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orianna 4 dummies :)

orianna 4 dummies :)

Updated on June 3, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author nanno Build Guide By nanno 13,191 Views 5 Comments
13,191 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author nanno Build Guide By nanno Updated on June 3, 2011
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a quick orianna guide on how i like to play her so far. Like it or leave it :)

since i guess noone has all THAT much gameplay experience with her, it should be kind of helpful, even if there might be better ways to play her. Although i doubt it :P
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Pros / Cons


  • great deny and harrass in early game
  • very good damage late game
  • similar playstyle to lux ( so you know what your getting yourself into ;D)
  • extremely nice escape mechanism, coupled with flash (or ghost) it will make you almost uncatchable
  • can scout brush, baron, drake with the ball


  • squishy early on
  • very big mana problems (atleast i have them =O)
  • burst damage is not all that great, as the damage comes more from the inconspicuous dmg from teh ball
  • not the best solo laner i'd imagine
  • might not fit into many team comps, since she is a mix between support an mage, and not a real mage (veigar or soraka 4 example)
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Runes & masteries

masteries 9/0/21 because you are a mage, and thats the best path for most mages/supports. It gives you CD reduct. on both character and summoner spells, more movement speed, mana regeneration and so on ^^

summoner spells:

  • flash - you got a 2s ghost every 5s
  • ignite for those finishers, when your mana is all out, or your cds r all up
  • (ghost, because you dont like flash =P)


red: magic penetration, because those are the most effective runes for a mage, if you want to learn more about runes, you should refer to this page, it has all you'd ever want to know about them!
runes guide by sears

yellow:: mana regeneration per 5s flats. Later on you will have a rather nice mreg rate, and you really need it early on!

blue: AP/level, another common choice for mages, this gives your spells a little more power, especially early on, when you are trying to get that mana pool big enough.
Alternatively you could try cooldown reduction, but i dont think that they are quite as useful, because you wont have enough mana to spam enough spells, and with the finished boots and blue you have 40% cdr


1x AP flat, for some early on AP, so you dont have to run around with your pityful 1 or 0 ap ;D

1x Magic penetration, to increase your damage and get the mpen to a flat 10 ^__^

1x Movement speed, this one is optional, and can be swiched with one of the two upper ones. It will give you the edge to run away or get that 1mm closer. Also, its the only place to put movement speed in your rune book, so if you want it, you got no choice ;D
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i build her on mana items early on, bc i find her to be starving alot of mana when you want to harrass constantly, and if you dont, the gameplay gets rather boring and pointless. This also allows you to keep your enemies at a distance, and if they try to get close, you have the spells to get them away from you, or yourself from them :)

thats why i go mana crystal -> catalyst -> shoes -> tear -> RoA -> belt -> CD redcut. shoes -> crystal scepter (for slow and HP) -> rabadons -> arc angel (tear should be full and you should be somewhere around a 3k mana pool) -> lich bane for even more dmg =)
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  • Please go on the dual lane (bot mostly). You have quite good supporting abilities, that will boost your lane partner alot, even if you dont really try to support him. It would be sad to let this part of her go to waste!
  • Orianna has a huge range. Use this to your atvantage to harrass in lane and maybe get a couple early kills from overextending enemies, using your slow to allow your lane partner to catch up with the enemy.
  • always go for the mana buff when its up! it should be an easy kill for you, given that you have a big enough mana reserve and atleast 1/2 hp. The golem buff will increase your usefullness for the team by soooo much, as well as really pushing your dmg output as well. SO GET IT!!!
  • if you do decide to harass with your auto attacks, which i would not recommend unless your in a teamfight and you have positioned yourself so that you cannot be focused, be careful not to automatically chase the enemy when he walks away =o
  • dont forget to trigger sheen/lich bane once you bought it. This does endanger you quite a bit, but since its only 1 hit (with alot of ooompf) it should be no problem. Thats also why its one of the last items, because by then you will have plenty of survivability to get away/ out of sticky situations!
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Team Work

  • always try to help your allies with the ball by placing it on them, giving them a huge shield and some nice res.
  • dont be greedy with your ultimate! It has a relatively short CD, especially later on, and can really help to get a kill or rescue ur ally
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with this build you have decent survivability, PLENTY of mana, somewhat around 600 AP and alot of fun!

i hope it helps :)
League of Legends Build Guide Author nanno
nanno Guide
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orianna 4 dummies :)

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