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Rakan Build Guide by Bughans

Middle Oneshot EVERYONE (minus fed tanks) - Full AP Rakan Mid

Middle Oneshot EVERYONE (minus fed tanks) - Full AP Rakan Mid

Updated on September 8, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bughans Build Guide By Bughans 44 2 64,732 Views 2 Comments
44 2 64,732 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Bughans Rakan Build Guide By Bughans Updated on September 8, 2021
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Runes: Against squishies

1 2
Sudden Impact
Ghost Poro
Ultimate Hunter

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
Kill pressure
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

Oneshot EVERYONE (minus fed tanks) - Full AP Rakan Mid

By Bughans
This is a PURE damage build. It puts absolutely NOTHING into defensive stats or utility. This build is based off a quote a wise non-binary person once said: "The enemies can't kill you if they're dead."

If you're looking for a mixed build I'd recommend checking out other builds. There's several mid builds on the Rakan discord server which has survivability and damage, FYI.
Why Rakan Mid?
You see, Rakan is quite the unique champion. Before patch 9.5

and 10.13,

he was rather confined to his role in support, as he had no significant damage output. Most people maxed E or Q on him, because the only thing that scaled on his W was it's rather small base damage pool.

People of course still played him mid, but with the old item pool as well, where no item really fit him, other than the few scrubs who insisted protobelt worked. Pathetic. Being a first mover and enjoyer of the fine life, I, of course also went him old Ludens Echo even back then.

But then... The item update happened.
imagine explosions here, it adds to the dramatic effect

BOOM, BRAND NEW and IMPROVED Ludens Tempest to DOMINATE the Rift.

Pathetic babies, of course, also have tried to push stuff like Night Harvester and Hextech Rocketbelt, and while those ARE viable, none work quite as efficient, with as much damage, as Ludens does.

But I'm going off topic.

Why Full AP Rakan Mid, you ask?
a proud full build Rakan admiring the pure numbers he has put out via a full combo ca 2021 (colorized)

Also Rakan is really hot.
TLDR Pros and Cons
Runes - Why?
For runes, I always use one of the two following builds.


Electrocute is a must have. While stuff like Dark Harvest technically scales better, sometimes you'll be doing so much damage to squishy targets you'll kill them from 70% HP to 0%. And Dark Harvest is also incredibly reliant on you chasing kills and scaling, which leads to a weaker earlygame but a stronger lategame, granted you've gotten ahead. If you're behind, you're always better off taking Electrocute, as it's a risk that's rarely ever worth taking.

For the first row, we'll be going Sudden Impact. It's bonuses of lethality and magic pen is simply too useful for everything to pass up on. Cheap shot also gives damage, but only on one proc for 10-45 true damage, which is barely anything earlygame, and barely noticeable lategame. Compared to Sudden Impact giving +6 damage on all your abilities, including your autos, which are especially valuable earlygame. Taste of Blood is simply not worth going as it offers no damage. Remember, we're going for kill-power here.

Second row, honestly depends on you, the game and the elo. My primary go-to is Ghost Poro, simply due to how exceedingly useful it is, and the extra adaptive damage definitely never hurt anyone either. Zombie Ward and Eyeball Collection can work as well, depending on elo and matchup. They give the same AP.

Last row you go Ultimate Hunter. Rakan has too much AOE and too hefty build-in heals to wanna go Ravenous Hunter and this build has no active items, so Ingenious Hunter is out of the picture. Relentless Hunter could be viable, but more ult uptime on Rakan is absolutely invaluable.

For secondary runes there are few that offer good damage bonuses, but none quite as on-demand and as fitting for Rakan, as the Sorcery tree. But there is also the Precision tree, against particularly hard matchups.

Absolute Focus and Gathering Storm are undoubtedly going to be your best choices. Out of all runes, they simply give flat AP, which is invaluable to Rakan in general, and specifically to this build.

The other build uses Triumph and Cut Down as secondary runes. The heal on takedown and bonus gold on takedown, is particularly useful as you'll be earning a little more money than usual, since you most likely won't be getting as many takedowns against a tanky team. Cut down is self explanatory, as it offers more damage against tankier targets than you.

For tertiary runes, i always use one of two setups depending on matchup.

(Yes i know they're uneven size boo hoo)

The defensive slot is self explanatory. Take whatever counters your lane opponent.
The middle slot, yeah, more AP is nice.
The first slot however, is simply because it feels good to play with. More attack speed lets you farm much more efficiently, and the 9 AP you'd get otherwise is not worth taking over more reliable farm and pushing power.


Let's again get something straight.

Once again, this build, is for damage. PURE damage. I will not have any comments saying "oh if you swapped this item out with this item you could survive engages/if you build this item first instead of this item because it'd make you more tanky."

Shush. I do not care about survivability. Oneshot 3 people at once when you get a lead and I guarantee you won't care much either.

NOW, for the items.

Items - Why?
Still a WIP i'm just lazy, waiting for a burst of motivation to finish it
League of Legends Build Guide Author Bughans
Bughans Rakan Guide
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Oneshot EVERYONE (minus fed tanks) - Full AP Rakan Mid

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