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Xin Zhao Build Guide by Ryuuki.

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ryuuki.

Xin is in it to win it!

Ryuuki. Last updated on October 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I used to always play Xin in lane, but never did I think he could jungle so well and good, I've recently tried some Jungling with Xin and found he is excellent in the jungle and ganking.
In This guide i'll cover most of the stuff you'll need to know about jungle xin.

I apologize for my poor english for it is not my first language, btw this guide is based around low/mid elo solo queue games and is not for ranked games what so ever.

I may try in the future jungle Xin in ranks but for now here's jungle Xin :)

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Pros / Cons


+Healthy jungler
+good ganker
+tanky late game and can deal a lot of damage
+devastating combo
+easy champ to play and get used to.


-squishy at start
-item dependant
-no escape mechanism other than

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x9Greater mark of Desolation
x3Greater Quintessence of Desolation

I chose armor pen marks and Quints because they are really good
This setup's for ad carries(armor seals)
and some hard ap carries (mr glyphs)

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I set up these masteries so that it's mainly for escaping as is the only way for Xin to get away from trouble. Also for the healthiness while in the jungle. So its not as easy for people to counter jungle you.

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Jungle route

There is only two ways that I know of that are good routes for Xin zhao.
1st route:
Grab your and x5 and head over to your wolf camp follow up by wraith's(smite big one) then golems then recall.

wolves-wraiths(smite big one)-small golems-recall
on your trip back you should have enough for if not it should only be a 10 sec wait or so.

wraiths(save smite)-Redbuff(only if your going to gank with red after)if no ganks are available then-golems-wolves-blue buff(smite blue.

this should get you around about lvl 4-5
im sorry im not too sure but sometimes in your lanes there can be some fail lane sustain and your solo top may have to recall because he or she is too low, this can screw up your route so it really does depend on how your game is going.

2nd route:

small golems(smite one with leash)-wraiths-wolves-recall
on trip back get:

wolves-redbuff-gank lane(if opportunity approves itself)-wraiths-golems-recall.

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Xin zhao can be played in many ways. Therefore I'll be going over the items needed to build a successful XIn.

Xin as a tanky dps:

I get , these help against heavy cc teams and nukers. Hard cc's such as etc are people you want to avoid having to deal with. As a tank Xin can be a great initiator.+ with a lot of attack speed can get the knock up faster so your teammates can catch up to the overextended person.

Get next for some extra health and because around here you should have your and your HoG you shouldn't be farming in the jungle still, you gotta help out the lanes a bit more, depending if your team is doing well enough or not.

I like to get next for attack speed and damage. This is a must of you already have a good tank so then you can just focus on getting your dps items, if not then getting would be the way to go. Now you have two choices. Either get or if you havn't already. is for health stacking teams so you want to rip that health to 0. Cleaver for armor stacking people.

Getting when you got your warmogs is necessary. Next you can either upgrade your HoG into a if not you can sell your HoG and get aThe bloodthirstier for extra damage and lifesteal.

Xin as a dps carry:

Now I've tried dps Xin a lot of times and it works rather well.
Your ideal boots would be
up next is your or both works great early game.
I like to get a next for the extra attack speed and crit.
Next is either a or your

you can build a if you want to be a bit more tankier, the slow is good too, if your red buff has a higher priority over someone else on your team.

other situational items:

This is good if your enemy team as a lot of auto attackers. They'll most likely target you first since your a major threat to them.

Good item against heavy magic teams. And a little bit of move speed :o

Keeps you alive and running till the last second! Good for balanced teams and if your dying a lot in teamfights.

This early game can make you a very big threat. Good for armor stacking champions.

Good against Nidalee and Jax players plus any other champions who decide to buy

Get this if for some reason that arrow keeps hitting you for no reason :L

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Skill Order/Skill explanation

You should be prioritizing between youror your depending on your preference. Cry is for faster jungling and charge for stronger ganks. should be leveld last.

and of course get your whenever possible.

I see sometimes when people play Xin they use his incorrectly. To get the maximum benefit of using this ult is try to hit as many champions as you can. Also it does damage equal to how much they have right now so use it before a fight not after it.

This is what makes Xin on steroids, gives a lot of attack speed its like Xin with a bow when maxxed out and on active doubles the effect! wow :o

It's your initiator, it can catch up to someone, its a great poking ability literally :D

Xins cc ability. This is what makes him so strong and scary,+ makes an easy knock up and kill.

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This is where you play a big role. Make sure your able to hit 4-5 people with your to increase the chances of you surviving while in the middle of the teamfight. It also helps you from being denied if your not going to well. You want to cc the big threats to you, and then pressure them. If your able, kill them too.

Xin can be a great initiator but is not the best. Others like (arrow) are all greater initiators then Xin. Xin is good at catching people that have overextended but not running in the middle of the teamfight and soaking in all the damage.

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Last words

Well this sums up all what I gotta say about Xin zhao :L
Hope you enjoyed reading it and you must be tired too because i'm tired just writing it.

Anyways please comment I'll try my best reply to them but there's no guarantees that I will because of school and yeah :l leave your thoughts down!