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League of Legends Build Guide Author Legend of Loki

Orianna: Glados be trippin' balls

Legend of Loki Last updated on June 2, 2011
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under construction much?

this is a work in progress as this is my first build and i don't do much on this site except find useful strategies and then play them my way, so the idea of me contributing is a bit rare but oh well. downvote it if you want...i don't care about the ranking of my build or anything. out there somewhere someone is going to try this and be like "OMFG THANKS LOKI NEW CHAMP FER ME LULLOLZOZLZULZUZLZOLZOLOZZLZOZLZUZLZO" and that will make me happy.

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glados is a very odd champ, for some reason she thinks she needs to talk through a robot and act accordingly. glados is a pokeball/deathstar shaped champ taking the form of a floating ball. i find that glados is very powerful, and as she has a great early game, good medium, she can establish pretty good ganks, and she can easily solo lane or perhaps mid, depending on how you play her. personally i play her offensive with a touch of survivability. i make sure to abuse her passive, and the ridiculously low cooldown of her skills. anyways, that will be explained later.

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Pros / Cons

great harass all game
command attack is kinda OP
she has the ability to attack you from multiple directions all at once
very hard to catch her
kinda hard to get away
stacking damage on her passive = win
looks like glados had a child with a droid
should probably have a pokemon trainer skin
should definately have a star wars skin, and tote around a mini deathstar

rather squishy for someone that doesn't have any range and isn't a nuke
moves slow
the armor buff on her ball isn't all THAT great
has no feelings
no emotions
possibly lady gaga's next outfit? first meat, now clocks?
zilean probably has a crush on her

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i take standard durable caster runes...

    Marks: magic pen- i opt for these so that i can start the game doing some good flat damage, thereby increasing the deadliness early game

    seals: health- the range of her autoattacks is quite low, this helps to make up for some of the inevitable harrassment you will see

    glyphs: cooldown reduction- even at lvl 1-6 it is important to be able to get your moves off fast

    quintessences: ability power- extra kick in you piroque

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i take standard caster masteries 9-0-21, i've also found success going 10-20-0 running ignite and going for the defensive health. while running 10-20-0 you'll be able to withstand more harassment, and also you'll regen a bit faster.

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this is the part of which i wanted to address the most. i looked at some other glados builds and i couldn't believe some of the ideas. so i decided to try my hand at making a build. i mean the main focus here is this...
A. glados has no real nuke ability.
B. her rates are rather low
C. she has short range on her auto-attacks
D. incredibly squishy

so if A and B are both true, why on earth would you try to build her as a nuke?

if C and D are both true then why would you NOT put some health and survivability on her?

i start with doran's ring, utilizing the mana regen, health, and AP from it. those 3 are very vital for early game survival. and most people would agree that in the early game you want to be able to harass and survive more than just chuck out a lot of damage. i mean, it makes sense to want the damage your goal is to kill your opponent or lane them out, so it would make sense to build damage, but in doing so you make yourself easier to lane out or kill. sometimes patience is the best weapon, let your enemy close, harass, back off, heal up, harass again, repeat. as glados your burst is not good at any point of the game.

next i build boots, running for either lvl 3 mobility, or (if i want to gank*****) running for 2 by 5. i noticed immediately that even with her speedup/ slowdown, and boots, a lot of champs can simply run away from glados, which is very unfortunate.

i then rush a nashor's tooth, i consider this the cream of the build, personally i try to utilize her amazing passive to do as much damage as possible early, mid, and late game, and nashor's tooth can help do this.

next is a standard rod of ages, health, mana, AP, it's all you could dream of

then i rush another nashor's since now i have more AP from the RoA

i then build towards a rabadon's making sure to farm whenever possible, also at this point you can easily toss glados through walls and kill the wraiths, make sure to hit them up whenever you get the chance for extra gold.

last is a lich bane, simply because i want to increase the damage of her attacks. around now you should be able to throw glados once every 2-3 seconds, shield every 5, slow every 5, your combo should do a lot of damage, and since you can throw glados so often you can proc for lich bane, chase with slowdown, and get in some powerful attacks in a short time frame. i like to think of glados not as a nuke mage like veigar or leblanc, but rather as a AP attack char like teemo.

