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Build Guide by mistakiddy

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mistakiddy

Orianna the Tea Bagger

mistakiddy Last updated on June 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first ever guide and i was inspired to make it because i dont feel like ive seen any guides that really give a great play style that suites me. Well lets get to it! Enjoy everyone and i hope you have fun and find this build helpful. If so please leave a comment regardless and tell me how it works for you.

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Pros / Cons

- Ability to switch from a damaging mage to support is great
- Great for team fights
- Able to stop characters like nunu and pantheon while they are using their ultras

- Squishy
- You are usually focused down in a team fight
- Early game mana cost is a b***h

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I went magic penetration and ability power runes for obvious reasons. I went vitality seals to aid in her survivability in early game and cooldown reduction quintessences because i like to be able to spam my abilities a bit

*edited the quints from movement speed quint to cool down reduction quints*

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Summoner Skills

I find flash and clarity work best especial in early game because you will be burning through mana like crazy if you are harassing properly.

Ghost works just as well as flash im just partial to flash :P

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Attack skills

All of Orianna's attacks except for her auto attack use her ball. The most important thing to remember is that you must always know where your ball is. If you dont have control of your ball what ever skill you use will take effect from wherever the ball is.

Command:Attack : (q) This is the first ability you will get. This attack moves your ball from wherever it is to which ever location you choose damaging everything it passes through. This skill is great for clearing out minion waves, as well as harassing. Remember that the damage scales back for every minion or enemy it passes through
TIPS: Once you use this skill you can retrieve your ball in a few different ways. You can either run up and retrieve your ball, you can use Command: Protect (e) or if you walk far enough away from your ball it will teleport back to you. This is especially useful in early game when you don't have the mana or blue buff to spam your abilities without care. This skill can also be used to give you vision. It can also pass through walls

Command: Dissonance
(E) This is an AoE damaging skill that creates a ring around your ball which hastes allied champions and slows enemy champions. This skill in conjuction with command attack will be your primary harassing and damaging combo.
TIPS: If you are chasing someone and you currently controll the ball you can use disonace on your self to increase your movement speed. If you see an ally champion being attacked you can help him by using Protect to give him a shield and then cast Dissonance on him to slow his attacker and increase his movement speed which should help him get away.

Command: Protect
This is your primary support skill and a very useful one at that. This skill has both an active and a passive. (Active)Orianna commands her ball to fly to and attach onto an allied champion, dealing damage to enemies it passes through and shielding the allied champion when it arrives. (Passive) The allied champion the ball is attached to gains bonus Armor and Magic Resistance.
TIPS: When you are preparing for a team fight you can use this skill on your initiator, or your main dps to help reduce the damage he is going to be taking.

Command: Shockwave
Orianna commands her ball to emit a shockwave after a short delay, flinging affected enemies in the vicinity into the air a set distance towards, and possibly over, her ball.
TIPS: This is going to be you main damaging addition to most team fights. If positioned properly you can do a large amount of damage to the whole team as well has hopefully stop certain champions ultras like Katarina and Nunu. The basic combo when using this skill is Q/R/W/ Q to position the ball, R to gather them all together and do some damage and E to do even more damage hopefully lowering their HP enough to ensure some kills by your team mates and even some for your self

Here passive :

Clockwork Windup:
Orianna's auto attacks deal additional damage plus 20% of her Ability Power in magic damage. Subsequent attacks against the same target within 4 seconds deal an additional 15% magic damage. This bonus stacks up to 3 times.
TIPS: This combined with Nashor's Tooth is great, it begins to just shred people

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Misc. Info

By mid to late game you can use your Q to go through the wall in mid and take out the whole wraith spawn by combining it with your W. This is a quick and effective way to make about 150 gold.

Your Q skill can travel through walls as well as be used for vision! Don't for get about this it can be very useful

Orianna with blue buff is crazy when ever you can get it, you should unless you are needed in a team fight or your tower is being pushed... common sense!

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The last 4 items in this build can be used interchangeably depending on your situation. You can also replace the nashor's tooth with morello's evil tome.

I start with boots and two health potions and one mana potion because with out them Orianna's movement speed is just way to slow. The potions make it possible for Orianna to stay in the lane for as long as possible. I go only one manna potion because i also have the skill clarity.

Next i buy the Catalysis of the Protector for the added mana as well as its passive which recovers a portion of your mana as well as your health when you level

Next i buy the sorcerer shoes for the added speed and spell penetration

Then you turn the Catalysis of the Protector into a rod of ages

***************The item guide at the top of the page are suggestions on items i commonly use. Remember there isnt only one combination of items for every single situation so there are some options you can choose from**************

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Closing statements

Well thats it guys i hope this helps you out and if you ever want to play with me or have any questions you can message me in game- Mista kiddy

thank you for reading and enjoy! :)