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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrWhoopy

Pantheon: ''MY PROFESSION!?''

MrWhoopy Last updated on December 17, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 20

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 7

Expanded Mind
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Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 3

Pantheon build.
Why the title: ''My profession!?''
With this build you can let the enemy feel what your profession is; You're a spartan.
The reason i made this build
I saw a heck of alot pantheon build, and i was thinking: Ik can do way better
By making an original build for one of the most epicest champion in the game

- it's an easy character with simple combo's
- Stunner
- Great ganker, by using your Grand skyfall
- Spearshot will do the trick
- Great farmer
- Awesome block
- Great dmg output
- Extreme mana thirsty champ early game
- Squishy later on
- Not a verygood DPS character, but he has awesome DMG output.

the runes are build for manaregen, armor pen. and Ab cooldown
Mana reg. The lack of mana he has in the beginning
armor pen. Goes along with the brutelizer, it works out pretty well against players like teemo (high DPS-ers with a little bit armor) You will do pure DMG! (50.08 armor pen)
Ab Cooldown. Spraying around with your spear shot and is very effective with your shurelya's Reverie (-15%) cooldown

Starting of!
he's called the artisian of war, it's like your inside the movie off the 300 spartans.
You're the only one in the lane, all your team mates rage quited (just like the athens) or have been slaughtered.
It's your job to protect the turret hold your ground!
Your noxus will not fall!
And i'm going to help you with that.
A true spartan has been raised like a warrior, but that's to late for you.
So i'm going to give a quick tutorial how to play Pantheon,

Pantheon is at his best early/mid game, try to lane with champion's like Garen or morgana.
garen is great for the combo: Aegis of Zeonia, Heartseeker Strike & at that time garen would've been spinning like hell by using his Judgment.
judgement can be replaced by Morgana's: Tormented Soil
+ double stun is very active, sion can do the trick too.
You start of with 2 Faerie Charm's, why?
I gives you enough mana to spam your spear shot, later on it would be bould into Shurelya's Revery. Why those ****py items? it is not, I expect you have played this game alot, and I know that using an item's passive is anoying. But trust me, if you are a real spartan you will kick everyone's *** with Shurelya's passive, chasing them untill they die.
This items also gives health and it gives a nice mana regen, I love champions with a little bit health!
Keep on spraying the spearshot on enemy champions!

early game
You should've had the first blood (or your team) and you will have around the 3 to 4 kills (or if you're laning with garen/chogath/ezreal you will have 3 to 4 assist)
Try to lane as long as possible (untill level 6/7) buy boots and a kinlegem.
use your grand skyfall to fall on top of minions/champions, so you don't have to walk and you will farm minions/champions if you aimed well (although spartans were quit lazy)
keep on using your spear shot to do damage on enemy champ's, or against minions to farm coins. Try to get behind the enemy's minions and let your team mate farm a couple of minions, most of the champions don't like a spear shot in the face so they back up. This means they won't get coins or exp.
Don't be to squishy though, be carefull for the enemy turret & for taunters like Rammus.

Mid game
Mid game is a big word, it's still early game for you enemy team but you are probably around level 14 it's time to say hello to your childeren; your going back to the safe nexus to buy Shurelya's Reverie, and elixer of fortitude & a long sword.
You use your grandskyfall to jump on the champion, garen will spin (or silence)you use your stun & heartseekerstrike and they will be dead, if not activate your Shurelya's to chase them into dead, don't mind the turret you are a real spartan now.
Laugh and say: '' It's just an scratch ''.
You will hear your shield blocking the turret's bullets Yay! Another kill.
the enemy will get pissed & agressive, just stay calm & keep on spear shotting their ***, and killing minions at the same time.
If you're on low health, teleport back to base and get yourself the brutelizer. Or if not, stay a litlle bit longer and teleport back and get a brutelizer AND a Pickaxe.
Now you're in a bit trouble, the build is expensive (I know)
try to play more defensive now, the enemy will probably have better items than you have.
Try to stick with the turret untill you have enough money to go to base and buy yourself a frozen mallet!
i forgot to mention that you can use your Grand skyfall to pick out low health champions. Because you have more HP then other pantheon's, they wont expect that you will Jump them near turrets (like teemo thinks). Just do it, use the combo : Grandskyfall, Stun, hearseeker and run away by using your Shurelya's. Another kill w00t!

Late game
It's sad to say, but pantheon is getting older and older.
You didn't finished your build although your score is 16/3/8.
Don't be so sad! While your team is pusing you will just farm some creeps untill you have got 2 BF swords, serious now you will kick ***.
Your dmg will be around 500 and your hp will be 3000.
If you have time left because your garen is f'ing around in the woods, get yourself a Youmuu's Ghostblade, or a bloodthirster.
You wil win, i ''garen'' teeed!

This was a damn long story, and i know there will be a view isseus.
and yes i know using the passive of items suck. But trust me and follow the whole story and you will win (if you lose, it's not your fault. The 300 spartans lost to, but just like them you will die with honour)

I'm open for Q's and tips, if you don't like it tell me why so i can change it.
Sorry if my english isn't correct, i'm dutch.
Thank y'all and have a good day & Xmas!