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Orianna Build Guide by Topaz Eyes

AP Carry Orianna Guide

By Topaz Eyes | Updated on October 10, 2012

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ok,so today im making an orianna guide, and telling you how to properly play this difficult champion. if there's something you dont like,let me know

*NOTE* most junglers will love orianna pick
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The Build

1st part;
Abbysal Sceptor - Topaz you *** ,tell me why not using this so OP and important item?
let me tell you why, its because orianna's spells would outrange everything,and since you should play orianna with diana/amumu or some casters like those, i think you should let them build it.
otherwise,if its your personal choice id understand, so dont rage

Lich Bane - i think its a good item on orianna, but its not the thing id recommend, you sould buy it if you really like auto attacking and pushing towers, or buy it if they have too many casters, its your choice in the end

Nashor's Tooth - attack speed,ap and cd's seem nice,but the fact that tf's should be ended fast and the fact that you should be focused are the ones that make this item less effective, because you can get focused faster,and your final ap is lower

Rod Of Ages - im not sure if large rods work with full metal lady, and also it makes her very slow in ap gain,even tho she will have more mana, but i believe 1 costy item early game is over the top (grail)

Void Staff - extra g*y penentration seems nice, id recommend building this item if you dont care about being tanky or want to ignore mana or deathfire


ok,so lets continue with the build,and what im trying to archieve with it

Sorcerer's shoes - who doesnt like penentrating while walking?

Athene's Unholy Grail, and why rush it - rush it because - chalice gives you early chance to dominate lane with auto attacks (only vs no sustainers), and final item gives you crazy ap,nice cooldowns and ******ed mana generation , which works best with your skill range

Deathcap - because capping enemy death is good, from the moment you would buy cap with grail,you should have about 340 ap,which is almost over 9000

Deathfire Grasp - this item gives you ap with nice burst and helping stop tanks from going too far, also gives cooldowns

Zhonya's Hourglass - rush only if enemy has many assasins, go in to it lategame to give you that extra defense from enemy ad champions and confuses them with the fact of metal going gold

Rylai's Crystal sceptor - Gives you hp and the fact you became tanky, and slows are good
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so,the 1st thing is, that orianna is easy to play,but very hard to really do damage in tf's with
the way for orianna to deal damage lategame is only if you q+w anywhere, then shield a guy closest to ad carry with e,and ult, and q and w after, this skill order is the best since orianna's true damage and utalizing rylai's is in hitting enemies while playing tag with malee's and hitting them with ball

so,lets discuss about the early game, which your really weak in
so the 1st thing is not to get hit by skillshots and stuff,and dont push lane until level 8,because it may end up very bad, the best idea is to get pushed and lasthit creeps with help of your passive, if you reach level 6 before the enemy,note that its always a good idea to prevent him from cs,since you gain an awesome burst advantage before him,

also with orianna its very easy to take out wraiths after lv8, either your or enemys, the best is to do it over the wall, and make sure you buy a ward after your first b, to ward enemy wraiths.

in teamfights always look for oppertunities to ultimate hi prio targets by shielding your malee diver, in best cases it would be maokai or amumu, olaf noctourne and such, those can really dominate teamfights, also make sure you dont lose range if you shield your jungler, and watch from not taking damage yourself

when facing a "noob" on midlane make sure to her*** him with utalizing your passive multiple times,which results in inchreased damage
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so,that concludes guide on orianna without including mid lane basics
i hope you have fun playing her, and if your intrested in updates,you can check out my threads, facebook or add me in game

"Togeher To The Top"
Topaz Eyes

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Topaz Eyes
Topaz Eyes Orianna Guide

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Orianna Guide

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