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Orianna Build Guide by Loli Bacon

Orianna: Money Money Money!

Orianna: Money Money Money!

Updated on June 14, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Loli Bacon Build Guide By Loli Bacon 2,158 Views 0 Comments
2,158 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Loli Bacon Orianna Build Guide By Loli Bacon Updated on June 14, 2011
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Hello everyone! I've been playing Orianna since the very day she came out, and I absolutely adore her. She's a very fun champ and she's very good and getting kills as well as staying alive. If you like this build, just let me know by voting it up! =D This is my first build here on Mobafire.
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The runes I picked for Orianna are just the runes suggested in one of the LeBlanc builds on here: I'm too lazy to go through all the trouble getting anything else, to be honest. But they work wonderfully for her. Orianna early game has an issue with Mana if you want to consistently attack and harrass people in lane, so the mana regen per 5 per level is very good. AP per level and flat magice penetration is also very good for her. You'll be doing quite a bit of damage with these runes.
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Okay, now I know what some of you might be thinking. Orianna is a mage and shouldn't be in melee range, right? That is absolutely correct. She is first and foremost a mage. You shouldn't be running in after them in a one on one. This is where I'm going to confuse some of you.

Orianna's passive absolutely destroys everyone. I mean it. With this build, your passive will be what lands you those kills. What are all the other Mages' problems with landing kills or battling? They use up all their skills and then they are useless in a fight. LeBlanc suffers from this until her cooldowns refresh, and by then you might be dead because you're squishy. Well, Orianna can kill multiple enemy champions all at once with her skills. The hybrid items I have listed are just there to have you tack on a ton of damage while waiting for you cooldowns.

Philosopher stones are really good. They give you Health regen, mana regen and 5 gold per 10 seconds. This means Orianna can stay in her lane forever. It means you can turret hug even if you're at 25% health and not be afraid of a dive (with her shield, of course) and it means that when you get those kills (and you will) you'll have even more money and presence than if you went without. It's as simple as that.
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Team Work

Orianna is especially good at keeping her team alive. Protect > Disonnance will allow a lot of characters to make it to safety to your turret. She is not support though. You must keep that in mind. If someone charges in recklessly she can not support them through victory. She can, however, help in killing them.

In team fights, you want to protect the person who is getting focused (it will most likely be you) and you want to slow ANYONE who is trying to flee. Use your ult to disrupt enemy champs, and to pull people who are retreating back into the fight. This should all be fairly basic and obvious.

While laning, use your ball to harrass the opponent. I personally like taking mid, but if you go to one of the side lanes, abuse your ability to gain sight with the ball. Use the ball to fish people out of bushes safely and to tack on damage.
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Summoner Spells

She has quite a bit of leeway with her summoner spells, but I feel that Flash and Ignite work best. You can use Flash for a surprise attack, forcing the opposing team to overextend in lane, and you can also use it to retreat if you're getting hit. Q > R > W > Flash > Ignite > Q all while autoattacking will get you so many kills. No one will expect you to get in so quickly and to do so much damage with auto attacks. Your Q > R > W should be doing about 75% health on its own if they don't have Magic resist. You'll be getting tons of easy kills.
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Having an Orianna against you in your lane is one of the most annoying things ever. But now you're the annoying one! =D

For zoning, you want to use your Q to predict their movements. If they see you moving in their direction, they'll shift to dodge the ball. What you want to do is to already be in position before you launch the ball. This can be kind of risky against certain champs, but they'll be more afraid of you than you are of them. And if they aren't, you'll teach them to be. Once you hit with the ball, make a judgment. Are they in range for W? If so, use it. Tack on that damage. Always stay behind your minions though.

If you push to their tower, harass them with the ball. Kill minions with auto attacks and force the opposing champs to be afraid at their own tower. If you're in a 2v1 lane and their jungler isn't in sight, you could instead use the ball to give you sight in the river's bushes if you don't want to buy wards. Always invest in wards, however.
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Orianna is a force to be reckoned with. She does a ton of damage and has a lot of survivability. Use your E > W to stay alive. Use autoattack a lot, and force the opposing champs to make mistakes by forcing them out of position with the ball. Keep in mind that you have a ton of money, so don't be afraid to buy wards. Have fun, and good luck!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Loli Bacon
Loli Bacon Orianna Guide
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Orianna: Money Money Money!

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