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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pathogen


Pathogen Last updated on April 19, 2010
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Okay here is my build for Shen.

Firstly I'de like to start with the item build:
It stays very close to the recommended build, however differs in a few essential items, and has some optionals depeding on how your game has planned out.
The last two items are my optionals however you can also use Guardian Angel.

Skill Rank Order:
The rank in which you get skills is vital to playing shen, and providing you know how to use them you can become Unstoppable,

Ki Strike:
First part of the skill rank, ill talk about the Innate skill (passive)
Ki strike, makes you do additional damage every 8 seconds. The damage is increased depending on you're health. Which i'll talk about in the Section on items.
If an enemy attacks you, "champion", The cooldown for ki strike is reduced by 3 seconds, and therefore after 3 attacks, allows you to deal aditional damage, This is usefull for farming minions. Killing towers (when an enemy champion is attempting to stop you), and of course CHAMPIONS :D.
I love this innate skill, :D

Vorpal Blade:
Is the best to get, as often as you can.
It has as part to it, which heals any target over time, who attack the selected target. Sounds complicated but, i think thats just me.
When using Vorpal Blade you want to Focus on harrasing the enemy team early on in the game, with your fast energy recharge, you can use the skill almost all the time...
After/During Harrasing the enemy, Use it on minions preferably Seige minions "The big ones" or Warrior minnions "little, but with sword and shield". These both have a resonable ammount of health to allow you to gain health (also team mates). When an enemy engages you in combat, use Vorpal Blade first, when they are attacking you, you will still be gaining health!:D, Vorpal blade lasts "x" ammount of second i think its 3, So when vorpal blade runs out, cast it when the buff goes off.

Shadow Dash
As shown above, it's the second skill to get, which is the order i go for.
Perfect for helping team mates escaping, and i'll talk about that first :D.
If you cast Vorpal Blade, evertime the buff/Blade runs out cast it again, you can sustain energy, if you're team mate is in trouble Shadow Dash the enemy, it will taunt them and allow your friend to escape.
If its a different enemy cast Vorpal Blade again!, and rinse and repeat.

Stand United
Great special, and with shen being my favorite character, this really is icing on the cake.
Now at level 6 not only can you Shadow dash if your team mate is in trouble. You can also Stand united and then Shadow dash. It means you catch up to the enemy and save a team mate.
Saving yourself from combat:
It works well, however Stand united (at level 1) Saves you for 200 Damage, and a team mate for 400. So you need to be sure you will escape. Cast it as soon as you feel a gank is coming, therefore it is essential that you're team mates Ping the map "Default G" to show enemy movement.

P.S for Stand United
Karthus on the enemy team will get so furious if you preserve your skill for his special. The shield applies instantly. Therefore regardless of his power on his special you can always save yourslef/ a team mate... OR BOTH :D

Use the mini map to select who to teleport to, However if an enemy is standing over a team mate it can be hard to select them. So be ready!.

As you can see i pick this skill last and leave it to last.
This is because i prefer tower diving with shen, i will go in to why in more detail when i do the item descriptions.
Depending on how the game is panning out, I would reccomend getting it, but it isn't a life saver, and it just wastes energy for a more important skill.

Summoner Spells:
For the summoner spells i have picked Ignite and Flash
A great combo as it allows you to not only use ignite along side Vorpal Blade to get a quicker heal, but Flash along side Shadow Dash, to allow you to (chase an enemy who is faster or out of range) or (Flash, followed by Shadow dash to aviod gank)
Ignite really is great, especially against melee classes.
Take the health down on the enemy to fairly low whilst retaining your energy levels, cast ignite and continue to fight throw Vorpal Blade and if they try to run, Ignite will finish them off.

Items before Masteries, because it's more important,
Okay for the items, i start of with:
Dorans Shield
+120 Health +8 Health per 5s +8 armour
This item is great, besides from the fact you carn't Build it in to anything is irrelivant due to the build i follow, which ill explain later.
The 120 health increase is great as it goes with the health Quintessence that you will have equip and "red" runes which are stacked health. Giving you a headstart on other champions. And the health regen for helping along side Vorpal Blade to make it even better than it is :D.
Followed by Ninja Tabbi
The "yellow" runes, which are stacked for dodge chance, will give you aprox. 20% dodge chance. And with the mastery you almost always will have a 10% increase run speed on your enemy.
Third item is
Wardens Mail, This item is great, gives you tower diving abillity. I KNOW RIGHT :D, I almost garenteed have this item by level 6, which means you can tower dive save team mates, and kill them.
For tower diving, walk in to the sentry range and cast Vorpal Blade on the enemy, With Wardens Mail the sentries, hit aprox. 100, This can be retained by Vorpal Blade and Dorans Shield. It's recommened you cast Ignite, to get a quick easy kill, and if you find yourself in trouble walk out, if a sentry shot looks like it could kill you. Cast Flash. This takes you away from the bullet and because you don't actually exist, it means the bullet is lost. And simply dissapears :D.
Works like SoulStealer, Get kills and gives you an increase, This time in health. you get 2 points for a kill, aswell as an assist.
and at 20 stacks a reduction of 15% damage dealt to you.
Ki strike, has an increase in damage depending on your health, therefore this is a great item to buy early on, especially just before the mid game/ ganking stage.
Aegis of the legion.
In the last Europe Patch, unsure about America/ Other places, Aegis of the legion got a buff, and this is a great item to stick in the build.
Not much to say on that item :P

These last two items work slightly outside the build so ill put a nice space
Frozen Mallet.
I recommend this item as a final item, with the increase of 700 health!, and an increase in damage its essential to helping kill enemies and increasing Ki Strike even further.

Warmogs armour
Again 700 health, however this gives health regen, which makes you almost invinsible when using vorpal blade.

Ideally you should buy Frozen Mallet.
Sell Dorans Shield
Buy Giants Belt,
And see if before end game you carn't have both these items.

I went for a 9:21:0 Build, giving you extra protection against Minions, and shielding damage, If you're not level 30 i recommend 0:X:0 Build, As the extra damage and crit damage isn't too neccasery.
I carn't really say much about Masteries, they're fairly self explanitory

And i think this ends my Build
Hope you like :D
By Pathogen.