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Orianna Build Guide by Vevori

Orianna - Ranked

Orianna - Ranked

Updated on September 23, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vevori Build Guide By Vevori 2,194 Views 0 Comments
2,194 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Vevori Orianna Build Guide By Vevori Updated on September 23, 2011
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Hi guys, this is a new build and up to date with the new Orianna 'nerf'

Orianna's changes are the fact, that her Q has less range and costs more mana.
Overall is Orianna still pretty strong and has great abilities.

Abilities to shield, slow/speed, interrupt(every channeling spell) and dealing damage ofcourse!

DONT UNDERESTIMATE ORIANNA'S PASSIVE. Her passive is really nice for last hitting creeps but don't forget the damage on champions!
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Marks = Magic Armor Penetration
Seals = Mana Regeneration / 5 sec
Glyphs = Cooldown Reduction
Quints = Ability Power

Marks = every spell that you'll be using is magic damage, and you want to penetrate your opponent's magic resistance!

Seals = every spell that you'll be using consumes mana, and you dont want to run of mana to soon!

Glyphs = every spell that you'll be using has it's cooldown, and you want to reduce that because Orianna's utility is great, think about shielding a lot, slow/speed a lot!

Quints = every spell that you'll be using needs to deal some damage, and with some starting ability power will do the job!
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Get "Greed" for extra money, money = better items!

Get "Utility Master " 2/2! You'll be thanking your jungler for every blue buff he gives you, Orianna with blue = CD reduction & Skill spamming!

And for the rest of the masteries it's pretty standard.
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Pick dorans ring for some extra Ability power and some mana regen!

Boots movement speed 1 is very usefull; Dodge skillshots and zoning will be easier!

Build Rod of the Ages AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, it's expensive so farm your creeps well! RoA makes you less destroyable and your damage ouput will be better!

Rabadon's Deathcap = DAMAGE.


Whenever you have these items, it's really up to you! Consider this as a core..
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Skill Sequence

W = most damage output and movement speed/slow
Q = damage
R = interrupt = CC --> damage
E = shield

max W --> max Q ---> max E
max R whenever is possible (6-11-16)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vevori
Vevori Orianna Guide
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Orianna - Ranked

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