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Orianna Build Guide by Ladoseftw

Orianna - Suck my ball

Orianna - Suck my ball

Updated on August 25, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ladoseftw Build Guide By Ladoseftw 1,987 Views 0 Comments
1,987 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ladoseftw Orianna Build Guide By Ladoseftw Updated on August 25, 2011
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As you all know, Orianna can be excesively good in mid lane and solo lane.
That is because of her ability to use extended attacks by making use of her ball, while she is staying behind her creep wave which, can ensure her a better and safer laning phase.

Because of that ability, she sounds easy to play and SEEMS easy to play to the enemies when they get dominated calling her OP and stuff like that.
The thing is that Orianna is actually hard to play just for one thing.

Since the beggining of the game, you have your ball over your head, which means when you cast your Command: Attack(Q), the ball will go straight towards the destination it was sent.It becomes much more tricky when the balls isn't on top of you, and it's laying down on the ground on a specific spot. When this is happening, if you cast your Command: Attack (Q), the ball will go to it's destination according to it's current location, which means you can easily miscalculate it's direction and angle, and lose a kill or cost you a death.
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My rune settup is headed to spam on early game, which can easily ensure your lane domination over your opponent. That's why i use CDR Quints/Glyphs.
Now, the Magic Penetraion Marks are a classic AP rune for all kinds of heroes but it's helpful indeed.
Since you buy Mana Crystal in the beggining, you will not have a problem with your mana pool, so the Mana Regen Seals will help you keep your mana pool from being depleted.
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My masteries are standard AP hero with improved flash and two points in Good Hands (Less time spent dead), because after you finish your standard masteries tree for AP hero, there is one mastery point left, and using it on Awareness (More EXP, LvL 1 gives 1.25%) is a total waste.
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First begin with Mana crystal, to enhance your mana pool for better spamming.Continue with upgrading it to Tear of the Goddess and start getting yourself Catalyst the Protector.Afterwards, get yourself the Boots of Speed, and finish your Rod of Ages !ASAP!. You need it to fully stack asap for your late game. Keep your Tear of the Goddess for the end.After you've built your RoA, immediatly rush for Rylai's Crystal Scepter. You need to get as much hp as possible early on for your teamfights, and it's an excellent way of chasing down your opponents.Start your Rabandon's Deathcap after Rylai's Crystal Scepter for the obvious reason.Then upgrade your Tear of the Goddess, which will have probably almost fully stacked by now, to Archangel's Staff.


My last item is Wit's End. To be honest, I once made it just for fun, because I thinked of my passive, which deals extra magic damage with each hit on the same target, and i thought that I needed to finish my build with a defensive item.
I thought of Wit's End because it gives you extra attack speed, which can help you stack your passive on your target much faster, the extra magic damage that it gives, combined to MY passive AND finnaly the magic ressistance it gives you to help you last longer against AP carries such as Brand, Veigar etc.
I recommend you guys to always build a defensive item as your last item, because with the rest of your build you get around 3K hp so it can make you last easily in teamfights, if you don't wanna make Wit's End it's ok, just buy yourself a defensive item just as Guardian Angel etc.
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Pros / Cons

-Able to farm well in a safe distance
-Very good harrasment without taking damage
-Can use her ball as a ward to look inside the bushes for possible enemy ganks

-Very fragile early on
-Can be easily harmed when her spells are on cooldown (see her spell casting frequency early on and try to calculate it)
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Orianna can easily farm creeps with her single combo of using her Command: Attack (Q) on the mage creeps and immediatly afterwards using her Command: Dissonance (W).

With the same combo she can harm the enemy laner and finnaly commit a kill with her ultimate Command: Shockwave (R)
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About me

This is totally OFF TOPIC but this is my first guide, so i would like you to be gentle with your comments and if you have any suggestions to make my future guides better i would love to hear them.

-Ladoseftw (EU Server)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ladoseftw
Ladoseftw Orianna Guide
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Orianna - Suck my ball

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