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Singed Build Guide by NeoVanDaelus

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NeoVanDaelus

Ooh (Chemical) Burn

NeoVanDaelus Last updated on November 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello and welcome to my first guide featuring Singed, The Mad Chemist.
First of all let me apologize for the poor display as it is my first time posting on a forum.

I have played over 200 games with Singed and I love the guy. I have tried various builds on him depending on the situation and I am posting them here to share with you guys.

Here is why you want to play Singed.

Tanky thanks to his passive.
Fast movement speed.
Good AP ratios.
Has AOE slow which can't be reduced by tenacity while in it.
Will get all assists in teamfights with Poison Trail.
Virtually Unkillable during late game.
Fling For Fun.
Ultimate gives you everything.
Quick Ultimate Cooldown.
Awesome skins.

Squishy early game.
Can be manastarved early game.
Countered with Madreds and MR.
No legendary skin.
Somewhat team dependent.

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I play Tank, so my Seals and Glyphs are heavily focused on Survival.

Seals! (Not the Animal)

    Greater Seal of Resiliance x9
    Greater Seal of Evasion x9
    Greater Seal of Replenishment x9

    Greater Glyph of Warding x9
    Greater Glyph of Potency x9
    Greater Glyph of Intellect x9

Mark those Marks
    Greater Mark of Insight x9
    Greater Mark of Potency x9
    Greater Mark of Strength x9

The Quints!
    Greater Quintessence of Swiftness x3
    Greater Quintessence of Intellect x3
    Greater Quintessence of Potency x3
As we are less likely to get Boots of Swiftness, the extra movement speed for the Greater Quintessence of Swiftness is more then enough to make up for it. But feel free to pick the others should you already have them.

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Summoner Spells

Viable Summoner Spells

Ghost: Helps you catch up for that fling, go ahead to lay your poison trail and for entering and escaping a team fight.

Flash: Flash+Fling to tower. Escape tool.

Teleport: Sometimes you will have to solo lane. Helps get back to that lane. Plus Singed is greater at pushing and counter-pushing lanes.

Cleanse: I prefer Quicksilver Sash. Take it against CC heavy teams.

Heal: I am not joking. As Singed, you will want them to chase you. What better way for them to go through you poison trail when you are at low hp. Heal is for those unexpected situations. Plus Heal in a teamfight can be that changing factor.

Situational Spells

Exhaust: I take exhaust if nobody takes it. Shuts down their carries. Also: Toggle on poison trail, fling enemy, mega adhesive, auto attack, auto attack, exhaust, auto attack, fling, mega adhesive.

Ignite: I will take it if nobody takes it. Or if they have lots of healers (Soraka, Sona) or Mundo or Tryndamere. Also: Poison Trail+Ignite+Sunfire Cape. All you need is Children of the Grave :D

Clairvoyance: Again I take it if nobody else takes it.

Fortify: If tank won't take it and the enemy has crazy pushing potential (Master Yi, Rammus, Shaco)

Spells NOT to take

Clarity: You are only manastarved early game. Once RoA is finished, this is useless.

Smite: Are you kidding me?

Rally: Useless. I heard they are making a new version for Season 2, might make it viable then.

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Just hover your mouse over the spells tool tip for the description.

Poison Trail: This spell is what makes Singed a menace in prolonged Team Fights. You will be shredding the entire enemy team's HP and will ensure you assists for any kills.

Mega Adhesive: AoE slow that can't be reduced by tenacity. Either put it ahead of the enemy or behind you so they will land on it after you fling them.

Fling: This was the spell that forced me to play Singed. I just love watching Singed run into a teamfight to throw that giant sized Cho Gath to outer space.

Insanity Potion: This practically raises your level twice for 60 seconds. It's like RIOT decided to nerf Mundo's Ult and Alistair's Ult and mix it together afterwards.

More information on spell usage in Gameplay Chapters.

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Got your runes? Got your summoner spells? Now on to the items.

Starting Items

Doran's Shield: If you are new to Singed, take this. Also if they have alot of "pokes", or you are solo laning against two champions.

Sapphire Crystal: Feeling confident? Want to rush Rod of Ages early? Take this.

Doran's Ring: Charges your passive, gives you the mana regen you need and the extra firepower for your spells.

Boots of Speed + 2 Health Potions + 1 Mana Potion: Health and Mana regen, early movespeed. Take this if you know they will reach your tower so you can fling them during early game.

Core Items

Mercury Treads: For CC heavy teams and early Magic Resist.

Ninja Tabi: For Auto attack heavy teams and early Armor.

Rod of Ages: The item all Singed guides agree on. Gives HP, AP and MP. And because you get MP you get even more HP!!!

Now you have to decide what to build. The Item sets shown below are just opinions. Feel free to mix it up depending on the situation and play style.

After the core items, you will want;

Standard Build

The standard Singed build. If you are unsure, build these items.

Banshees Veil: Feel free to get Frozen Heart first if their AD carry is fed. Banshees Veil feeds you more HP and MP, and blocks one nasty spell every 45 seconds. Good against Casters.

