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League of Legends Build Guide Author DeepCentral


DeepCentral Last updated on January 6, 2011
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This is my build for Vlad. It works very well for me and I hope it works well for you too.

I'll explain how to stay alive (early game this is very important!) and how to get those killing blows. The runes should be self explanatory, with vlad HP = AP and magic penetration is good for any and every caster.

Masteries are mostly preference but that is how I do mine, pretty standard really.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Slows, does a lot of damage, and can kill enemies while they are escaping, NO MANA, oh.. and he's a vampire so that's pretty pro in itself.

Cons: Squishy (I hate when people call him a tank), targeted a lot in team fights, and is not strong very early in the game.

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Skill Sequence

This skill sequence above is going to be the best way to do it.

Max out transfusion first, WHY? because it does a LOT of damage (especially when people are just becoming level 9) and it keeps you alive. And you have to love the 2 second cooldown on it, don't forget to spam it!

Generally I prioritize my sanguine pool for the cooldown reduction, it helps me stay alive while still doing damage to the enemies and slowing them so you can escape or get that killing hit in.

Tides of Blood, I mostly use this skill for creep farming and to just spam it on enemies I'm fighting against, it has a very low CD and hits surrounding enemies which really does make a difference in team fights.

There are many uses for hemoplague.
Early game people tend to hug towers with low hp, and you REALLY want that kill don't you?
Just drop hemoplague on them, they can run if they want but it wont help, they will die if they are around 100 ~ 435 HP no matter what (depends if they're tank of course.)
If you're not feeling too confident that hemoplague will kill them also throw your ignite at them.
Team fights this skill is VERY useful. Drop it in on the enemy team so they take increased damage for 5 seconds and an extra punch after their armor is lowered! Do NOT start a 1 v 1 fight with hemoplague, it's a total waste. END the fight with hemoplague, dont START with it, if you're HP is getting low (like 25pct hp) then drop it on them and GTFO.

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Laning with Vlad is all about harassing the enemy. He is a very good mid, and also works well in lanes. You want to rush level 9 as fast as possible so you can start locking in kills (this is why I usually try to get mid). Up until level 9 just hit them with Q and back up, just harass, don't go in for the kill unless you are at LEAST 90 pct sure you can get it.

Same concepts apply for 2 v 2 laning, help your partner out if he's getting owned; run up to the enemy, use sanguine pool, touch the enemy and run away, hopefully you both survive.
Use your transfusion to get last hits on mobs, and harass when possible. Until transfusion is at least level 4 it wont do enough damage to kill with, and it wont give you enough HP back to survive a fight. Once you're level 9 with and have transfusion level 5 also, HARASS LIKE YOU NEVER HARASSED BEFORE! Spam it on enemies non stop, you don't really have to target one unless you want that kill. Focus squishies like always, Q will take around 200 or 300 HP from the enemy at level 9.

After level 9 start looking for kills (if you're doing well get mejais, if not then don't.)
Keep your lanes locked down, usually I can hold a tower that's being pushed by 2 people, once 3 or more start coming.. get help or back off of it, because there wont be anything you can do by yourself.

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Late Game

Every hit counts. If you're running threw the forest to escape from a fight, use transfusion on the monsters in there and keep on running (this will stop the bam ur dead effect when being chased).

Try not to use your sanguine pool when you are full HP late game since it takes 20 pct of your current health each time you use it. Late game I end with around 4k~5k Hp so that's 800 HP just to drop into your pool. So don't use it unless you really need to.

Vlad is a great ganker, I just said don't use your pool unless you really need to.. well, here's one reason you might need to: Team wants to gank, start the fight by using your pool and running in there (make sure ur team is coming too lol). and finish the fight with hemoplague to kill anyone who escaped with low hp.

Vlad is not a great tower pusher really, but he can do it if the tower is free of enemies and minions are there so don't be afraid to throw some blood at towers that are free to hit.

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Well, I hope I covered everything if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or anything like that, feel free to post them. This is my first build/guide, hope you liked it.