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Orianna Build Guide by Banzai1

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Banzai1

Orianna the gears of war

Banzai1 Last updated on June 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Whats different about this build?

ok well, orianna is usually seen as a horrible champion, but thats to the people that have not experienced a good orianna ^^. now you see this build mainly focuses on the fact that well, lets face it most mages can't do jack when there atk speed and damage arent much and there being attcked up close. But with orianna's passive this makes it easy to change that, while you can completely destroy someone with your skills, but not only your skills but also auto attacks. This is my first time making a build on mobafire but i've tried many variations with orianna with items. this build will allow you to do actually almost the equivilant if not more than major dps chracters.

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Ok well, runes honestly, magic pen in my opinion is the best for any mage now, why the atk speed runes is because well, it goes along with her passive ^^. but you can easily subsitute it with ap runes, but honestly you don't really need too. now the cool down reduction runes are a must, because you will be getting only one cool down reduction item but thats cool because thats all you need.

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Not much to say about masteries other then, the 9/0/21 mastery set up is the most common for mages. the only thing about this though is that you can go mana hungry pretty easily, and most commonly for me, my teammates chose to fight when i have only 100 mana left...which is ******ed but hey its them x3.

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Items and explaination for each one.

ok well now then with doran's ring, thats for the mana regen as well as some decent ap , and health in the beginning, now the pots, are there because well, your going to need health and mana pots, when going on the offensive and defensive, because your teammates if you decide to lane with someone will most commonly try and fight without you having mana so you have the pots there so you can spam your first skill. The preference of the boots i chose is because i like magic pen especially when your passive deals bonus magic damage this is where malady also comes in play while malady shreds away at there magic resistance, and gives 20 magic damage, as well as ap, this follows extremely well with your passive. Nashor's Tooth is in this build for the same reason basically, ap, as well as atk speed, but mostly because of its cd reduction as well, so you have no need for the ionian boots, now the deathcap is just there because well, who doesn't like a deathcap? especially with all the ap you get out of it, which will allow your passive to do even more bonus damage, as well as many of your own skills, the hextech, is for the atk damage as well as ap and spellvamp, so this way you have more than enough to do heavy damage with each skill, as well as being able to heal yourself spaming them, now of course your not suppose to just run up and auto them, but the reason why this build works so much on the passive is so your not defenseless when your on cd or u have no mana left. the guinsoo's rageblade of course... the atk damage and ap and atk speed with this by the end of the build you should be able to reach at least 1.9 atk speed including the elixer's 2.1 if i remember correctly and you will do damage to towers and buildings averaging around 294-324 damage, so if you need to back-door, then you got it.

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Skill Sequence

Ok, well, for the skill sequence lets be honest here, we all randomly select skills to upgrade when we play i mean theres no real order, but i usually follow this order, i have shown up above, because i have no need for the sheild because i constantly have pots and enough ap and damage to keep them at bay, but i get it because i use to to save people and sometimes occasionally myself but, i try to up the damage on the first skill first, because its the most spammable as well as the easiest skill to hit them with. Now, orianna's ulti, i use it favorable to either bring them to me so i can flash and ignite them or if theres no need for that just basic atk them, due to your items. So, have fun, with however you choose to build up your skill squence haha XD, first of all you get the first skill of course mainly because well, its the skill you need in order to use the others to harass and bruise people with. My most common tactic when using orianna is by using the first and second skill, repeatedly to lower them and then when i decide they are low enough, i will ulti them, after doing another 1st and 2nd skill combo, if that didnt kill them i casually flash towards them, and ignite, and do auto attack, now usually the auto attack isnt needed when doing this combo if done correctly but it helps to make sure. this tactic is extremely useful at getting someone whos at there tower.

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Pros / Cons

The pros and con's of this build, well, lets start with the Pro's, you can shred someone with either your auto attack, or skills. You can easily kill numerous people at a time due to your cd, and your not left defenseless. The Con's, if your teammates have fed any dps characters such as tryndamere, or Yi, these are examples, your screwed until you get a thornmail, and such vice versa if the enemy team has a fed ap character. You will have considerably low amount of hp, so that you may be able to either nuke or shred them with dps. Also another Con for this build is well, for any build really, if you dont know how to use the champion your not gonna do well lol.

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Team Work

Alrighty well, this build is mainly so that you may solo, but it's also amazing in teamwork, and saving ur own arse, because lets say your skills are on cd you can auto and shred them to death :P until you have your skills back. Also as orianna remember you can shield allied champions, DO IT when its needed. Because that sheild can actually save lives lol. Also not many people know this but you can also ulti your own teammates in case you need to bring them backwards to save them.

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Summoner Spells

There are a few alternatives to choosing your summoner spells, you may switch out ignite with clarity, but you only should do this if you intend to assist mainly, also the reason why i chose ignite over clarity is simple, because well, It's always good to have ignite, in the case of an event where the enemy has a mundo, or any life regenerating character or life steal build for a character. Also its a good means of helping your teammates as you focus someone else you put ignite on the person who has hp regen, or life steal so your teammates may kill them. Why flash? well thats simple, you have flash to either last hit them before they get away with the ball, or flash out of a team that has focused you. Flash is a Must.

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Basically what, i've said in this build, well, this build allows you to shred them with auto and with skills so your not defenseless against dps or if your skills are on cd you auto them. I don't have much to say really, other then, i hope you enjoy this build sorry about there being no pictures of items, i dont know how to do that yet xD also this build's explaination in some areas are still not finished yet. P.S this build works on nidalee too <.< just saying anywho let me know what yall think and rate and comment :3.