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League of Legends Build Guide Author Quo

Orianna - The Queen of Portals

Quo Last updated on June 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 9

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Orianna - The Two Builds

First off, im going to say this. Its my personal opinion that Orianna is not a hard carry. Her base values, and her ratios are low enough that she cannot lead her team to victory by herself. She does, however, have some good damage output, mixed in with her other supportive abilities. This makes her a support/damage hybrid. She is neither, and she is both. Dont expect the highest kills in a game, unless youre facing some seriously underskilled players (even with her high skill cap reached).

In this guide i am showing you two different builds. One is my own personal flavor, and the other has full accreditation to Stonewall008 (the jungle meister).

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Some may want to go with magic pen here, and its not a terrible idea to do so. However, you will find your skills are going to be lacking damage in lane, and find it hard to be able to stay in lane without being able to chase off champions. The 15% magic pen from the masteries will serve about as much damage to a champion in lane, providing youre not facing two tanks.

Magic pen is only highly effective when stacked with more magic pen. If youre going to get the runes, then you'll need the boots too. The boots are "okay" for her, but the CDR shoes make a world of difference.

MP5/Lv - Self explanatory, shes mana hungry.


As taken from Stonewall's video comments, the blues are choice, the rest are not.

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Lane - 21/0/9

Now why on earth would i go 21/0/9, and not 9/0/21?

Its true, the movement speed bonuses and the CDR on summoners is very effective with orianna. Due the to fact that i get a lichbane, lack m.pen runes, and the side note of her passive, i have found that her damage output is greater with these masteries. I only take the 1 point in damage to creeps because i have one extra point, and i wan the 4% increased damage from the tree.

Jungle - 6/14/10

Stonewall's original video suggests a 1/14/15 build. This is to get the movement speed bonus, and its very nice to do so. However, ive found it more effective to add a few points into the AP/Lv, and get a little bonus on CDR, because you dont have it anywhere else in the runes or masteries, and you wont get it in the utility tree.

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Both builds have similar items. The difference being a philosophers stone on my lane orianna, and not getting one for the jungler. Its easier to sustain jungling because you have blue buff, and its not as effective.

"What the hell? Two rod of ages? Pointless."

Hardly. Orianna is squishy, and she needs some meat on her bones if shes going to be able to help her team during longer encounters, or if she gets caught off guard. Youre probably thinking: "But the unique passive means you wont generate twice the hp+mp/lv." True, but there arent many good beefy items that a caster can get. You pretty much have Rod of Ages, and Rylai's Crystal Scepter, so why not the scepter? Thats easy, her skills arent single target, so at most youre going to get a 15% slow, and this isnt enticing as she has a 45% slow in her W. "Well why not make it slow even more?" 45% slow is a substantial amount, but the scepter doesnt give you any mana, and orianna is mana hungry. It may look noob, but it isnt very cool when orianna walks up on you with 3K hp, and enough mana to be able to sustain long engagements.


The lichbane on orianna helps provide some serious damage output from her, you might argue that i get it too late, but youll find that it still comes in handy even later in the game. The thing is you build survivability first, so that way you can get the most use out of your lichbane, instead of rushing it and being easily targeted and making your lichbane pointless.

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Summoner Spells

Jungle - Smite/Ghost. These are my standard preferred summoner spells for any jungler, its better for ganks and for getting out of jungle invasions.

Lane - Ghost / Flash

The only thing i find adoptable here, is to go Flash / Teleport. Flash is a must with a lane orianna, because it gets you out of so many situations. You can then E+W, and youll have the effect of ghost to get back inside of turret range. Teleport is nice so you can back, buy your early Stone, and then TP back into lane, and wait until the catalyst + shoes and tele back again. Late game its good for pushing turrets, and for correcting minion waves.

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Team Work

Dont forget that orianna is a support hybrid. Sheild people, slow people, speed people up. If they run, ult them back into position, and secure the kill. This is your job, live it, love it, learn it.

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Stonewall008's Jungling Video