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Ashe Build Guide by xlovingU

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xlovingU

One Shot Dead

xlovingU Last updated on October 16, 2011
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Hey guys! So umm Ashe is one of my favorite characters and she's op and her stun lasts long and yeah. So i decided to create a build for you guys to see. Ashe is a fun character and i really like to play her a lot. So i hope you guys like this build. Please try this bild out before commenting.

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A Stun that can shoot wherever
Long Range


Ganked easily
Stun is hard to aim (Sometimes)

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How to play

So you're going to take mid and keep harrasing your opponent and dodge their skills. Keep Eing when there is a MIA called out. When chasing, keep q on. Try to aim ulti.
So here is your combo:
Harrass. Get them lit
Chase if you're not going too far.
And keep q on to slow them down and keep volleying.
OH YEAH! And when you go mid, wait for minions to come into action.
then, Shoot you opponent because your passive gives you crit chance. and if you wait until the minions come into your action and kill opponents minions, your passive will be 100%. And I guarantee that it will do a lot of damage.

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Summoner Spells

I got Flash and Ghost because Ashe can be extremely squshy and i got no defense items for her too. So flash and Ghost really help her run away when you need it. They're both good for chasing and/or running away or escaping. I highly recommend using these two summoner spells.

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The Mark of Desolation is great for Armor Penetration. I chose this because well, ashe needs it a lot during game.
The Seal of Replenishment is for mana regen every 5 seconds. Ashe is pretty mana hungry in the early games especially if you play a little aggresive like me.
The Glyph of Strength is just for some extra damage.
And once again, The Quintessense of Desolation is for a lot of armor penetration.

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Well I liked my mastery tree to be 22/0/8
In the offense section, i got 22 because it is mainly for some extra damage and some extra Armor penetration AND some extra Crit chance.
I didnt really want anything in the defense section but instead, i got some mana regen and extra mana in the utility section because i knew i needed it.

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OK. Items are really important...
When i start the game, i just grab a Dorans blade for some extra health, some damage and some lifesteal. Even though the lifesteal isn't much, it still gives some lifesteal. Then, Once i stay in lane for a little and farm up some money, i just recall and i buy a berserkers greaves for some faster movement and for the attack speed. Again, I farm some money and i recall and get another Dorans. So Ashe is pretty squishy and i got for some extra health. now, this is where soe big items come in. The B.F Sword is a little pricey, but it gives a lot of attk damage. So i Try to get ready for a phantom deancer by geeting a Zeal. It gives some Attack Speed and Crit Damage which Ashe Needs. Now, THIS IS REAL IMPORTANT!!! When You get the bloodthirster, PLEASEEE Farm up. If you max the stats on a BT by getting Creep kills, It's like getting another item. The Infinity Edge is good for some Crit. Get another BT and farm it up. And don't die because if you die, the bonus goes away and you have to farm it again. Now, Finish your phantom dancer and get a Black Cleaver. This is your full build. Now, Everyone Will be afraid of you :]

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Skill Sequence

I like to max out my volley for the ultimate damage. And i max out my Frozen Shot after so that when i chase, the slow does a lot more. Now I think E can stay at level 1 because it'll show the same thing but if i max it, all it does is reduce the CDR and it increases the range to shoot it.

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So thanks for reading this. I hope that your game with ashe goes well. Once again, Please try the build out before commenting and/or criticizing. But, if you are not criticizing, please comment and give some advice. :D i hope you liked my build

Thanks for reading the chapters!
Have Fun
Good luck!~~~
Hope you liked ashe after this build~