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League of Legends Build Guide Author GuiDoHhh

Pantheon - Great AD+Survability

GuiDoHhh Last updated on December 7, 2010
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Hello, this is the first guide I do using other guides as a help and I'll explain a bit how to play and which build you should make depending on the match you're playing with Pantheon.

Ok... one thing you have to know is that I'm not a pro or nothing like that I'm just a player that uses a lot his head and thinks like a ***** so...

I use & have Pantheon after his nerf and now with Heartseeker Strike buffed we can make a lot more damage and have lot of survability since it was useless and it's a very easy champ to use and it seems that now in late-game it does something so let's start:

Pantheon's Pros: Well basically Pantheon is a very easy champion that haves a defense passive skill, long-range attack skill, stunt and now with this patch our beautiful old-useless Heartseeker Strike now makes a great damage and finally we have our own teleport that makes DMG and all of that, Pant is also a great farmer since his Heartseeker Strike passiv you can make a crit so that's great.

Pantheon's Cons: Ok you have to know that Pant is a mana thirsty so you gotta be care with that. His cooldowns are a bit *****es but you don't have to worry about that to much and maybe it haves more cons but if you're a good player that plays with his head you won't have any probs.

So here we got a summary about pros & cons:

- Easy to use
- Defense, Long-Rage, Stunt + DMG skill
- Own teleport with cool DMG+combo with your skills
- Great farmer

- Mana thirsty in early-game
- A bit long cds but you don't have to worry about to much
and there might be more cons but I really don't care about them... xD

Summoner Spells

Ghost - I don't have to say much about this spell it'll help you scape, gank, help and all of that...


Flash - Same as ghost that helps you to scape but more than Ghost since you can scape throught walls, gank, help so you can use any of this too.
Exhaust - Very helpfull in everything to kill, scape and it's very helpfull on teamfights since you can disable a dps and all of that... you can even change this spell and use Ghost+Flash and you'll have a great scape survability

Ignite - I don't have to say much about this spell... if you left your opponent on low hp and he scapes you throwed him ignite he/she says bb!!

Clarity - As you know Pant likes to drink lot of ur mana so you can get clarity and it will help u with it and even ur teammates.


Greater Mark of Desolationx9 - I don't have to say much... you get Arm.Pen that you'll need it

Greater Seal of Evasionx9 - Well here you got evasion + the evasion % that you get with maestries this will give you an advantage farming and if you're getting buffers.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - In early-game this'll be very helpfull if you have any AP champ in your lane giving you and advantage.

Greater Quintessence of Health - Ok here you have to options with the Quintessence you can get the ones that provides you HP and will help you lot on early-game if the other team haves great nukers on your lane or you can get Greater Quintessence of Desolation to get more Arm.Pen and do more than the expected.

This will provide you survability and damage in early-game which Pant needs it.

Gameplay+Item build

Early-Game: Well starting the early-game I always buy Doran's Blade+ Health Potion which gives you a bit of DMG, lifesteal and HP with provides you survability about the HPot I don't have to say nothing. If you try to do fb to get more gold you should be care and check on with who you're and vs who you're cuz this will depend on you. When you've reach Lvl.3 you already have your 3skills and you can try gank the easiest champ on ur lane and you can farm perfectly since you will crit creeps if u last-hit. Ok so in early-game you have to farm and try to make your opponents champs in ur lane to back so u can farm perfectly and get your items.

Mid-Game: Ok now you should have your Doran's Blade+ Mercury's Treads or you can also buy Boots of Swiftness but I speacially like mercury's treads cuz it provides you mag.res that will help you more to survive + reducing 35 % of the duration on stuns, slows, taunts, fears, snares, sleeps, and immobilizes. So... now you can get 2 more Doran's Blade or just going after Manamune by buying first Tear of the Goddess & Last Whisper then you should start getting Phage to get Frozen Mallet in this phase you should be ganking to get more gold and helping your team aswell...

If you see that your team was going well in early and you're getting lot of assists or kills you should get Sword of the Occult before getting Manamune

Late-Game: Well Pant suppost to be more usefull now with this last patch ince before this patch it was useless at late so with this build you'll have survability and you should already have your too core-items Manamune+ Last Whisper and half of Frozen Mallet after this items you can get more DMG or if you see that things will go for long you should get armor or mag.res depending on the your oponnents you should have the options of: The Bloodthirster to lifesteal and great dmg, The Black Cleaver great dmg and arm.pen, Madred's Bloodrazor if the other teams haves a lot of tanks, Banshee's Veil u will get hp, mana and mag.resist if the other team haves lots of ap champs, Guardian Angel armor+mag.resis and u'll revive instantly after u die its usefull, Thornmail if the other team haves lots of dps or ad champs u can get it but this is all depending if they have to much AP champs or if they have lot of tanks.



Well I really think that in late-game you won't use to much your ulti or you won't get to much kills from it since they will scape from it and try to avoid it. One of the things you have to know is that you'll have a lot of survability and you can pwn towers easily. Your role is to focus on carries and help your team to push by throwing the other team back with your Spear Shot when you're pushing.

I don't know what else to say I think I didn't put a lot of things on this guide or things that I didn't wrote or fogot... this is my first guide and I don't have experience with it so I'll need your help and suggest me so I can update it and left it better than ever.

Please leave a comment if you didn't like something and if your vote is neggative. Hope you guys help me and I'll be doing more guides.

Changelog 07/12/10
- Added 2 more spells options on "summoner spells"
- Updated the "core items" and added explanation