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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kerrigor37

Optimal Gank Twitch

Kerrigor37 Last updated on December 22, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 9

Pros/Cons of this build.
-Works great(I usually run 20+/1-3/5-10 with it)
-AMAZING mid-late game killing and carrying power.
-Great for finishing up a team battle.
-Great at popping up places where you're least expected.
-Great at farming

-Expensive(16,110 gold)
-Puts a target on your back
-If the enemy team is stacking oracles, you�re screwed.

I built this Twitch build for mid-late game ganking, and ONLY for that. You won't be able to survive any prolonged contact with the enemy, your main purpose is to be able to get anywhere on the map fast to be able to exploit the enemy's lapse in caution/team coordination and gank the hell out of them. This is a fairly expensive item build, costing 16110 gold, but if you are a good Twitch player, and gank at every opportunity(with caution of course), you should be able to get the most important items fast(Madred's Bllodrazor, Boots of Mobility, the Bloodthirster). I went 21/0/9 for my masteries, emphasizing explosive DPS. I didn't find any glyphs that work especially well with Twitch, so use whatever ones suit your fancy. If the enemy team are using oracles, signal your team to gank the champ(s) that have the oracle equipped so you can be more productive.

Start off getting Madred's Razor, then Recurving Bow, and then building into Madred's Bloodrazor. This is already a given, but DO NOT DIE, especially with Twitch, because getting him to his late game gear and abilities is key. The Boots of Mobility is great for Twitch, it allows you to wind up in the most unexpected places faster then your opponent would expect. Your third item should be the Bloodthirster, it helps counter-balance the damage your target might try to deal against you. Then get Phantom Dancer, to truly make you that much better at ganking. Your next item should depend on how good the enemy team is at counter-ganking you. If they aren't really developing a counter system for you, go Last Whisper then Frozen Mallet. If they are frequently and quickly coming to your targets aid, go Frozen Mallet(for the health boost) then Last whisper. Rarely(at later level games) will you get the full item set, I usually only get to Phantom Dancer or even only Zea. If you are doing great, they enemy team is feeding you like crazy, or at lower level games, you should be able to get the entire set, and ho boy, you will be a force of nature(TF2 allusion here).

Play especially cautious, for three hits from a DPS champ can and will kill you. Make sure to always attack isolated champs, and never be afraid to run away if more enemy champs show up; you can always cloak, hide, then finish off the job after the backup leaves. With my build, you can take down even tanks, though you must be VERY careful because killing them isn't your biggest threat, it's the threat of backup that might rush to your aid when you are taking down the tank. Because of the recent nerf, the Spray and Pray isn't that much of a priority, only useful for the extra range if your target might get out of range before you kill them.

Early game
Be VERY cautious, don't chase, play cautious, always try to stay outside of your enemy's range, and again, BE CAUTIOUS, for every little bit of gold and every ounce of experience is important for Twitch, and if you�re dead, you are getting neither. Try to always last hit minions to farm gold.

Mid game
You should have the basis of your gear set by now, try to switch lanes a lot, be unexpected. You could try to make some individual ganks, but be careful, especially against DPS and ranged champs. SK like crazy to rack up gold. When farming minions, try to switch between targets to get as many of them poisoned, and as always, try to last hit to rack up gold.

Late game
Run around. A LOT. Make sure to always have the ElderLizard buff on, gank your weaker enemies tonnes. Make the support champions a priority, making sure they stay dead is essentially removing the backbone of their team. Be nearby whenever team battles start, go in if it starts to turn in your enemy's favor, or if you can finish it quickly to innate a big push.

Twitch is one of my main characters, and I think I've finally nailed down the perfect gank build for Twitch. I hate using snowball items because they are unreliable; even if you are doing good, I recommend guaranteed stats over snowball stats. I use Ghost and Exhaust the most when I play Twitch, both are good chasing spells and good escaping spells, if things turn bad, you REALLY need to get cloaked and have the Boots of Mobility kick in so you can run away fast. Try to get both neutral monster buffs if you can, the ElderLizard buff is great for Twitch, and the ElderGolumn Buff is pretty good to make sure you always have enough mana for your abilities. I say again, always be especially cautious because you are super squishy and have a BIG target painted on your back, even more so if you are doing well.

Thanks for reading please vote/leave comments, I am never above improvement!