Frozen Heart: Feel free to get Banshees Veil if their AP carry is fed. Frozen heart gives you CDR and good armor. But best of all. Shoul they decide to auto attack you, they lose their attack speed.

Zhonyas Hour Glass: Not doing enough damage with your spells? Get this. Getting focused? Get this. Remember to use the active. How to use: Toggle Poison On, Run into 5 enemies, Fling squishy to your team, Press Zhonyas Hourglass. Win.

Abyssal Scepter: What a better way to end the game then with auras. This item allows your team spells to hit harder, while reducing spell damage to yourself.

Balanced Tank Singed

In Low Elos, nobody will want to tank. Should you find yourself in this position. Build these items. These will make Singed virtually indestructible allowing you to rape their HP with you poison.

Mix and match any item combos down here.

Frozen Heart + Banshees Veil: Recommended for you passive.

Randuins Omen + Sunfire Cape: Randuins gives you an AoE slow along with your Mega Adhesive. Sunfire damages enemies along with your Poison Trail.

Thornmail + Force of Nature: Sometimes the enemy AD carry gets so sick of you that they buy Madreds Blood Razor. Force of Nature reduces the damage taken from that item and since you have high HP. the Bloodrazor damage will be quite high that thormail will make them kill themselves!

*Note* Thornmail calculates Damage Feedback first then it reduced damage to your hero with whatever resistances you have.

AP Tanky Singed

Sometimes, the game is going too easy. So I build this set, it provides alot of AP + it keeps you alive with the decent Armor,MR and HP boosts.

Rylais Crystal Scepter: Grants you Health and gives your spells additional slow effect. Of course it gives you decent HP.

Zhonyas Hourglass + Abyssal Scepter: Armor + MR and AP. DUH!

Lichbane: Gives Mana meaning more HP, decent AP and MR. Plus, after you fling somebody you hit like a truck.

Singed the Fighter

Yes it exists. I use it from time to time when my team can actually play. Or if the opponent just plain sucks.

Banshees + Frozen Heart: For the HP and Resistances.

then build

Atmas Impaler: Seriously, Singed has so much HP this will add between 60-80 damage.

and finish off with

Warmogs: Seriously. So much HP and it's not even funny. Singed can farm this baby up with his poison trail quickly. Its funny when you go up against an AP heavy team and their supports have to buy Madreds to bring you down.


Phantom Dancer: Movement Speed and Attack Speed to utilize your damage from Atmas. This is just Overkill though.

Another sets of options are

Trinity Force: Movespeed, Attack Speed, Crit, Slow, Double Attack damage, HP, MP, AP. The Jack of All Trades item.


Manamune: More mana = more hp.

Manamune + Atmas = balls of fun.
Atmas + Warmogs = balls of fun
Atmas+Manamune+Banshees+Frozen heart: STEEL BALLS OF FUN.

Singed the Mage

Sometimes.... I just want to see the world choke on my poison. Use only if you have a dependable tank, support and AD carry.

Mejais Soulstealer: Your poison trail grants garunteed assists. This can be charged up really quickly.

Rabadons Deathcap: More AP = more fun.

Zhonyas Hourglass + Aby***al Scepter: You are REALLY Squishy when you are out of Ult. This helps.


Guardian Angel + Void Staff/Rylais/ or any other AP item.

Guide Top

Early Game Stratagems.

So you have your starting item(s). First you got to pick a lane.

Do you have a jungler? Yes. Did anyone call dibs for solo top? No. = Take top lane.

Do you have a jungler? Yes. Did anyone call dibs for solo top? Yes. Is the solo top hero viable? (offtanks who need farm, carries with harass) No. = Take top. Otherwise if yes, take bottom.

1v1 Melee Lane (Solo Top)

This is pretty simple and standard solo top play. Get into lane. Take last hits ONLY. (Last hits mean that you don't auto attack any minion unless they are about to die to garuntee you get gold) This should keep the lane in the middle. Farm to your hearts content but be wary of enemy Junglers. On your first back you will want boots or sapphire crystal (whichever you dont have first) + a sight ward. If you have farmed pretty well, turn that sapphire crystal into a catalyst and head back to lane. Ward the bush next to river and continue to farm.

Harassing: You don't want to harass until you are just about to level up. (For mana issues) When your exp bar is 75% full, Fling the enemy champion and *quick tap (will explain in Tips and Tricks) Poison Trail on where you know he is gonna pass by. This should keep your mana at a decent level in case there is an emergency (eg. ganks)

Escaping: Should you find yourself in an unfortunate position and have to flee. Do it. Run back to your tower, turn on poison trail. Have your fingers ready on flash and ghost, and if they still decide to chase you, fling them into your tower or fling them away by flashing BEHIND them. Now you can either decide to tower hug and taunt with you low hp or go back and buy your items.

1v1 Againt a Ranged Opponent

Ahh what a troublesome match up. I would reccomend going for Doran's Shield or Boots (skillshots eg. Caitlyn, Xerath) + potions. Last hit the same as a melee lane but you will find harassing a bit more difficult. Should you continue to take constant harass by cloth armor (if against AD) or Null Magic Mantle (if against AP) as both will build into your boots. And call for a gank from your jungler. Remember to utilise the brushes against ranged opponents.

