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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Ornn Build Guide by TearEsport

Middle Ornn The Freljord General [MID S7]

By TearEsport | Updated on September 3, 2017

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1.0 Starting info

Hello young league player of legends this guide has been edited for constructive purpose to share with you my experience with Ornn in the middle line. If you do not like this champion or you are not midlaner you are not obliged to use it if you choose to play it I wish you good fun.
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1.1 Introduction

I'm a silver three and I'm going to gold and flex and solo Q and i use Ornn mid. Often during the selection of the champions as I do this pick, the people remain a puzzled moment.

- Ornn mid?

I assure you that if you follow this step you will succeed in winning and having fun at the same time without straining too much.
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1.2 Masteries



1 Savagery - For izi last hitting
2 Secret Stash - Substain mana/health
3 Meditation - Substain Mana Regen + Rune Combo
4 Dangerous Game - Team fight resistance


1 Unyelding - Free Armor and Resistance
2 SiegeMaster - UnderTower/Critical Moment/Dive
3 Veteran Scars - Free Health + Rune Combo
4 Legendary Guardian - Resistance in Teamfight +enemy
5 Courage of Colossus - The Basic / Shield on 5% max life for each enemy
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1.3 Runes


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

If you have played this champion you will realize that its main problem is the substain in a long time. Reason why it is from here, from the runes that we begin to build our Ornn in such a way as to take advantage of the possibility of not having to come back and maximize its stability.

The quintessence

Regenerates the mana so that you can safely enjoy without problems while on the contrary your opponents will be in trouble.


Clearly magically endure and the reason is simple given the numerous champions being played mid


Armor to have a balance even on physical damage as it is common to find ranged ap that take advantage of hitting the distance. And to provide in late game a small amount that combined with your items will help.


Work good whith masteries and item's +5% / 4,5% of max life
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1.4 Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Importance Grade:

W - First to Maximize
E - Second to Maximize
Q - Third to Maximize

R - Logic maximize 6/11/16
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1.5 Items

Item Sequence

Doran's Shield 450
Null-Magic Mantle 450
Raptor Cloak 900
Boots of Speed 300
Zz'Rot Portal 2700
Spectre's Cowl 1200
Kindlegem 800
Spirit Visage 2800
Glacial Shroud 900
Iceborn Gauntlet 2700
Banner of Command 2200
Warmog's Armor 2850
List of Items [Not in Order]

0 Doran's Shield Bisquit
Good Starter for reduce ranged damage phisical and magic

1 Zz'Rot Portal
Lane Destroyer

2 Spirit Visage
Health regen - magic resist

3 Ninja Taby
Good tank item

4 Banner of Command
Second item for lane destroyer

5 Iceborn Gauntlet
Armor and damage + area slow

6 Warmong - Thornmail
Health or Dmg reflect / Situational


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1.6 Enemy

Degree of difficulty by 1 to 10

LUX: 1
ZED: 4

The only Big counter is who have a big mana regen like an annie/Swain and make big damage in low seconds whith a big substain in early game.
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1.7 Farming&Tips


Level 1-8/9

# Initial objects, masterpieces and runes allow you to play without problems and to enjoy peacefully. Our main goal is to close the Zz'Rot portal as soon as possible, allowing us to literally destroy our enemy by simply pushing and treating, an enemy that will remain unmanageable and under the tower, falling in late under stats. We do not need to kill our opponent, we have to give him the impression of a passive game avoiding clashes unless this has an aggressive gaming style then there is a need to punish him and if possible eliminate it.


Level 9 - 15

The enemy tower is now reduced to the limit of the opponent's farm and reduced to the minimum. The jungler attempts to engage in low-achieving and remaining behind in the goals. Our team instead advances with the support of our jungler who can focus on other wools looking for targets and kill.


Roam in the other lane and put you Zz'Rot for help your friend's and come back to your and continue your pushing. Control Ward's (Pink) Renged Ward's are really important more vision you have,more fast is your scaling.
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1.8 Unique Skills

Everything goes around your passive. Your opponent will have to come back often while you can craft your items directly into the field by tapping and building under the tower, and there are enemies that annoy objects to darken the magic strength / armor. Teleport is only needed to change / boost / buy snow or when you are too much alive.

Additionally, Ornn and each of his teammates can purchase MASTERWORK upgrades. Each player may only have one MASTERWORK upgrade at a time.

1000g - Forgefire Cape, Infernal Mask, Molten Edge, The Obsidian Cleaver, Rabadon's Deathcrown, and Trinity Fusion.
500g - Salvation and Circlet of the Iron Solari.
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1.9 Summary

So let's talk about a wound destroyer in early and late. Capable of staying on the pitch for minutes and minutes by defeating the opposing team and forcing them to support actions from others. This means that you must be able to know when to have an aggressive style and when a passive farm or a pushing little suspicion. The position of our wards is fundamental, otherwise we will be an easy prey. In Team Fights, put the ulty and our CCs together to ensure the maximum of the victims. In one vs one instead of the ranged, the trade is based on [W] or our spit of fire that allows us to quickly eliminate more minions and to give the opponent a chance and to provide us with a little barrier to trade him, but doran's shield instead will allow us to unravel life and add to the Zz'Rot in early there from a regen vital not bad. Zz 'Rot positioned behind the tower so it can not be destroyed. Tank objects give us the ability to engage and not fall easily together with masterpieces and runes.

[Stat Info Solo Item's] - [No Runes/Masteries]

210+ Armor
140+ Magic resistance
1250+ Health
30% Cool Down Reduction
500% Health regeneration
500+ Mana
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2.0 Pros / Cons


1 Easy Farm - Scaling
2 Good Substain
3 Team item's masterwork
4 Good CC and weak skill
5 Low Ban in Ranked
6 Tanking insane and High Damage


1 Skill Cap 6/7 on 10
2 Safe Farming/Pushing
3 Support - Jungle High Roam/Camping ( And you dont need to feed them)

Good Luck and Have fun i hope this guide help someone in ranked or to have fun in normal try it! See you - Tear!