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Not Updated For Current Season

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Orianna Build Guide by Sagith

Orianna - NO JOKE!

Orianna - NO JOKE!

Updated on November 11, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sagith Build Guide By Sagith 6,435 Views 0 Comments
6,435 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sagith Orianna Build Guide By Sagith Updated on November 11, 2011
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Welcome to my Orianna guide. This is my first guide ever, but I'll try to make it easy to understand. In this guide I will show you how I think Orianna should be played and how Orianna is a both viable and a very strong AP carry at any level of play.
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Why should I pick up Orianna?

Orianna is a champion with a high skillcap due to how all her spells are AoE around her ball. This basicly means that when you play a champion you have to pay attention to your positioning, but with Orianna you have to pay close attention to where your ball is aswell. Sounds hard? Not with a little practice. Sounds easy? It's not if you want to really make the most of her!

She have a crazy fun playstyle (IMO) as she can cast her spells on the move, zone with her ball, do immense damage in AoE and provide crazy support on top of it.

If you want an underplayed champion with great potential and a really fun playstyle once you get the hang of it, Orianna might be what you are looking for.
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Pros / Cons

- High AoE burst
- Alot of AoE CC
- Haste
- A lifesaver shield with a great passive attached
- Great laner due to zoning
- Can trade hits with just about any AP early due to her awsome passive + shield.


- Very high skillcap
- Somewhat of a mana issue early game
- Somewhat weak early game, but picks up mid/late
- Should go a little "unorthodox" build for a carry delaying monster damage
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This runepage will give her what she needs to reach her monster status with relative ease.

Marks - These are best in spot for any damage caster.
Seals - Manaregen, which is her main early problem. This are pr/lvl but it picks up fast.
Glyphs - Flat magic res is underrated, but i dunno why. They really make a difference mid vs AP.
Quints - 2xFlat health for easier early game. 1xMagic pen...couse you need it for extra damage.
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This is a standard caster page for AP Carries with flash/ignite. There are some small variations, but it's just a personal preference.
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Boots+3 pots are a common and safe way to start with almost any caster.
2x Doran ring's boost her early game hp and mana regen + extra damage.
Chalice gives her even more mana regen + even more magic res. This will make her both tough and annoyingly hard to push out of lane. Now she got all the mana regen she will ever need... But still... Let your jungle provide you with blue when possible ;)

Deathcap is THE best caster item in game AP-wise. That simple.
Voidstaff to get rid of that tricksy magic res.

Hourglass for extra punch and a wonderfull stasis for extra survival.

Not much more to say as this is all pretty self explanatory.

Other items to consider would depend on what you're facing and how fed you are.

Rod Of Ages - If you get this early it's a great item which provides health, mana, AP and sustain. Like it alot!

Banshee's Veil - If you are facing a team with loads of CC and they tend to target you... Go for it!

Will of the Anicents - Provides sustain aswell as extra AP and spellvamp to your allies aswell... Good item if you got, say an AP caster top lane, like Kennen or something. (Duo AP is fun!)

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - Provides alot of HP, AP and adds additional slow on everything...Whats not to like?

Archangels Staff is only good if you decide to get an early tear, as you need to stack mana to make it worth it... It provied ALOT of mana and ALOT of extra AP. I feel that you delays your Deathcap too much if you get an early tear tho...

Deathfire Grasp is an extra nuke... The more HP the opponents have the better! If enemies are stacking HP you might want to consider this.
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Summoner Spells

Flash is the BEST summoner spell ingame. It will save you alot, and it will let you get those clutch kills alot. You like it? You take it! You don't like? You STILL pick this up!
Ignite for Extra killing potential. Always good on a AP carry. Truedamage ftw!

Other summoner spells to consider would be:
Exhaust - A good summoner spell. Shuts down alot of jungle ganks hard. Good vs AD champions late game and overall a good spell.
Teleport - A decent spell, but you really don't need it. You shouldn't be basing so much anyway, so it will mostly be used to gank.
Ghost - Another getaway/chase tool... decent spell, but you have flash +inbuilt ghost already.

I wouldn't personally go with any other summoner spells.
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Clockwork Windup - Her passive. Underrated passive, as it really makes Orianna's autoattacks hit alot harder, making her very strong in trading hits.
Command: Attack - Your bread and butter skill! Use to to deal damage, to zone, to farm, to improve positioning. Makes or breaks Orianna.
Command: Dissonance - Slow and haste from one spell.. Great... It even does a good amount of damage!!!
Command: Protect - A shield is far to often underestimated. Wise use of this WILL save lives, and is also another way of position you ball or give free haste/slow. Does minor damage on return.
Command: Shockwave - A frickkin' AWSOME ability. This is a huge AoE which drags everyone in it to the center. Does ****loads of damage. And sets up combos for both yourself and your allies combos. Also can be used as escape or chasing tool. VERY VERY strong ultimate!
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Use of spells (Indepth)

Comming SOON!
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Orianna is a fun champion. She is underrated by so many, but she is not weak at all despite common belief. She is just underused. She is still damn strong after the minor nerfs she recieved. And a good Orianna will quite often carry the team and suprise many with her strength.

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