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Maokai Build Guide by Greed4659

Only Maokai Creates forest fires

Only Maokai Creates forest fires

Updated on May 25, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Greed4659 Build Guide By Greed4659 1,652 Views 0 Comments
1,652 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Greed4659 Maokai Build Guide By Greed4659 Updated on May 25, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Maokai
  • LoL Champion: Maokai


Welcome to my guide for Maokai-The Twisted Treant
I decided to make this build for a more laner friendly Maokai (ex. one over all of the jungle builds for Maokai) this is including an AP tank and a more straightforward tank as well.

If you jungle normally dont try to make a change to this because I have tested only the AP tank i thought it would be nice to include a tank build as well.
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Pros / Cons

-Tanky to start out with
-Good CC
-Funny little saplings

-can be shut down easily
-team dependant
-Lifesteal and MR weak
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Summoner Spells

For AP-Tank Build
I reccomend Ignite and Ghost for the DoT of ignite can come in handy with your sapling if one doesnt kill them the other will, and ghost for an all around escape/engage spell
*other choices being exhaust because a slow isnt too bad of help and flash to get out of sticky situations
NEVER- use surge (useless you are not AD), Promote (again kind of useless in many scenarios), Smite( Reserved for PHREAK)

For Tank
I reccomend Heal and Exhaust, heal to keep yourself durable and in lane longer than the enemy support tank, Exhaust to slow them down for your AD carry or anyone else to beat the living snot out of them.
* other choices is again flash for previous mentioned reason and ignite for reduce healing on enemy
-Can use clairvoyance and clarity but i have not used so i cant say how well that will work
-- again Don't use surge, its pointless for you, promote, again nothing and smite is still reserved for PHREAK
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For both APTANK and TANK i used the magic pen and mana regain runes for the simple help of some AP for your team because you cant just tank and not help your team as well, then for tank i gave MR for obvious reasons and more mana for again obvious reasons
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Masteries are all 9/21/0 because in both mastery trees it gives you extra health, extra armor and CDR in both making your CC's and other abilities to help your team just that little bit more viable in situations.
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start out with sapphire crystal and a mana pot to harass enemies into a first blood and/or to keep from farming, get boots then rush rod of ages, depending on who you are facing get merc treads or sorcerers shoes, get needlessly large rod but do not complete it unless you are truly getting fed (although items created through rod are crucial you should get your more substantial items first) i reccomend Abyssal Scepter over Void Staff because you gain the extra MR and the same effects as void staff, also becoming more crucial to your build, finishing off your build with zhonyas and rabadons( order will not matter)

Start off with ruby crystal and get merc treads immediately, again getting ROA and Rylais to get a bit more tanky and a small amount of AP for helping your team. Depending on the team you are faced with, you may want to correspond the next 3 items accordingly

-- if your going against a very AP heavy team get Force of Nature first, and then warmogs, doubling up on health regain and then finish off with frozen heart
-- if AD heavy Frozen heart first to gain some armor to counter it a bit, getting Force of nature next and warmogs last ( In case they are eating through your health with % health damage
-- If getting fed a lot through assists or by all means kills get warmogs first and then the other two in any order, because if you are getting fed, you got the money for almost anything
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So in summary this build was made purely out of the sheer need of more lane maokai builds and to prove a point that maokai is viable not only in the jungle but as a nice harass for laning as well, and remember kids, ONLY MAOKAI CAN CREATE FOREST FIRES
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Due to some issue with Mobafire it is showing the runes and item trees incorrectly on BOTH builds of mine and i have no idea or way to fix this at the moment but the builds are

APT- saph crystal>ManaPot>boots>cata>merc/sorcerers>ROA>Rylais>Abyssal>Rabadons>Zhonyas
Tank is what is supposively showing on my AP tank build
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Greed4659
Greed4659 Maokai Guide
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Only Maokai Creates forest fires

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