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Shen Build Guide by Bublacok

Omg shen used his ult on the carry everyone GTFO!

Omg shen used his ult on the carry everyone GTFO!

Updated on November 13, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bublacok Build Guide By Bublacok 3,518 Views 3 Comments
3,518 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Bublacok Shen Build Guide By Bublacok Updated on November 13, 2011
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Hello, this is the build I play with shen.

Now normally when I look at builds I don't bother looking at the guide just the build and I pplay it my own way but if your interested you can have a quick look :)
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With the runes it's basic tank really I mean defence runes and hp but you can also put in movement runes to make the tank be able to get places faster to help :)
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With masteries I go 1/21/8

Basic tank masteries focusing defence.
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I start with a doran shield which is really handy for surviving fb

Then I get boots of swifitness because you'll need the speed to catch up or run away.

Then I get randuins omen because of it's armor but most important it's passive and active, it's passive has a 8% cooldown and a 20% chance to slow the movement speed and attack speed by 35%if they attack you. It's active does the same but only lasts for 2 seconds, but it can get 0.5 more seconds every 100 armor and maguc resist they have.

Then I get force of nature of it's magic resistence and hp regen

Then I get subfire cape for more survivability plus it's passive which deals 40 magic damage to surrounding enemies which is good for killimg minions fast.

For the next item it really depends who your fighting, you can focus on getting more armor if they have more dps or more magic resisence if they have more mages

But what I normally fight is dps characters so I getJust for the fact it adds 100 armor plus it's passive, when ever you get attacked it returns 30% damage the enemie has dealed into magic damage, so just say trynd is coming for you with vengence because you pwned his friends, you use your omens active then it has it's passive, plus your healing yourself with q and he is taking damage for the Thornmail, at this point you should be at low hp because of his crits but he is in his ult with 1 hp, he is now trying to get away, this is where you have him, use your dash to catch up to him, pop ur ghost and the child has no chance of gtfoing :) you just killed trynd and you might have 400hp left, well done.

Then I end with guardian angel, you might have a killing streak and you don't want the other team to get the gold if they manage to kill you.
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Pros / Cons

Great Tank
Good at getting Fb
Strong at laning
Good at abusing the enemie with Q ability.

Can't kill on his own as you'll only be stacking defence Items
No dmg late game pretty much a meat shield.
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Team Work

Pretty much for the teamwork you want abuse the people on the lane with your carry, just keep using q at them and make them stay at the tower so they can't get as much minions as your carry.

If they can push better ask for a gank and use your e to capture them.

When you want to get FB go with E first and grab boots with three pots then rush to your lane with 2 other people, wait till they get into your bush then e and rape.

Also if they have a jungler you can try to gank them by using E again, wait till it spawns and their jungler is attacking the blue then go in and e then let your carries get the kill.
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If you have a carry in your lane don't farm let them.

If not just farm with last hitting creeps.
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Basic tank build, Hope you enjoy it :)

EDIT: Fixed masteries and summonioner spells.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bublacok
Bublacok Shen Guide
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Omg shen used his ult on the carry everyone GTFO!

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