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Build Guide by Datsun Zee

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Datsun Zee

Orianna, An elegant ballet of devastation

Datsun Zee Last updated on June 2, 2011
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About me.

It seems 95% of these builds are people's first build, so lets do one more! First and foremost, I think it is important to let you know what my usual playstyle consists of and how it all fits together. I dont like to say I "main" a character because it all depends on what the team looks like, right? I will tell you though that I have played a lot of Blitzcrank, Caitlyn, and Karma.

Blitz and Cait have taught me a lot about skillshots. A lot. While Orianna has only one skill that is an actual skillshot, every other skill of hers relys on that one skillshot, so it is very helpful if you are pretty decent at them.

Karma on the other hand, has taught me a lot about those fidgety skills. Knowing when to mantra a shield as opposed to spamming a heal, or when to tether an enemy over an ally in a chase, vice versa. These types of skills will come in handy for your support skill. It's crucial to know when to use it. Sometimes it is important to let the enemy think he is winning and not to scare him off but in the same token it is just as important to make sure your ally stays alive. It's a fine line.

The final thing to mention is I dont have an ELO, I have never played a ranked game, I'm just a normal guy that likes to play LoL. I do however have about 500 normal solo queue's under my belt. I'm sure ranked play is vastly different and this build may be worthless but for now it's been working for me.

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Recent matches.

Just to give a little validity to my build, here is a screencap of last nights matches using the same build for all of them. I know most are defeats but hey, its normal solo queue. You get to see the glories of Lanewick, Lane Udyr, and my favorite, AD Rammus. Also, the 1-2-2 and 2-2-2, we got 35'd and 45'd from the start, it was a lost cause and a wonder I only died twice.

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Summoner Spells

Just a quick brush over this. I find that any set up works really, I just happen to like Teleport for the freedom of movement for pushing, blocking backdoor's, etc and Flash to get out of those sticky situations you shouldn't really be in anyways!

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To be completely honest, this is also your call. I have mixed pages of runes as of now because I have a habit of buying new champs if I save up too much IP but for the most part this is what my Magic Pen. Page looks like.

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Item choice breakdown

For the items I feel like I should just explain each purchase. Keep in mind, I listed the item you start with and every main item I get from there. I build these items up and pick and choose what I need.

[*] Haunting Guise- I grab this as my first full item because it really helps you survive early game and adds some nice skill buffs.

[*] Archangel's Staff- Pretty much a staple for most mage builds really.

[*] Sorcerer's Shoes- I feel like it's a good idea to keep stacking that magic pen. to get the most out of your skills. Merc treads are always a good choice too on really CC heavy teams.

[*] Malady- This is the first item I thought of when I read Orianna's passive. Not only does it add 50% attack speed, it gives you a little jolt of AP.

[*] Rabadon's Deathcap- This is a must for the large AP boost. If you have not been focused before this item, you will after seeing the damage you can lay down now.

[*] Rylai's Crystal Scepter- Your final item is really up to you. I choose the scepter for the HP boost, AP boost, and the slowing effect. Hexdrinker is also a good choice if they are AP heavy and if you have not picked up a tenacity item and feel like you are getting CC'd too much, pick up a Moonflair or something along those lines. The choice is your's and your's alone!

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Breakdown of Orianna

Orianna is an interesting champion with a very unique skillset. She has the ability to do massive burst damage and can also save a teamates life with her shield. The first thing I want to say is she is NOT a support champion. Some may argue but I dont see one skill and her speed up being enough to group her in with support.

When choosing a lane I only go mid if I have to. Orianna can dominate a duo lane early game but she does not do enough damage to justify her going mid over some of the better mid characters. Her damage starts to pick up when you have almost completed your Arch's staff. She also has some mana issue's early but the tear leading into the staff will help you out immensely.

Orianna has a massive harass game. I think a big part of it is people not knowing what in the hell the ball actually does. This will clear up in a week or two but for now, just having that ball sitting behind or around a creep wave is enough to scare a lot of people off and starve them.

Positioning is one of the biggest things you need to get down. To play Orianna to her best you need to know when and where to sit the ball. If you are trying to harass someone, just chuck it at them, but if you are trying to make a serious move, make sure the ball has a clear path so you dont lose damage going through creeps. Also, be aware you can fire the ball over walls. The path behind the second outside turret is a nice place to nab some low health enemies recalling.

Scouting is another thing Orianna excels at. While I believe you should never face check anything, if Orianna is around, there is no excuse to. Bushes giving you a bad feeling? Chuck the ball in it. Think Baron might be going down? Take the back path and chuck the ball in it. If he is almost dead they will most likely ignore you and try to finish it. Your ball has enough range that W can hit it for the steal.

Orianna has a pretty mean combo as well. Q to start off. If you have hit them square use R to pull them in and E to damage and slow. If you are close enough hit them a few times with auto attack and smack them again with the ball.

Play like a mage and not a tank. Just because you have the passive does not mean you have to be in the thick of it to do damage. Her burst is more then enough to put most people down or run them off. I chose Malady to synergize with her passive but I still use it as plan B. If you are in a team fight and are not focused for some reason, by all means, use it to the fullest. If you are OOM or all skills on CD and no chance of running, go ahead. I'm just saying, dont expect to brawl with Yi on your auto attacks alone and expect to win. Play like a mage!

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Like I said, this is my first build of any sort and I just wanted to share what has been working with me. I will update when I need too and I'm sure I missed some things so please let me know what you guys think, open to any and all advice. Orianna is a blast to play and I hope this guide has helped at least one person out. Thanks!