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Leona Build Guide by Ryuuki.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ryuuki.

OP Stun leona (tanky dps builds)

Ryuuki. Last updated on July 15, 2011
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Hey guys this is a build on Leona a champion, she is an extremely good stunner and can dish out quite a lot of damage and will lead your team to victory. First I will show you the Pros and cons

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Pros / Cons


Two awesome stuns, (one at level 1 and one at level 6)
Killer combo with E and Q
Initiates fights very quickly and effectively
lanes perfect with nukers, slows and good damage dishing partners(Anivia, Cho gath, Jax)
hardcore tank as well as reasonable dps
Good for early lane ganks (around level 3 and higher)


Can mess up ganks if you miss your E
is a bit squishy at start
Runs out of mana quite frequently at start

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Skill Sequence

You want max out Shield of daybreak first and asap because its what's important for initiating group fights and stopping chasers if your trying to save your team mate from dying. Next you want to max out Zenith blade, though I take one point in zenith blade at level 2 so that its easier to get into battle or if your chasing someone, you can catch up quickly. I take a point in Eclipse at level 5 so that when initiating a fight you pop up eclipse so that you wont take as much damage and it does save you in situations where you would've died if you hadn't popped up Eclipse

Leonas Ult.

Leonas ult is a very good cc making leona one of the first champions to have 2 stuns plus a slow. Her ult calls down the power of the sun stunning enemies who are in the centre. I find this very useful in group fights, though just because its an ult, don't expect it to kill someone leonas a support tank, not someone to kill her enemies. Also dont be afraid to use this, this spell has saved me a bunch of times, and its made my team won a heck lot of group fights assuming the other team is dumb enough to all pile up together while leona drops down her ult and stuns them all making us win the team fight. the cool down is extremely low and does make up for the stun and 80% slow if enemies are still in the impact of the spell but not in the centre.

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The killer combo

Your killer combo to starting ganks and finishing it will be Q then E and also pop up W, you will line up your E at the enemy you wish to blink to, after that activate Q to stun them and then finally activate W for extra protection. This combo is especially good in the bushes where people don't expect much other than a person that just blinked right in front of them, once your opponet is stunned your lane partner will nuke them (hoping that your laned with a nuker)
I've played quite alot of games with Leona and I find that my friend and I are the best combo for early kills and eventually win the game.

Leona and Anivia is one example of a good combo.
Line up your E then Q( sometimes if you got time its best to activate Q before you line up otherwise you must be quick and accurate with your E. Once my target is stunned Anivia nukes then hard and if they do try to escape Anivia walls to ensure they don't get away, after that assuming your cooldowns are finished, line up E once again Q and then you'll find yourself a first blood. if played well enough you'll be able to pick up two champs on the lane and push towards the tower.

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Summoner Spells

I take exhaust in the need when chasing champs. It does help a lot and I've always found it useful is all sorts of occasions. Flash is an also must need since it allows you to escape out of group fights if something happens to go wrong, if your combo fails, someone overextends, or you just got wasted and you don't know how :P
Ghost can also be useful as to chasing but exhaust should do and hoping that your lane partner has some type of slowing or stunning method too.

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I find a philosophers stone a must buy starting with a regrowth pendant, at the start leona can get harassed quite alot so the pendant helps regenerate health back nice and fast. Upgrading to a philosophers stone helps leonas mana problem early game keeping her up and ready for ganks when needed. after that I start building towards a Mercury tread since your a tank and you should be taking all the cc's and so. After that I don't build this often but I also grab a aegis of legion to support your team with magic resist and armour. Your should aim for a brutalizer after, making her spells have a low cooldown because she will need it.If your thinking of getting Ionian boots, I recommend not because the brutalizer should be enough and plus you'll need mercury treads more than the Ionian boots. get a phage straight after brutalizer assumeing you've been ganking fairly well and have large amounts of gold then go for a frozen mallet after. Now from here on in you will have to decide on what to build depending on your opposing team.

If your team is AP based and have hard nukers, then rush a force of nature, this may take more priority over frozen mallet though depending on how well your team can handle them.

If your team is AD based then I recommend a thornmail and Warmogs armour, this should stop all those Xin Zhaos and tryndameres doing large amounts of damage on you.

Also it wouldn't hurt also to build a sunfire cape as well,and I also build this fairly often.

Lastly if you want to finish off your build it would be a Shurelya's Reverie, if not you can sell philosophers stone since you have no need of regen and use the extra money to purchase or finish off a different item build.

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In the end I would like to say that Leona is a very good champ and is Enjoyable at times and I am sure that Leona wont let you down if played right.

Please comment and leave your thoughts below
into how I could maybe make this Build better.

I will try my best to reply if you
send me any messages or post comments.

Thanks for reading and please vote!