Harassing: This really depends on your enemy. When i get to 50% life I will go into the bush. Your enemy will push the lane and try to take you down. Turn on poison trail. Fling the approaching champion right back out of the bush, then run the other direction. It's not much of a harass but you should be able to take a decent amount of their hp down. (You may have to use your summoner spells, as things will get a little close).


Start with Doran's Shield. Don't take risks. Take some last hits if you can. You will be pushed to tower which will even out the playing field a little. Let tower hit FULL health melee minions twice then run in to last hit it. Fling the enemy should they attack you when they are within tower range. You will want to buy pots everytime you have enough gold after you go back.


This is pretty much a fun lane to play. Bottom lane has the chance to change games as there are double the amount of kills available and higher chance of killing an enemy with a partner.
Start with whatever items you want. (Not really ANY items, just the items I recommend above) And go into lane and remember to last hit. Get catalyst and boots when possible. You and your ally needs to buy one ward each in case of enemy junglers and ganks. Place the ward between Dragon and the 2 exits from the enemy jungle.

Harassing: Fling them, toggle on poison trail, mega adhesive, ally throws cc after mega adhesive, fling them again. WIN! If the tower is nearby, its pretty much a free kill.

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You have just reached level 6. Now you have access to the Almighty R Button of DOOM! Is your mana enough to cast Insanity Poison + Fling + Mega Adhesive + a decent amount of time to turn on poison trail? If all this is yes. Turn poison trail on, run in to their squishy, Mega Adhesive in front of them, Auto attack, Fling and stay ahead of them. OR you can Mega Adhesive after you fling which allows time for auto attacks.

If you don't have enough mana don't worry. Use Insanity Potion, Toggle Poison on, Fling them and then push the lane with your enhanced Poison Trail and go back to base. By the time you get back your Insanity Potion should have cooled down already or close to cooling down.

Always feel free to use Insanity Potion as its has a Low Cooldown time. Always use it when pushing towers, when being pushed to you tower heavily or during ganks.

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Welcome to Mid Game!

There's many definitions of entering Mid Game. A tower is down, its past the 15-20 minute mark, or ganks are happening left and right. But I feel mid game really starts when both teams assemble at mid lane and duke it out for the next couple of minutes.

You should have upgraded boots by now and Rod of Ages. If you still just have catalyst, don't worry. Farm up Rod of Ages but do it quickly. And whatever you do, please don't build another item first as you may prove useless afterwards.

Your job during midgame is to:
-Take part in Team Fights.
-Push lanes and farm with Poison Trail.
-Counter-push land and farm with Poison Trail.
-Assist your jungler with dragon.
-Ward ward ward and ward. Then make a pun about the Insanity Ward. *Bud dum tss*

Items to pick

New to Singed? Pick the Standard build.
No tank? Poor tank? Pick the Tank build.
Have a tank but needs more magic damage? Pick AP Tanky build.
Want to wreck havoc with your spells? AP build.
Want to try something new? Fighter Singed build.

Remember to react with the situation. Change the build order as required.

In Mid Game, try to constantly push their lane towers to set up for late game.

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Late Game

Well it's late game. The carries have their item set. And the enemy team is sticking together and initiating from your side of the forest. Or the other way around. What should you do?

-Ward Baron.
-Take Baron with team.
-Or distract enemy team when your team is taking baron (Only with the standard and tank builds)
-Stick together and push the lanes.
-Counter push lanes with Poison Trail.

If you actually pushed the towers during mid game to around half HP. This will give your team a decent advantage when team pushing that lane. As you can destroy their tower during a boring standoff and start an all out team fight. Just follow your tank (unless you are the tank) and protect your carries.

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Team Work

Before a teamfight you MUST turn on Insanity Potion.
During a teamfight, you will want to run right in after the tank initiates. Unless you are the tank. Then you will want to run into the enemy team and Fling their squishy out but don't do this when your team are still far behind and can't catch it.
Toggle Poison Trail on and run around your enemies and continue to disrupt them by AoE slowing their entire group with mega Adhesive, Flinging them to mess up their combos or to throw them into your teammates skillshots.
ALWAYS PROTECT YOUR CARRY. You are Singed but you need your carry who rapes towers in a heartbeat alive after the teamfight to push down those pesky towers and own the lane.

That reminds me. Should you ace them after a teamfight or are in a favorable position. Push the tower. Don't go back to pick up that item you can do that later. Don't go into their jungle to kill Wraiths and Wolves. Push the tower then the inhibitor then the nexus!

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As I can't think of anything more to write tonight. I'll just list out my plans on what to add.

Early Game Guide. done
Mid Game Guide. done
Late Game Guide. done


Tips and Tricks.

Teamplay. done

Roaming, Warding, Pushing, Ganking.

Other stuff I have yet to think of.

PLEASE Give me tips on how to make my posts more ..... ALIVE.. I am a noob at forums T.T

Thanks for Reading.