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Garen Build Guide by Dawson

Optimal Garen (Tanky DPS)

Optimal Garen (Tanky DPS)

Updated on July 4, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dawson Build Guide By Dawson 2,675 Views 0 Comments
2,675 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dawson Garen Build Guide By Dawson Updated on July 4, 2011
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I am in no way saying this is "The Best" Garen build, it's just personally how I play him, I've found it allows for a fair bit of damage output early game due to your phage and armor pen into the mid game you are starting to get fairly tanky, and come late game you're all around faceroller who can't die.
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My runes are a bit different than some, I like the armor pen reds because well, you're garen spin to win baby! The Flat AR yellows really help you out early game against AD Carries and towers who want to target you during a dive (Damn things!). And the CD Gylphs.. ehh... You could change those out if you wanted, I just really got used to lower cooldowns by nature.
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Some people like having 9/21/0 or 9/0/21 or all over the place, I'm a big fan of the 0/15/15 it allows for the main benefits of defense, and utility for Garen. It'd probably be HORRIBLE for other champs, but Garen benefits from 0/15/15 a lot, like a lot. Give it a shot, if you don't like it, change it!
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After 6, you can choose whats more important to you, before 6 that's just my personal favorite way to go about it. :]

Make sure you use your Q to your advantage, silence silence silence, it's great against people like katarina since you can run in REALLY fast, and silence her, avoiding taking too much damage from her ultimate. (You could also pop your W bubble too while doing it) It's generally an amazing tool for silencing and even chasing due to it's MS boost.

Your E is your main source of damage throughout the whole game (other than your ult) and should NOT be taken as a joke late game, with your last whisper it realllly helps rip through HP (Keep in mind your PD's crit chance increases the damage even more, so really its just nuts)
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I have two words for you, **** off. This is tanky DPS at it's finest, and don't forget garens W boosts your res's as well. You get a fair amount of HP, a fair amount of resistances, and a fair amount of damage. You're all around, a GREAT way to round up a team. Say you have an amumu jungle, two AP, one AD carry? Finish up with a Garen, works every time.

Now, you can interchange the item at any time you want, and get them in a different build order, if you're getting hurt a lot? Rush the sunfire or FoN depending on the enemy team comp. But if you're a good garen you should manage to be able to hold out till you finish your Phage. If you're doing REALLY good and it's a land-slide game... Just get the mallet before the sunfire even, it really makes a difference it's such a good item to help your team or score yourself a kill on a fleeing enemy.
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Ethics of KS Ult

...Do it ******, the faster you finish your build the more of an ***est you are to your team, the more you help your team the more gold they get and the more items they get too. Don't be afraid to finish up an enemy unless it's a blatant KS like an ignited 50 HP champion thats just being a ***.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dawson
Dawson Garen Guide
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Optimal Garen (Tanky DPS)

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