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Orianna Build Guide by beauka12

AP Carry Orianna - Insta-Win Build

AP Carry Orianna - Insta-Win Build

Updated on November 6, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author beauka12 Build Guide By beauka12 1,525 Views 0 Comments
1,525 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author beauka12 Orianna Build Guide By beauka12 Updated on November 6, 2012
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Orianna is a very fun champ to play and requires good positioning of her ball to succeed in lane and in teamfights. Orianna is primarily a mid lane champion but can do well solo top if played correctly, she can also be played as a support quite successfully. Orianna's laning phase is brutal because of her amazing poke that allows her to pick her opponent away before unleashing her full burst on them to guarantee the kill. If played successfully early game Orianna can start dominating mid game and can handle 2 or 3 opponents at once because all of her abilities are AOE and allows her to pick up kills with ease provided that you get her ball set up in the right position. Another thing that seperated Orianna from most mages is that her basic is also usefull because of her passive adding magic damage to her normal attacks. Despite all of this Orianna has one major downside, she is very mana hungry making her having to leave lane very often.
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I choose these runes because they give good early game AP but also carries on well in to late game. The early game AP is very good because it allows you to focus the the mana hungry area of Orianna and rush an early athenes unholy so that you can stay in lane and outlast your opponent with that AMAZING poke of Orianna's. These runes also give a good mana regen througout the whole game and allow constant spamming of abilities and allow her to use her ball as a scout to check bushes and whatnot without having to go back to base all the time. The magic pen is very good when versing tanky mages and people who start of with early magic resist.
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The masteries I choose give AP which is what Orianna needs but i take a point in Summoners Insight because i use Flash as one of my summoner spells. I take points in mana regen and mana/level because it is also what Orianna needs as she is a very mana hungry champ. The point in Runic Affinity is very helpful because it allows her to keep her Blue Buff for longer making her more "spammy" in lane forcing more recalls on the enemy mid lane.
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The items that I use are very good in the fact that they stop her mana hungry aspect early making her an incredible lane bully. While also giving her enough burst to dominate in teamfights. I choose to get Items like Rabadons Deathcap and Void Staff late game because i believe that rushing rabadons is a terrible item on any champion and that it should be left until late game so that your other aspects such and mana, mana regen and tankiness can be taken care of earlier when its more important, The Void Staff is my last item because early game the passive is useless as no one has enough magic resist to make it useful.
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Skill Sequence

I choose to use this skill sequence because her main source of poke is her Command: Attack, so i max this as early as possible. I max the Command: Dissonance second as it is incredibly powerful if used with her Command: Attack making her an incredible lane bully. I max her Command Protect last because it doesnt have very much damage compared to her other moves and is generally hard to set her pull in the position to damage with it. I get her Ultimate Command: Shockwave whenever i can as it is very good for disrupting channeling abilities and prevents the enemy from running while proving a large amount of burst.
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Summoner Spells

I choose Ignite and Flash because Ignite allows for early kills and the damage over time is very handy as its hard for them to get away and live if used right. I like to use flash as it allows for a very good escape method and its also very handy for chasing people down. Other summoner spells that can be used are Exhaust as it prevents running and reduces damage done by quite alot. Ghost is also a viable option as it allows you to chase down low enemies and allows you to get to safety from ganks and when your being chased down. Clarity can be used as well if you are planning to be very aggressive and want to poke alot without having to go back to base.
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Farming with Orianna is very easy as mid game throwing your ball to the ranged minions and then combining that with your Command: Dissonance is 3 free farm then pulling the ball back to yourself by shielding is also hitting the ones up front and doing a nice amount of damage and getting them all low health to last hit with another throw of the ball or basic attacking. Mid game is also a nice opportunity to take wraiths whenever they're up providing your jungler lets you, which will help you keep your gold up and if your versing aggressive that wont let you farm.
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Orianna is a deadly champion if shes used right and its also quite hard to counter her but in saying this she is also very hard to master. She requires alot of skill to master and is very high risk low reward champion. She is a very uncommon champion making you feel incredibly awesome when you kickass as her. Good Luck and i hope i helped you guys out :).
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League of Legends Build Guide Author beauka12
beauka12 Orianna Guide
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Orianna - Insta-Win Build

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