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League of Legends Build Guide Author Santa Clauz 119

One shot, one crit.

Santa Clauz 119 Last updated on November 7, 2010
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Hi guys, this is my first build, and is just something I did one game where I went 26/2/5, so I figured I was doing something right. Not actually a level 30 summoner yet, so the build wasn't as effective as it could have been, and only gets more deadly when you add level 30 runes into the equation.

As for the Summoner Spells, I just love ghost on prety much any character. Good for chasing, escaping, ganking, you can do anything with it, a movement buff was never bad. Secondly, Cleanse combines beautifully with Ghost and rocket jump to prevent you getting ganked, as I am a conservative player, in fact, I usually don't get any kills until at least 5-10 minutes in.

Standard 21-0-9 mastery build, which always serves DPS well.

Runes: Crit chance glyphs/seals to give me an effective 100% crit chance at level 18, and crit damage to wreck stuff.


I start the game off with Doran's blade. Even with the mere 4% lifesteal and 6 extra damage, this little baby has let me lane into the early double digets without ever having to return. You can grab a health potion if you want, but I tend to find I don't need it. Try to get a solo lane if you can, as this Trist can pretty easily carry the entire game when fat. Do not, I repeat DO NOT try to get lots of kills early game. I see people try it with Trist and it makes me cry a little inside, you want to do that **** play fiddlesticks. If the opportunity presents itself, go for it, but it is far more important to keep farming to get money and experience as fast as possible. Simply harass early game, avoiding direct confrontation, and last hitting whenever possible. Once you have either a: an inordinate amount of gold (once decided to go back at level 14 with 4000G, all with Doran's) or b: close to no health. Grab the greaves and the B.F. Sword when you can. Keep working towards Infinity Edge, still just harassing the enemy. When you have enough for a Vampiric Scepter, grab one, and then a Executioner's calling. Then grab zeal and work towards a phantom dancer to abuse that 250% crit. By now you should be pretty high level and doing good DPS, so start going for kills, ganking preferably, because Trist is actually pretty squishy. If you have the money, get a Last whisperer, and by now, the game should be near finished, if not over. In not though, grab the Avarice blade when you can, and then go for Youmuu's.

A seperate note on how to use rocket jump. I have seen way too many trists use rocket jump wrong. Do not use it as an entry. Use it to kill a target on near no health, or to escape ganks, save it, you do not want it to be on cooldown. Jump over walls to escape, and don't forget you can jump out of things like Veigar's traps. Keep in mind a kill or assist refreshes it, so it's possible to say, jump into the enemies' base, grab one kill on a guy on low health, then jump right the hell back out again.

As for abilities, always rank up explosive shot when possible, for better farming, and then rocket jump to help with escapes and chases. After you get your Ulti, grab one rank of rapid fire, for when you push, but other than that, leave it till late game. Late game, Tristana is a boss. She can easily kill squishy champions in under 2 seconds just with rapid fire active (did it to a fiddle channeling his Ulti, didn't even get it off). Rocket jump for chasing, and escaping when spastic team mates fail pushes. Your Auto attacks should do 600+ damage, and will crit every single time. She will easily carry a team, and can get in and out of fights with ghost, cleanse, and Rocket jump with little threat to herself. If you want, you can swap crit chance for crit damage runes, but personally I prefer the guaranteed crits.