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Skill Sequence

you HAVE to max out command: attack as soon as possible. i does ridiculous damage, it is amazing for farming minions, it makes enemies wary too approach or even get in range of you. it's very vital for glados.

next alternate between e and w as both are vital for solo and teamfights.

i like to alternate as you may find that you need a shield but you maxed w and therefore the enemy rips through your shield like it doesn't exist, or alternatively, you need to slow but you *****d out your shield so now the enemy gets away as if your zone didn't matter at all.

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Summoner Spells

i take clarity and teleport just because it makes it easy to farm, easy to push, easy to harass nonstop, and easy to last through a teamfight. nothing is more frustrating than getting in a large teamfight, spamming out auto's and spells, and then running out of mana at the last second.*cough SWAIN cough*

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it's easy enough, lead the minion wave throw glados, so that she'll catch them all, if she's doing enough damage, she'll kill them all easy, if not then you'll have to rely on your AoE slow, and perhaps even command: protect. early game you want to be sure to throw the ball at your enemies and leave it behind as you last hit minions and attempt to deny your enemies.

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C-c-c-c-c-c-c-COMBO BREAKER

i find that a very powerful combo for glados is to attack as such

1v1 : for when annie is being a ***** in your face and won't leave you alone
as in you first throw your ball, slow and immediately call it back. this enables you to get off the q hit, damage with w, and shield yourself from potential damage as you get together your passive damage and the procs of lich bane. once your skills are off CD repeat, but be careful to not throw your ball while w and e are still on CD as this can lead to unnecessary damage. have patience and stop panicking, or else you might become that noob vayne that shoots enemies AWAY from her team, just because she wants to get in some damage fast.

teamfight: of course e the tank and then got for some AoE: in ideal conditions you can produce a lot of damage in a short time frame

q-(try to hit as many as you can at once)-w-e-(back through the greatest amount of mass)-launch some attacks, back into a q-w-and finally r if it was not needed to disable or shut down people. the difference between the solo and the teamfight is simply the timing of the combo. in the solo you want to shield yourself as much as possible, however in the teamfight it can be useful to let the ball sit sometimes, protect valuable allies, make a slow field behind them when they retreat, the focus if off of protecting yourself and more on assisting the team by zoning and crippling the enemy team.

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Team Work

first of all stand back, you're a squishy *****, you can't help your team if you get insta-dropped.

look for an opportunity to shield an opponent such as a shen or a rammus, something that initiates and makes a mess of things. if you don't have a tank then GG your team sucks ***...instead try to find a high damage squishy that needs to survive and shield them so they can pump out damage for as long as possible.


too many gladi (glados'? glados's? wtf?) use their ult at the beginning of the fight to mess things up and then watch in horror as their too tanky, too buff team uses the launch to get closer to her than she wants, or in reverse they begin to run and glados has no way of catching them or stopping them. you should use your ult when katarina or nunu starts ulting or when that half HP yi is booking it to his turret, flip his *** back to your team and be sure to add extra force to the rape train he'll be riding straight to the grayscreen.

one thing you alsoo don't want to do is mistakingly use your aoe damage to early, make sure to use it when they are charging or retreating or right after a hard stun. that way they can feel the full of effects of the damage and the slow, rather than just getting one or the other. for instance, team fight breaks out, beginning of the fight you shield shen, he taunts, do you immediately slow and fight or do you fight and then wait the slow?

to me the solution would be to wait it out, as shen will need your shield, then as the enemy takes damage and runs, you toss the slow on them, speed up your team and get them, or alternatively, you are on the run, you take the shield off, slow them and make a speedy getaway, hopefully saving your tank and team. a proper placed slow can mean the failure or success of a chase/retreat

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1v1: me versus....the ****ing tower?

i experimented with this a bit and i found that glados can actually BD towers quite well.

1 she can get away quite nicely
2 she can shield herself for damage every 5 seconds or so, meaning for the time you have your shield on the tower is taking quite the beating
3 lich bane procs add damage to towers and inhibs

glados can literally walk out of the jungle, walk up to a turret and solo it at full HP with this build, just make sure you ward the jungle to see any enemies coming, and also make sure to hit shield as soon as it comes off cooldown, DO NOT throw your ball at minions, ( when they get too close just activate w while the ball is still on you.)

you'll be surprised at what you can accomplish.

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glados is a pretty decent champ if played right, the biggest thing is that you have to remember she's NOT a nuke, so don't play like one. support your team, harass your enemy, line up your skills correctly.

her name is orianna