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League of Legends Build Guide Author ExamplePrime

Pantheon *insert Sparta joke

ExamplePrime Last updated on December 12, 2010
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Due to patch changes this build is no longer valid and is now archived

Pantheon is a DPS champion and a very fun champion at that
However many people complain that late game he is completely useless and that there are many better champions
They are right in a way

But a lot of the problems arise from the way people play Pantheon.
The ways people play him wrong are numerous. Simple mistakes range from not building any attack damage on him and only attack speed. Other bad builds level up heartseeker strike
First off all of Pantheons abilities apart from his Ultimate work off attack damage so attack damage is a great focus on him than anything

This build is meant to build off Pantheon's strengths but keep him in the battle late game too
This build gives him damage but builds him more tanky so that he can survive in team fights. As it is most of the time with pantheon you can defeat your opponents by switching on ghostblade and spamming spear shot ever 4 seconds

Skill Build

In priority R>Q>W>E

Q Spell: Spear Shot
Spear shot should be leveled up as quickly as possible, mainly because its spammable, low cooldown and scales well as well as being a ranged ability. This is your bread and butter right here

W Spell: Aegis of Zeonia
This spell is used for getting close and stunning your opponent obviously. Try to throw your spear before jumping and then auto-attacking so that if your opponent looks to get away your spear will have cooldowned that extra little bit so that you can land the killing blow. Level it up after spear shot for a longer stun, it costs more mana though so remember that

E Spell: Heartseeker Strike
This move is only useful for killing more than 20 creeps once its fully leveled and for the crit under 15%
You can do more damage auto-attacking and its a mana drain. Avoid using it. End of really.

People still ask why I don't use HSS.
Let me make this straight.
It does more damage than auto-attacking yes but it also drains 110 mana at max level and means you can't move until its finished unless you want to cancel it.
Because Auto-attacking means you can continue to hit your opponent and not let him get away during HSS

Ultimate: Grand Skyfall
Now this is a kickass ultimate
It has a habit of making people panic so use that to your advantage.
This ability takes some skill to aim however as there is the charge time will Pantheon gains his strength, and then the descend time at which point a large circle opens up telling your enemies to GTFO!
This can be used from anything to catching runners to quickly exiting the base to wrecking team fights.
Using this in a team fight can turn the tide quickly as if you aim well and aim in the middle and everyone goes oh my goodness lets be smart and escape the circle. This usually splits the team up making focusing easier.
And if they don't move?
1000 damage for a direct hit is a nice way to make people choose their fate quickly

Item Build

First thing is first
You are saying WTF MANA CRYSTAL? Yes
At the start it lets you harass with Spear shot and turning it into Catalyst the Protector means you can stay and hunt people down for as long as you wish
Mercury Treads are obvious, best boots in the game and needed if you want to dive down upon people
Brutaliser to reduce your cooldown and give you some basic armour penetration and damage, followed by a phage to help slow people down and give you more health
Vampiric Scepter for lifesteal and then turning Brutaliser into the Ghostblade
The Ghostblade has an active WHICH YOU SHOULD ALWAYS USE!!! If you hadn't noticed this build lacks a lot of attack speed and this active should help you slaughter your opponents.
The final items, Banshee' Veil, Frozen Mallet, Bloodthirster and Last Whisper can be bought in the order you need them most
If you want you can swap the Last Whisper out for more damage if it rocks your boat and you don't care much for AS. For cheap AS though the Last Whisper is your best bet.

Playing Pantheon

Pantheon is easy to play if you don't us Heartseeker Strike
Because with Pantheon you need to basically just need to spam your spear.
It sounds sad but that is generally all there is to Pantheon
It all comes down to harrassing followed by a spear, stun, maybe ghost or exhaust followed by attacking and maybe a spear to finish them if they somehow escape
With that simple method you can beat most champions, apart from tanks obviously
Later on you should use your Ghostblade and Ghost to move quickly around to attack key targets AND to get out if things go sour

Main reason I made this build was because I didn't see any build that either a)didn't spam Bloodthirsters or b)Leveled Spear Shot first.
So if you have any comments or feedback please, well, comment