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Shaco Build Guide by tirrorex

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tirrorex

One to win them all !

tirrorex Last updated on October 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why so serious? U have trouble with dominion? Dont worry about it i'm here for u guys!

If u actually play shaco, u MUST play him on the new mod of league of legends : dominion.
Shaco is one of the best characters on the new mod, he has high mobility, very good damage, he is capable of defending points aswell, i think it's enough to say.
Oh and he's funny to play, i forgot that!
If u dont play shaco now, u need to try him.

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Pros / Cons

Pro :
-High mobility for capturing/defending points
-Insane damage mid game
-Good defender with his boxes

Cons :
-Very squishy early/mid game
-Hard to handle more than two people attacking your point

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The point of running in dominion is to increase your power, if you want resistance, u can have it from itemisation.

-For marks i take armor penetration, pretty obvious choice.

-For seals choice is yours, i take flat damage but attack speed fit aswell.
Mana regeneration is not so good, considering the fact i'm not taking mana regeneration from masteries, your blue pill can take you home very quickly and i think that dominion is a too fast gamemod to allow this king of passive gameplay.

I prefer for glyphs cooldown reduction for faster attack sequence, u can switch to attack speed if u prefer auto-attacking.

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Masteries for high damage output.
I take exhaust and ignite as summoner spells so improve them follow.
Improve ignite gives u more ap, yammi damage!
Archaic knowledge will give to your knives an extra damage boost.
I take hardiness in the defense tree due to the fact there is so many kikoo offtanks in dominion (and so many tryndamere!!!!), so armor is a plus.
Reduce dead time in utility tree cause in dominion, each second can make the difference between loose and win.

I'm not a big fan of experience improve, i think that in dominion, u gain level faster in off, and u dont really need buff extra time so...

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Skill Sequence

I start with one point on each abilities to be more polyvalent.
After i prefer to go straight to the knives but u can go to boxes first if u need to def a lot (even if it's not your job, remember that!)
Improve boxes will increase the fear duration dont forget that.

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I personnaly dont like dominion's new items and i'm not a big fan of the bloodrazor aswell.
Shaco is squishy, so when u attack someone and specially one of this brutal offtank like xin zhao, u want to take him down very quickly!

So i start with pickaxe for damages and boots for mobility, after that u NEED to improve your boots (shaco primary habilities is backdooring points, so u really need that high mobility), then a zeal for some movement and attack speed (and some critic asweel).
After that finish your infinity and your phantom dancer for great damage improvement (critical strike chance fit well with your q).

Hextrinder allow u to handle the burst of ap champs and give u some more damage.

Then u can take what u most need, armor or ap and magic resistance, choice is yours!

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How to play shaco in dominion

The most important thing u need to get is time; time is very important in dominion, so u need to think and act very quickly, each action or unaction can be critical and signify your win or loose.

Your role is simple :

-Def, put boxes on your points when u can, damage cancel ennemy's capture and can give u the extra team your team need to defend the point.
If you want to stay to def a point, make sure you can kill the opponent before, if u cant or if there's more than one champ, just go away, first this is not your job, and second dying waste your time.

-Capture, shaco's high mobility allow him to backdoor ennemy's points BUT, dont do it if this dont give the advantage (loosing a point when backdooring another one is useless).

-Gank, when u can gank an ennemy safely, DO IT! A dead ennemy cant def or capture! Remember, time is important!

One thing people dont understand is safety, when u have the advantage, why the hell going for a capture? The ennemy will kill u under his tower and then capture one or more of your points, wait for them to attack u and then u can go for a safe capture, dont tempt the devil!

-Attack order skills : open with deceive (except if u want to save it for escape, but the point here is to do damages!), then trigger ur passive with hitting the ennemy in the back, follow with deceive (in the back aswell).
If the ennemy is strong, use your clone right away after your first hit.

-Tips :

Be aware that Deceive generates a puff of orange smoke when used, which is visible even if used from a bush or in the fog of war.

Your clone can be control by holdint the ALT key + right click your order (attack or move). Shaco has a number of differences from his clone that reduce its effectiveness. He can be distinguished from his clone in the following ways: his clone never shows a neutral buff graphic, and pinging Shaco before he uses Hallucinate will cause the ping to follow the real Shaco.

Hallucinate and Deceive can remove slows.

I think that's all for now :/

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I'm not a pro, but i think i do pretty well with shaco, sure thing i need more dominion's party to improve both my gameplay and this guide but for now it's ok.
I will make some updates aswell.
I apologize for my bad english but this is not my native language so...
U can vote for this guide if u like it and a feedback will be well appreciated if u like the guide or not.

Thank u for reading

Ps : score of my with this build.