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Pantheon Build Guide by Chris Haze

Pantheon - Be a real Spartiat

By Chris Haze | Updated on July 26, 2011

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Chapter 1

This Panth build has brought me through a lot of Games where i carried my team to the win. Pantheon needs a little practice though, as his ult (Grand Skyfall) takes 6 seconds (4 seconds gathering energy and 2 seconds jumping and warning the enemy).


For my masteries ive taken a offensive build, bringing his nature talent to destroy to another Peak.


My runes work offensive with armor penetration (you really need that), cooldown reduction and finally some Manaregen/lvl/5sec for the Manathirsty Kill-Combo. My Quintessences are 3 Armor-Penetration.


First items we buy is a for maximum Health and Damage. Next up are and if the game is going Downhill another . If you got yourself some Kills already (thats normal), go straight for a . Sometimes, when your enemys are greedy and going to feed you or you and your mates are doing really well, get a before the Last Whisper. Now Turn your Shoes into Berserker Greaves or , depending on how fast your enemies are (i prefer Berserk). As Pantheon is a AD-Nuker, we need more dmg, so the next item ist going to be a B.F. Sword, followed by a or, if they do not focus you or your tank is very good, a straight . If its not over buy a second one.


First of all we start with Spear shot, to last hit minions and harrass the enemy, going over to Aeis of Zeonia for being able to stun in towerrange and end at Heartseeker strike, which we want to max a soon as possible, this is your max dmg-skill. The skilling Priority after lvl 3 is:
1) Grand Skyfall
2) Heartseeker Strike
3) Spear Shot
4) Aegis of Zeonia

How to Kill an Enemy:

We first start with a spearshot, then jumping on him with Aegis of Zeonia followed with a heartseeker strike. The target will try to run by now, this is when we end it with another Spearshot or, in case he survived, ghost after him and spearshot till death.

When you see your teammates died in a lane and the tower is going to be attacked, try to predict where your enemies will be in 6 seconds (channeling time of Grand Skyfall), but they will most likely go to attack the tower. Make sure the enemys are between your impact zone and the tower when you choose your landing zone, because they will rather run straight into your middle (most dmg) than towerdive. Each Skyfall should be followed with the normal Aegis of Zeonia - Heartseeker Strike - Spearshot attack.

Remember: "They are priviliged to die at my feet!"
League of Legends Build Guide Author Chris Haze
Chris Haze Pantheon Guide

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