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League of Legends Build Guide Author FrosZ

Orianna: There really was a cake.

FrosZ Last updated on June 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello and welcome to my Orianna build.
I've been digging Orianna since she got on the spotlight. She has a seriously overpowered early game and if you get the farm you need, you will be able to smash/pentakill everyone with your ball of steel. You should try to get mid with Orianna, but she can be deadly in lanes too.


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I choose to use the flat mpen and ap for extra early damage and the m regen so you can stay a lot in lane or mid. If you are a bit slow, you can exchange the ap for ap over levels and same goes for m regen.

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I go 3/19/8 for maximum ap and survivability with the extra xp gain. It works out perfectly for me. If you want, you can go full offense, but I would never recommend going 21 in utility, as Havoc is the only usable last tier mastery.

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Now, you might've been thinking "OMGWTFUX ARCHANGEL NO STACK HAHAHA NOOB". That's right, Archangels second ability doesn't stack, but the mana, regen, ability power AND most importantly, the ap from mana DOES stack.
The RoA gives you a great survivability early on and a lot of AP/Mana. If you rush it, you will never have to die again.
I take boots of swiftness for chasing/running. They're a lot better than both mercury and sorcerer on Orianna. Mobility is a no-go.
When you get your first Archangels, you will never have to care about your mana. With the mana buff, you will be having so much regen that you won't be able to spend your mana. Spam all her skills when you get the mana buff the get Archangels up.

This makes you (with the complete build) have an ap around 1062. This also affects my attack damage. Oneshot everything? Nice.

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For the skills, I would really recommend starting with attack and having attack and dissonance up at highest levels while having protect on 1. You can make variations in the build, but it wouldn't be as good for earlygame kills. If you get against heavy melee lane, you can change your first attack point for shockwave.

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Summoner Spells

Alright, for summoner spells I really recommend you to take ghost and ignite. Ignite gives you an almost certain first blood and lategame finisher, while ghost is always usable. However, if you don't like them, Clairvoyance or exhaust can be some nice alternatives. Orianna is mana hungry, so Clarity would be ideal, but I will explain why you shouldn't pick that later.

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Baking the cake

Alright, you will probably have skipped everything to get here since the rest of it is just talk. That's fair enough.
Basically, what you do with Orianna is control your ball rapidly through the enemy to deal tons of damage. To escape, you will have speed boost and ghost. If your friend is dying, I bet he would like a huge ball in his face to shield him for 500+.
Example of a nice killer chase sequence:
Attack -> Dissonance -> ALT+E (Protect on yourself) -> run -> Attack -> Dissonance -> Shockwave -> and so on.

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Does this ball hurt me if I stand close to it?

A lot of players are afraid of the ball, especially earlygame. You can always put the ball into the middle of the lane or in the tower and have your dissonance ready. The AoE of dissonance and attack are so big, that you can get the best lane control in the game early on. Even if your dissonance isn't ready, Also remember, that if you go out of a certain range from the ball, it will instantly appear at you, ready to serve with some extra movement speed.

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Jungling.. With a mage? Trololo

It may sound weird, but jungling is extremely effective on Orianna.
You should, after lvl 6-7, always do jungling when the lanes are pushed and there's no ganks available. From level 6-7 she can take out the blue/red buff all by herself. She can also solo the dragon easily in the later game by just spamming all her skills.
Basically, when you got the blue buff, you will NEVER EVER run out of mana, and you can spam your skills at anything you'd please. Attack -> Dissonance -> Protect usually clears most neutral/lane creeps.

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What is dis.. 415 damage with my basic attack?

Yes, that is Orianna. Her passive will give you a whole ton of damage from your ap and it will be ideal to get down towers and buildings extremely fast. You should never be afraid to use your basic attacks, as they will deal insane amounts of damage both early and later on. Her early attack damage will be really high if you have the AP runes, so donø't be afraid to harass with your basic attacks.

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Thank you for reading my guide! This is my first guide on mobafire and I hope that everyone will enjoy it as much as I enjoy playing her. Keep in mind that Orianna was just released, and I wouldn't use up all my time on explaining how to play her. I need to play her more myself! You can always drop me a message ingame if you have questions. Please vote and comment after reading and actually trying the guide out, I promise it will work wonders. As for proof goes, here is my latest games:

Have fun and remember, that

There really was a cake.