to help you're teammates when they are in trouble.

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Creeping / Jungling

I've seen many people who play Olaf as a jungle, i personally haven't tried it but i've heard good things. But i guess you would start out with Vicious Strikes based on my knowledge of Olaf and research.

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For runes as an AD Olaf i like to go and stack AS and Armor Penetration runes so i can attack fast and hit hard. Some people would say otherwise but hey its my build and it works for me. I hope you enjoy the rest of this guid and remember thumbs up if you like the build plz leave a comment if you liked it.

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Ranked Play

I have yet to try ranked play with Olaf and will continue to play normals until i master him. Plz comment and share with me if this has worked in ranked games for you. The people i choose for ranked are my favorites which are Dr. Mundo Jax and Teemo. Those are my 3 favorite champs.

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Map Awareness

Being a carry you always need map awareness because the other carries will focus ganks on you if you are getting fed but map awareness is easy just look at the map after every minion wave that you kill. Or when I'm in the jungle im always looking at the map but when im in a lane im not until the next minion wave is down, this technique for map awareness might not work for you but it is just a habit of mine don't make it a need to do. Also definitley dont focus on the map just take some glances.

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For masteries i choose 21 offense and 9 defense mostly due to the fact that you are an AD carry. In the offense section i chose the AD choices i also chose AS and in the defense section i chose armor, magic resist, and health regen. This is often my setup with AD carry Olaf. I hope you enjoy and you can change the masteries to fit you're needs.

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It is a major detail to know Olaf's passive it allows him to attack faster for the more health he is missing. It is called Berserker Rage. Berserker Rage can allow you to turn and burn and enemy fast and before they know what happened. Say your being chased by someone and you have like 100 health and you have The Bloodthirster. You go into the bush they follow you and you pop Vicious Strikes and turn n burn them you could end up with a kill and almost full health.

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Pros / Cons

  • Very good sustained damage
  • Dat Axethrow is crazy
  • Can basically snipe runners with your axe
  • Lifesteal is outrageous
  • YOUR A VI-KING!!!!!

  • Have a skill shot that is easily missed.
  • Squishy until Warmog's Armor.
  • Have to depend on Lifesteal to save you.
  • The only Viking champ :(

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In all i hope you summoners have a fun time playing Olaf.
P.S. Check out my other builds. I have an Ezreal guide for AD and AP carry also i have a Draven guide. This is my third guide and thumbs up if you liked it please, thanks. :) and im not much of a rambler soooooooooooooooooooo................ yeahhhhhhhhhhhh.............BYE lol have fun.