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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xVeteranReaperx

Orianna: Playing with my ball (Deadly)

xVeteranReaperx Last updated on June 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Short introduction about Orianna!

Hello everyone!

I've only played Orianna one time but thats all i need. She has great abilities and is a great damage/support champion in my eyes. She will probably get nerfed later but for now she is my favorite even thou she has her flaws. Thats all for this chapter.


    Not squishy
    Pretty much HP
    Good harass early game
    Good survivability
    Nice damage


    Hard to manouver the ball at the same time as doing attacks
    Big reliability on good tank (Depending on what items you buy and how good you are)

I want to apologize for bad spelling right now so i dont need all the bad comments and so on:/ I'm from sweden and i suppose that says it all. But i hope you'll like the guide:)

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Runes and Masteries for Dummies

In this chapter i want to give you some insight in how the runes becomes handy and how they work throughout the game. First of all, You do NOT need to use the same runes as i do OR same masteries. Im going to say it right now, this is an open build/guide so all things you here can be customized and I WILL update this along with my play and i will try some different styles.

Now for the actuall learning bit. First of you will want a good base damage which leads us to Mark of Insight. This is good for early game harass and the Glyph of Focus is a must according to ME. Since she has those big recharge times on her spells she is very depending on CD reduction (Cooldown Reduction) then you could always use the Seal of Replenishment for good mana regeneration. Ofc (ofcourse) you can try your own combination which i like. Because NO BUILD is better than the one you like best (which often is your own) OR in some cases you should just leave the building to someone who actually CAN make a good build. (No offence).


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Item purchase and Gold

If you´ve ever played with Master Yi or Irelia and you like their Creep farming "skills" then you´ll love this champion. She is a good gold farmed in level 3-5 and up but its not that bad that you cant start farming gold untill higher level since she isnt that squishy and by that i mean, you wont need any items early except Doran's ring.

The items you buy are good for team battles. A little extra HP there and some mana there and you've got the perfect support/Farmer/Whatever you want.

More info will be here soon but as you may know all builds for Orianna are just a hint on how to play here.

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Spells and Attacks

Finally we come to the good part:) Playing with the ball is fun and it does alot of damage BUT it also requires alot of training. If you are naturally good at placeing and using the ball you can skip this part (Not the whole chapter).

Attacks/Ball placement:

Two Important facts about the ball.
1. You can use it as scout, since it will highlight the area around it (Even bushes but remember the range).
2. Use the Command: Dissonance to get a quick escape and slow you enemies. (By that i dont mean to just use the spell. If you're running, just place the ball ahead and use the attack and your team will get the speed buff to:)

Now some more info about the ball:

If you´ve ever played Orianna then you probably know that the ball (almost) has endless uses: Example: If your chasing the enemy team and you want to catch the last one or even two of the enemies. Just place the ball on one of your friends (in the lead) and use your ulti (Ultimate) (Command: Shockwave) Which will pull them towards the ball or in this case, your friend. You can also use it for better escape.. Remember that the ball pulls them to it (Range limited). Just place the ball ahead, use Command: Dissonance then Command: Shockwave and you´ll get away FAST!:P

Now for the Acuall Spells:

Command: Attack - A *Must Have* spell in the start and level it as quick as possible.

Command: Dissonance - Good for creep/Minion farming. Not that important unless the ganks start early and you need quick escape.

Command: Protect - My personal favorite. You can put the ball on a friendly Champion which will give extra HP (as far as i know). I don´t really know HOW much it helps in stats but it saved my friend when they put Ignite on him and thought he was going to die. 9HP left btw (By the way).

Command: Shockwave - A good attack but takes time to learn and improve. You may learn it but it takes even longer to master it. Since it has 1 million uses (more or less) it WILL take time to master/learn it no matter how good you are.

Summoner spells:

Clarity - Becomes handy early on since your mana is very low and the attacks cost alot.
Teleport - I Use this if i feel like i need it. In some cases i use Heal or Ignite. Since this is an open build you can change very much. Just remove the point in Spatial Accuracy (in masteries) and put it in whatever you want.

I Recommend using Teleport since you are a great support and if your teammates need quick help or if to many enemy Minions are pushing a lane.

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Build use!

This build is NOT tested in ranked so i can't promise good results but please, feel free to try and leave feedback.

And as i mentioned, i've only played with here ONCE! But i will play more and update the info after my progress and add a video so you can see my playstyle.

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Orianna - Started as a normal girl that wanted to become a champion in League of Legends (LoL) but became so much more. Orianna the Clockworkgirl and her true companion The Ball!

She is a very nice character and has alot of tricks and skills but beware! Needs serious practice to master. And don't forget. The Ball is the key to Victory.

Hope you like this guide and PLEASE, Leave feedback:)